Yankees Sign Bill Hall

Yankees Sign Bill Hall

By Delia E.

Well it’s official. The New York Yankees have signed Bill Hall to a contract based on this tweet:

More details to come on how much the deal is.

UPDATE (4:04pm): According to MLBTradeRumor, Bill Hall and the Yankee signed a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training.

UPDATE (5:33pm): It was reported also that Bill  Hall will earn a base salary of $600K in the Major Leagues and can earn more incentives based on plate appearances. If Hall is not on the Major League Roster by April 4, 2012 then Hall can opt out of his contract.

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  1. For me the good news is this does not effect the lefty hitting DH or my hopes the trading of a pitcher + for LoMo

    • The Marlins apparently are the favorites to sign Cespedes potentially opening a door for a trade.

      • John – we talked about that a week or so ago. I really think Cespedes will sign with Florida. It makes a looot of sense.

        1- Ozzie Guillen ran the workout in DR and was real buddy-buddy with him
        2- Florida still has money to spend after coming up short on Pujols
        3- They are looking for big names to fill their new stadium
        4- Half of all the Cubans in the United States live in Miami (850,000) so it would be a great draw for their new Estadio

        However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll trade LoMo. They could start Cespedes in the minors or trade someone else….Hanley, Bonifacio, Gaby Sanchez or Infante. they have a lof of flexibility b/c LoMo can play 1B and Bonifacio can play anywhere.

        • Fishjam, IF you were the Yankees GM and Miami were to make one of the players (Hanlesy, Bonifacio, Gaby or Infante) you mentioned above available for a trade.

          What player of the 4 would you want AND what would you give up?

          • Obviously Hanley is the huge talent in the equation and would be player you want if cost was equal. However for what he’ll cost in terms of players & money, he carries a lot of risk and I’d pass. His numbers have dropped off precipitously the last 2 yrs which make me wonder if he wasn’t very dependent on steroids/HGH and/or amphetamines.

            Of the rest, Bonifacio would be a valuable player to have. He would be a super sub capable of playing every position. He’s a switch-hitter who hit a solid .296 last yr with 40 SBs. Still only 26 and making $2.2M, I’d trade for him but wouldn’t give up any of my big chips for him.

            If we include LoMo in this equation, he’s my pick and I’d give them a choice of Hughes or Betances.

    • I like the idea of trading for LoMo. He seems like he’ll fit in well in NY.

      • Yea Delia, he is atop my current leader board to acquire. Saw him on the MLB network and he seems to be a neat guy..

        • who else is on your list John?

          • 1. LoMo
            2. Billy Butler–DH
            3. Cole Hamels–FA–2013
            4. Matt Cain–FA –2013

            • Kind of contradicting myself about lefty hitter, but wishing and closer to reality are two different things. Wishing for Butler to DH and realizing a Jones& ? platoon seems to be for real.

              • John – Butler would be great. What do you think of Chase Headley? Still young, plays 3B and could also play corner OF & 1B. 26-yr-old Switch-hitter who is just about to enter his prime but he has been hampered hitting in the worst hitter’s park in baseball.

                For his career, look at his Home/Away Splits:

                Home: .229 – .319 – .336 – .655 (997 PAs)
                Away: .303 – .364 – .441 – .805 (1117 PA)

                That is a stark difference! Why would SD want to keep a guy who is terrible in their stadium? He would be much more valuable to another team and we know SD is re-building having dumped their 2 best players in the last 12 months in Adrian Gonzalez & Mat Latos

                • Agreed Fish nice away #’s, I am the type who always bets to win, cant understand the place or show bet. With that where would we play Headley (everyday). Unless you move Alex to DH pre-maturely or move Granderson or Gardner. Thats with LoMo taking an OF spot haha. So lose one off my wish list or one of those we have.

                  • ARod & Headley would basically split 3B & DH with Headley also playing some RF, LF and 1B so would break down something like this:

                    3B – ARod 80, Headley 82

                    RF – Swisher 140, Headley – 22

                    DH – ARod 60, Headley 40, AJones 40, Swish 12, Others 10

                    Total Games Started – ARod 140, Headey 154, Swish 152

                    • Fish you know I have been on Headly for months.Kinda reminds me of Brosious.He was the best rated defensive 3rd baseman in baseball in 2010.With 2 guys nearing 40, Yanks need a solid defensive option on the leftside.The only way for Arod to give us anything is to minimize injury.Get him off of 3rd the way you layed out and start the transition to DH.

                      IMHO projections by the fans on Arod are overblown.
                      1-99.9% of hitters are done at 37.The only thing left is regression.36 SEEMS TO BE THE LAST YEAR THAT A GREAT PLAYER CAN PUT UP HIS AVG SEASON.
                      2-Arod abused steroids!!!
                      3-Arod has a very serious hip condition. Hitting is all hips!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hips will effect all our other hinges or joints ,.such as knees and shoulders.
                      4-Arod is in the 3rd year of regression!!
                      Headly is the answer

            • all would be nice additions to the Yankees. nice list.

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