Morning Bits: Burnett, Mystery Team, Ibanez, Chavez, Pettite

Good morning! Happy Saturday everyone! Only one more day until Pitchers and Catchers arrive for Spring Training although some players have arrived. Onto the morning links!

— The Yankees and Pirates agree on the A.J Burnett trade which will send him to the Pirates, pending a physical & approval by the MLB.

— The mystery team that wanted A.J Burnett was…the Phillies! If you follow me on Twitter, I had mentioned a couple of days earlier that my gut feeling was the Phillies.

— Andrew Marchand of ESPN predicts that the Yankees will now go after Raul Ibanez & Eric Chavez once the A.J Burnett deal is final.

— Andy Pettite has an invite to Yankees Spring Training…as an instructor.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Can someone possibly explain to me why Ramiro Pena continues to remain on the Yankees roster. He can’t hit worth a lick and his defense at 3rd and SS is suspect at best. I wish I could think of another word to describe him other than “worthless” but I can’t.

    • I’m not entirely sure why Pena is on the 40 man roster…I wish I could defend him…but alas I can’t.

    • Can’t have a bench of All-Stars.

      • Matt, he’s about as far removed from an All Star as anyone can be. He’s not even marginal in my opinion.

        But I guess I can’t have everything. We (Yankees) got rid of Burnett.

        • Yup be happy with that. Like i’m saying though we can’t have all studs on the bench. Their is always gonna be weak spots somewhere on a team.

          • I going to guess I won’t have to concern myself past the 2012 season with Pena being a Yankee. He becomes arbitration eligible for the 2013 season and I can’t in my wildest dreams imagine the Yankees offering him arbitration.

    • Ramiro had an absolutely horrible season last yr but he hardly played. His fielding is usually above average but last yr even that failed him.

      He was a valuable bench player on the WS team of 2009 as a rookie.. He played solid defense at 3 positions, hit .287 and was a good pinch-runner.

      Since then he has gone downhill but Cashman addressed this issue a year or 2 ago……said something like it’s very hard to attract a solid veteran utilityman because they know they will get very little playing time backing up Cano, Jeter & ARod. Add to the fact that now they have Nunez and there’s even less playing time.

      Right now Pena is just depth. He’s valuable because there is no one in their system capable of filling his role right now and no quality vet would take the job. Don’t know if he still has options but barring injury he won’t make team.

      • I believe he has 1 option left. So after this year, I have no doubt that combined with that fact and that he is arbitration eligible, he’s gone after this year.

        • No doubt the Yanks will non-tender him next yr rather than offer Arb but they could still bring him back as a FA on a minor-lg deal if no one signs him. In any case, he’s just depth right now – someone they need since Jeter is 37. The next SS in the system is Jose Pirela who hit .239 and made 39 errors in AA last year.

          • I wonder if the Yankees would be interested in talking to the Cubs about Blake DeWitt? He just cleared waivers and the both parties already agreed to a 2012 contract of $1.1MM

            Just a thought since we’ve been speaking about Pena.

  2. Here are a couple of questions for anyone. IF the Angels at some point this season were looking to trade Mark Trumbo and realizing that Swisher probably will not be extended after this season with the Yankees (at least I don’t think he will be).

    1st) Do you think the Yankees would or should be interested? With an eye towards getting under the 2014 luxury tax threshold.

    2nd) Make believe you are Brian Cashman. If you wanted to do a deal, what would you be willing to give up to make the trade happen?

  3. Really surprises me to see the Phillies were in for AJ. they would have had to find a way to dump Blanton first. Probably why a trade with them didn’t work out.

  4. It appears now that the Burnett deal might not be finalized before Monday or maybe even Tuesday. The commissioner still hasn’t approved the deal and that won’t happen until Burnett passes his physical which will happen this weekend.

    • yeah but they know about so say he gets his physical at 1pm it could get approved at 2pm.

      Hopefully it doesn’t take long.

      • They said the results of the physical won’t be known for about 24 hours. So if he take it today which I hope is the case. The soonest the commissioner will decide would be Sunday afternoon in all likelihood. We’ll see I’m still keeping my fingers crossed until it’s official.

  5. worth noting.

    Cole Hamels’ agent, John Boggs, told CSN Philly he expects to visit with team officials in Florida at some point during spring training.

  6. From what I’ve read elsewhere the Yankees have already negotiated deals with both Chavez and Ibanez. They are just waiting to finalize them for the Burnett deal to be official.

  7. Guys,

    Here’s the latest from Joel Sherman….

    Sherman hears that Hal Steinbrenner’s budget has room for either Chavez or a left-handed DH (not both). However, if/when A.J. passes his physical tomorrow, NYY executives will meet to discuss whether or not they can afford both Chavez & a LH DH. They favor Ibanez slightly over Damon because he has better defense and is a little bit better against right-handers – but a deal is definitely not done. “But Damon not off board”

  8. Sherman had this tidbit on the releif prospect the Yanks got from Pittsburgh:

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