Yankees Agree to Trade Burnett To Pirates

Yankees Agree to Trade A.J Burnett To Pirates

By Delia E.

Well, it seems that A.J Burnett is finally on his way out of the Bronx. The Pirates & the Yankees have agreed to a trade that would send A.J Burnett to the Pirates reported MLBTradeRumors. There is still “one final detail” that will be worked out but the Yankees will send $20 Million and Burnett to the Pirates for 2 low level minor leaguers. The final detail might just be which minor leaguers to send to the Yankees as the 2 teams are in a bit of a debate as to which minor prospects will make it to George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Burnett’s physical is scheduled for Sunday and due to the amount of money that is going around in the deal, the trade will need to be approved by the league. The Yankees and Pirates hope to talk to the commissioner sometime today. Burnett posted a 4.79 ERA, a 1.9 K/BB ratio & a 1.45 WHIP with 3 seasons in New York. He played a big role in the 2009 World Series & a role in the 2011 ALDS.

The Yankees will now be able to use some of their payroll and add a bat to the bench. It is rumored that the Yankees are interested in Raul Ibanez & Eric Chavez.

We wish A.J Burnett the best of luck with the Pirates and I’m sure some of us will be watching him.

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  1. I feel like fireworks should be going off.

  2. Looks like the prospects that are being reports as going to the Yankees are pretty useless. At least one is Diego Moreno. There might be at least a little hope for the 2nd guy: Exicardo Cayones.

    But at least the Yankees got $13MM in salary relief and got rid of AJ.

  3. By my calculation the Yankees 2012 payroll for MLB Luxury Tax purposes pending signing anyone else right now is $205MM +/- that’s includes the 40 man roster, benefits, incentives, etc.. The Luxury Tax the Yankees would have to pay on that payroll is just about $11.3MM

  4. I think getting 13 million for AJ is about 3 million more than was expected by most poeple. Good Job. Too acually get 2 minor league players is a bonus, players improve sometimes their are surprises.

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