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Adding to the YFU Team

Roughly 9 months ago, Matt and I started up Yankees Fans Unite with the hopes of providing a site where fans could analyze, discuss, and debate the Yankees. It is my pleasure to acknowledge that we have been extremely successful in that goal. YFU just recently surpassed the 115,000 view mark, and we owe that success to our outstanding and supportive readership. I think I can speak for all our writers when I say that you guys are the reason we do this. And to further show our appreciation for our readers, we thought it would be a good idea to bring in a few more writers.

It is my pleasure to welcome Brian Danuff and Michael Pawluk to our blog. Both of which will provide interesting new content and unique perspectives to YFU, and I’m sure you guys will enjoy that! Brian and Michael will be starting up next week, so be sure not to miss their debuts!

Have a great weekend!

Yankees Agree to Trade Burnett To Pirates

Yankees Agree to Trade A.J Burnett To Pirates

By Delia E.

Well, it seems that A.J Burnett is finally on his way out of the Bronx. The Pirates & the Yankees have agreed to a trade that would send A.J Burnett to the Pirates reported MLBTradeRumors. There is still “one final detail” that will be worked out but the Yankees will send $20 Million and Burnett to the Pirates for 2 low level minor leaguers. The final detail might just be which minor leaguers to send to the Yankees as the 2 teams are in a bit of a debate as to which minor prospects will make it to George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Burnett’s physical is scheduled for Sunday and due to the amount of money that is going around in the deal, the trade will need to be approved by the league. The Yankees and Pirates hope to talk to the commissioner sometime today. Burnett posted a 4.79 ERA, a 1.9 K/BB ratio & a 1.45 WHIP with 3 seasons in New York. He played a big role in the 2009 World Series & a role in the 2011 ALDS.

The Yankees will now be able to use some of their payroll and add a bat to the bench. It is rumored that the Yankees are interested in Raul Ibanez & Eric Chavez.

We wish A.J Burnett the best of luck with the Pirates and I’m sure some of us will be watching him.

Comparing the AL East Outfielders Defensively

The American League East is one of the toughest and fastest paced divisions in Baseball. Almost all of these teams have the potential to be American League East Champions in order to advance to the newly complicated playoffs. But just like it is fast paced and complicated for the offense, it is also fast paced and complicated for the defense, mostly the outfield. As an outfielder, you can’t second guess yourself when taking a direct route to the ball. Chances are if you second guess yourself, the chances are that the ball will drop in the outfield. When it comes to the American League East, there are a lot of Gold Glove worthy contenders, but who has the best Outfield in the AL East?

Boston Red Sox

Carl Crawford, LF: Carl Crawford is a very talented left fielder for sure, but his fielding isn’t used to the fullest of his potential because of one little flaw in Fenway Park; The Green Monster. What would normally be a HR in Yankee Stadium for example would go off the high wall and end up a double, and because of the angle the Green Monster makes, it makes fielding more difficult for Crawford. In 2010 with the Rays he had 7 assists and 2 errors. In 2011 with the Red Sox, he had 1 assist and 3 errors. Different ballparks make a difference, don’t they?

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF: I don’t usually offer much praise to the Red Sox, but when Jacoby Ellsbury is in CF it is a complete delight to watch what he’s going to do next. Ellsbury is a Gold Glove contender for sure, after all in 2011 he had 6 assists, 3 Double Plays and no errors. Ellsbury is what makes the Red Sox have a good outfield. Without him, there wouldn’t even be consideration as to who would have the best outfield in the AL East.

Darnell McDonald, RF: Typically a center fielder, McDonald played everywhere in the 2011 season but he mostly played right field. While he was a right fielder, he only had 1 assist and 1 error which isn’t a bad number at all. McDonald for the Red Sox would have been more of a utility outfielder. He was good at fielding, but with Cody Ross now in the picture, McDonald’s playing time might soon be lessened.

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Morning Bits: Rotation, Romine, Power Rankings, Burnett

Good morning all.  We are now two days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.  Today could also be the day that AJ is sent packing.  Stay right here for all the latest.  We also have a couple spots open in our blogs first ever fantasy baseball league.  Click here for the information to join.

Enjoy the links….

* The Wall Street Journal says the new additions bolster the Yankee rotation.

* Newsday reports that Austin Romine is fighting for the backup catcher role.

* USA Today has the Yankees in the number one spot in the power rankings.

* The Star Ledger mentions that Larry Rothschild will not come into the season short-staffed.

* If Yankees can’t find away to trade AJ Burnett, Larry Rothschild doesn’t expect awkwardness in Spring Training reports The Daily News.