Morning Bits: Rotation, Romine, Power Rankings, Burnett

Good morning all.  We are now two days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.  Today could also be the day that AJ is sent packing.  Stay right here for all the latest.  We also have a couple spots open in our blogs first ever fantasy baseball league.  Click here for the information to join.

Enjoy the links….

* The Wall Street Journal says the new additions bolster the Yankee rotation.

* Newsday reports that Austin Romine is fighting for the backup catcher role.

* USA Today has the Yankees in the number one spot in the power rankings.

* The Star Ledger mentions that Larry Rothschild will not come into the season short-staffed.

* If Yankees can’t find away to trade AJ Burnett, Larry Rothschild doesn’t expect awkwardness in Spring Training reports The Daily News.

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  1. I’m beginning to get the feeling that if the Yankees trade Burnett, they’ll be making a mistake. It’s not like veteran starting pitchers grow on trees you know.

    • he has been a failure by standards of how much he was getting paid. He did not prove he can do it for the Yankees.

      The Yankees have enough pitching and do not his services anymore.

  2. Actually veteran starting pitchers who are mediocre at best DO grow on trees. Time to move on , A.J. I wish you well.

  3. I know I’ve done this several times already. And I realize that Jeter will in all likelihood exercise his option year for 2014. BUT IF YOU WILL ALLOW ME (HUMOR ME) FOR A BRIEF MOMENT and say Jeter does NOT exercise his option. The Yankees could still get to the $189MM 2014 luxury tax threshold with having the following.

    Come 2014 the Yankees 9 man starting position players could be:
    1st Base – Tex – Salary $22.5MM
    2nd Base – Cano – Salary $20MM
    SS – Nunez – Salary $3MM
    3rd Base/DH – A-Rod – Salary $27.5M
    LF – Gardner – Salary – Salary $7MM
    CF – Josh Hamilton – Salary $16.25MM
    RF – Heathcott – Salary $.5MM
    C – Romine – Salary $.5MM
    DH – TBD – Salary $2MM

    Starting Rotation:
    #1 – CC Sabathia – Salary $24.4MM
    #2 – Cole Hamels – Salary $22MM
    #3 – Pineda – Salary $3MM
    #4 – Banuelos – Salary $.5MM
    #5 – Campos – Salary $.5MM

    2 Main Bullpen Positions:
    Closer – Robertson – Salary $7MM
    Set Up – Joba – Salary $5MM

    The rest of the roster – roll players, bullpen, etc can be filled with low cost players and players who are currently prospects $8 to $9MM. We can also add in approximately $12MM to round out the 40 man roster and incentives. And include another $6MM for A-Rod hitting a milestone incentive.

    After all of that the Yankees payroll plus or minus would come in at $188 or $189MM just at the luxury tax threshold.

    Like I said you have to humor me by allowing me to assume Jeter will NOT exercise his option year. I know many of you out there like Jeter as do I. But he needs to hang it up after the 2013 season so the Yankees can move on and accomplish their stated goal of getting to the 2014 luxury tax threshold.

    If Jeter stays. It becomes a matter of either or (Hamels or Hamilton or a comparable player). Then as some of you may have noticed Nova gets slotted back into the rotation as a starter. Since in my earlier scenario I traded away Nova for some “high value” prospects.

  4. Andrew Marchand of thinks the No. 5 spot in the Yankees rotation “is Phil Hughes’ to lose.”

  5. Just saw this on MLBTR:

    Yanks Plan To Add Two Bats; Targeting Chavez, Ibanez
    By Mark Polishuk [February 17 at 8:00am CST]
    The Yankees are “intent” on acquiring two hitters and “remain focused” on Eric Chavez and Raul Ibanez, tweets Jon Heyman of The team’s attention will turn to adding hitting depth once the rumored A.J. Burnett trade with the Pirates is finalized.

    New York has long been known to be targeting one left-handed hitter as a part-time DH and bench bat, but moving Burnett would free up the payroll space for the Yankees to add even more depth. Ibanez would be limited to DH, pinch-hitting and only very occasional outfield appearances, but in Chavez, the Yankees would also have an infield option capable of spelling Alex Rodriguez at third base. The Bombers were already in serious talks with Ibanez as of last week.

  6. Here is a question. Let’s assume the Yankees move AJ (which I hope is really not a stretch) they free up 1 roster spot.

    The Yankees according to reports are looking at signing both Chavez and say Ibanez. Obviously one of them take the spot vacated by Burnett. Who from the 40 man roster goes to make room for Ibanez or Damon or whoever it is.?

    • I think I’ll throw up if those are the 2 moves he makes with the AJ money but from everything being reported, it sounds likely.

      Would assume at least 1 of them signs a Minor-league deal so they won’t have to make a roster decision just yet. If they had to drop someone now, it might be Justin Maxwell.


    Feb. 17 – 10:32am
    Sources: Yankees and Pirates hope to take their proposed Burnett deal to the Commissioner later today, for approval.

    A.J. Burnett Rumors: Friday
    By Mark Polishuk [February 17 at 9:39am CST]
    As we heard yesterday, the reported framework for an A.J. Burnett trade between the Pirates and Yankees was that Burnett would join the Bucs in exchange for two minor prospects and $13-$15MM in salary relief. The trade is expected to be finalized within the next day or two, so here’s the latest news…

    The Pirates and Yankees hope to take the proposed deal to the Commissioner’s Office today, tweets ESPN’s Buster Olney. The trade requires league approval due to the large amount of cash involved.

  8. Glad it’s finally done.

  9. Cashman has made all the right moves the last few years. He has improved the rotation, made the Yanks younger, and added veteran subs for stability. Two years ago when the Yanks lost out on Lee the rotation looked bleak, today they have one of the best teams on paper this year.

  10. Look at it like this. Kuroda is replacing Burnett’s innings. Cant get much worse

  11. I look at it this way, pitching is impossible to predict, that’s what makes the game interesting. Kuroda and Pineda were major upgrades to the pitching staff. The Yanks look to have enough to get to the playoffs again, after that it’s still a crap shoot with all the rounds and maybe an extra wild card. The team that gets hot will win, and luck never hurts. There is no garantee.

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