A.J Burnett To Pirates Could Happen In Next 24 Hours

A.J Burnett To Pirates Could Happen In Next 24 Hours

By Delia E.

After weeks of speculation, multiple sources reveal that A.J Burnett’s tenure as a New York Yankee might finally be coming to an end, reports YES Network.

MLB Insider Jim Bowden tweeted on Thursday that the Yankees and Pirates are closer to finalizing a deal and the trade could happen within the next 24 hours. ESPN’s Buster Olney also tweeted something similar on Thursday. Burnett had rejected a trade to the Angels due to his wife’s fear of flying & the Indians & Yankees deal failed which could have sent Travis Hafner to the Yankees.

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  1. Make this happen already Cash!!!!

  2. Watch all of us be surprised by where AJ gets shipped off to and what the Yankees get in return.

  3. It would be fantastic if Cashman could get the Pirates to pick up $14 or $15MM of AJ’s salary, regardless of the prospects he gets in exchange.

  4. Michael Kay just said that Andrew Marchand says Pirates will pay $13-151p million and 2 marginal prospects with upside.

    Leaves me hope that Cashman pushed for xtra salary relief so he could trade for hitter.

    Another scary thought is maybe he could make a seperate trade for Abreu with LA paying most of his salary. But hopefully his only interest in Abreu was as a means to dump AJ.

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