Why Not Add Johnny Damon? Damon Wants To Know Himself

The Yankees only have 2 tiny problems to kink out before they are ready for the 2012 season. One of them would be to send away A.J Burnett, and another one would be to get at least 2 bats for their bench. The Yankees have had an eye on Raul Ibanez and are attempting to bring back Eric Chavez but in a tiny article by Andrew Marchand of ESPN, Johnny Damon is questioning why he hasn’t gotten a call from the Yankees yet. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Johnny Damon doesn’t know why his phone is not ringing this offseason. He can’t understand why the Yankees are seemingly going to sign Raul Ibanez over him. And he is asking, “Why?”

“I think it’s a perfect fit,” Damon told CBS Sports’ Heyman. “But for some reason you have the year I had, especially with a team that has trouble scoring, and you can’t even get a call to continue playing.”

Well I’m going to think of it this way. Johnny Damon is also on the verge of getting 3,000 hits just like Derek Jeter was last year. I believe that the reason the Yankees are holding back on Damon is because of 3,000. I would get the idea that since Derek Jeter already had 3,000 hits, the Yankees wouldn’t want to have Damon to be another distraction to the team. After all the Yankees are trying to get #28, not put the focus from Jeter to Damon.

So why do you think the Yankees haven’t called Johnny Damon. Is it because of his journey to 3,000 or because of something else? Place your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. No Damon for Yanks because of his price and arm

    • No Johnny for the Yankees because he is not near the player he was in 2009.
      Even back then he made me hold my breath every time the ball was in his direction.
      No Arm, No Speed, Bad routes just not very good anymore.
      Ibanez is not really a right handers worst night mare anymore. So, why are we even talking about them, there has to be others out there or go into AAA for some guys.

  2. I sure hope the Yankees do NOT opt for Damon. The way I figure it at most he’s likely to get about 225 AB’s which translates to about 60 or so hits. They are not going to play him in the field and even if the Yankees do it will probably be at most for less than 5 games.

    Also take a look at his numbers when he did play the field last year for the Rays I believe it was in 13 games his offensive numbers dropped off dramatically.

    Ask yourself this question. He’s asking $5MM, now I realize asking is not necessarily receiving. But is a part time DH that is likely to get at most only about 225 AB’s (60 hits) and who’s offense is suspect at best worth even half of $5MM? In my opinion absolutely NOT.

    There is a reason why starting after his contract with the Yankees expired after the 2009 season the Yankees, Tigers and Rays didn’t re-sign him? He simply isn’t worth his asking price.

  3. I have no idea what the Yankees are thinking here. Damon is up and away a far better player than Ibanez at this stage in their careers. Damon is a couple years younger, arguably has more power considering his production at the new Stadium in ’09, and isn’t that bad a fielder, compared to Ibanez. If you absolutely needed someone to play left for an inning or two, putting Damon out there isn’t the end of the world. Damon should be the DH, but in all likelyhood it seems like Ibanez is coming to New York, which I don’t think will work out well at all.

    • Brian, the numbers don’t bear you out as best I can tell about Damon having more power than Ibanez. Ibanez has had more HR’s and more doubles then Damon each of the last 3 years than Damon. And Ibanez has basically had a better OPS than Damon.

      I’m sorry I just don’t see where Damon is a better option, and he’s going to want more money for minimal use.

  4. Brian, I also think it’s time to move on from Damon. Ibanez is a better player for less money at this point. Since the Yanks have already had Damon, I would think Cashman has a good idea of who the Yanks need at this point. Cashman is a veteran GM and has been on a roll the last 2 years. By picking up Pineda and Kuroda this off season and trading Burnett, I think the Yanks are set for the coming season. The Yanks also have other options like Branyon if Ibanez doesn’t work out . Girardi will not feel obligated to play Ibanez like he would with Damon.

  5. Question to all…
    What is the problem with having Brandon Laird back-up A-Rod?
    What is the problem with having Golson/Maxwell back up all out fielders?
    What is wrong with having Vazquez as the DH?
    Laird; OBP-.288, Avg,-.260, OPS-.710 RH bat
    Golson; OBP-.330, Avg.-.263, OPS-716 RH Bat
    Maxwell about the same, almost.
    Jorge Vazquez; OBP-.314, Avg.-262, OPS-.830- RH Bat–Hits Righties as well as Lefties.
    I am not sure but, these guys can put up good numbers, are younger and hungry and they are much much better defensively.

  6. Well, I think this is simple, remember the negations the first year his contract was up. The yankees wanted him to resign. It was reported that Johnny D also wanted to sign. It was also reported that his wife wanted more money and didn’t want to be in NY.. Don’t burn the Yankees with words!!!! So now it comes back.. Johnny D knows this.

  7. I like the idea of signing LH rlvr Clay Rapada but he is a bit of a risk facing Righties. Only to be our one man and out, if he passes muster, and still do the job!

  8. Johnny:
    Go to Baltimore for like a million. Get your 3,000 hits. And when October rolls around, you can go duck hunting in Eastern Maryland.

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