Yankees and Ibanez agree on a deal

Yankees and Ibanez agree on a deal

by Matt S.

Looks like the DH is in check.

Here is the latest.


Ibanez still has some pop against right-handers, with 16 HR and a .256 / .307 / .440 line against them in 2011.


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  1. low risk high reward deal.

  2. I think we were all in agreement it was time for 40-yr-old Posada to retire after his 2011 season. Vs RHP he hit .269/.348/.466/.814 with 14 HRs in 316 PAs & a 118 sOPS+

    Yet Cash goes out and signs another 40-yr-old who was much worse than Posada in 2011 hitting .256/.307/.440/.747 with 16 HRs in 437 PAs & a 100 sOPS+

    I’ll root for Ibanez now that he’s on the team but this move reminds me way too much of Randy Winn. Like the Winn move, hopefully it won’t be too late to correct it at the trade deadline. Also worth noting that deadline salary dumps will be harder now with the added Wild Cards.

    • Fish, considering the way Posada reacted to being dropped to 9th in the batting order last season and let’s admit it he acted like a spoiled child. I doubt very, very seriously he would have even considered a contract from the Yankees like the one Ibanez signed.

      • UYF – I want no part of Posada and thought he should have been cut the day he refused to play. I’m just pointing out that Posada’s season was considered a failure by myself and most yet he outperformed Ibanez by a wide margin. What does that say about Ibanez?

        • Fishjam, I understand what you are saying. And I realize what I’m about to say could be construed as “cherry picking”. But to be honest if you take out June from Posada’s number and look at April, May, July Aug and Sept. his performance was pretty pathetic. I would venture to guess on par if not worse than Ibanez’s. Fortunately or unfortunately Posada’s June numbers distort the reality of his season. Overall he was bad as I think we all recognize. But for 5 of the 6 months that make up the baseball season he he was either bad or very bad.

          I guess my only point is regardless of who the DH is or would have been. They aren’t going to get that many AB’s with the Yankees needing to rest A-Rod, Jeter and on occasion Swisher and Tex. I think we are all making more of this DH thing then need be. But that’s just my opinion.

          • Ibanez was extremley inconsistent also….great May & July, horrendous every other month.

            IMO you may be underestimating the playing-time the lefty DH will get. RHPs out-number LHPs roughly 70/30 so the lefty DH will get a lot of time. With Ibanez on the roster, there won’t be room for Dickerson, so if Ibanez plays the whole season, he should be in the 350-425 Plate Appearances.

            He won’t be used exactly the same, but as a point of reference, Posada had 387 PAs & Dickerson had 55 last year.

            The bottom-line with the DH is it was the only opneing to improve the offense with every other position locked up for most part. Montero would have been a HUGE lift to the team and once he was dealt it was hoped they’d at least bring in a lefty masher. But Ibanez is very underwhelming and another low BAvg guy who’s value lies in the occassional HR.

            • but for a million dollars you could argue lets see how it goes till the trade deadline when they can always scoop someone else up right?

              Ibanez 1million > damon 5 million (you have to be happy with that at least right?

            • Fishjam, no argument or dispute that Montero would have been by far preferable to either Posada, Ibanez, Damon, or any of the others there were rumors about. But Montero’s gone and was traded for in my opinion a far move valuable starting pitcher (Pineda). I’m sure fans of could intentions can disagree but I make that trade every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

              There is just no comparison as far as I’m concerned. Going with a rotation of CC, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova, and Hughes/Garcia. and having Jones and Ibanez as the DH combination then going with: CC, Nova, AJ, Hughes, Garcia (with Noesi waiting in the wings) and having Montero as the primary DH.

              Because if the Yankees don’t make that trade Montero for Pineda they never trade/unload AJ this season and they never sign Kuroda.

              • I won’t argue with the trade. Everyone in baseball seems to think Cashman made a great deal. The skeptic that I am isn’t fully convinced until I watch Pineda throw a few games. He definetly has 2 plus-pitches but I’ve seen a lot of young pitchers come up throwing bullets their first year or 2 but fall of when their velo drops a bit beause they aren’t complete pitchers (Joba?).

                But why do you think the AJ & Kuroda deals were dependent on the Pineda trade? They were looking to trade AJ since the December Winter Meetings. It was a simple case of them thinking Kuroda was better than AJ.

                • If you recall and you may not there were reports the Yankees had conversation with the Mariners at the winter meetings about a Pineda/Montero trade.

                  Because just signing Kuroda without Pineda in the fold doesn’t really solve what Cashman outlined as pitching being his main focus since the end of last season. It also has them going into the 2012 season with a rotation of: CC, Nova, Kuroda, Hughes and Garcia. Assuming they trade AJ only to save some salary like they just did.

                  It also strikes me as NOT coincidental that both the AJ talk and resolution happened in earnest not long after the Pineda/Montero trade. And the same applies with the Kuroda signing 3 days after the trade of Pineda/Montero.

                  But I could be wrong.

    • FISH I am dissapointed in the signing,. Ibanez had his big year at age 37 and history tells us at age 40 and 2 years of regression this guy is cooked!!!!
      We need to play some young guys and this signing takes away ABs from the young guys.It also spells the end of Dickerson who when we traded for him last year we were excited to see him play,didn’t happen.
      Yanks are missing the 3 rd piece in player development,giving playing time at the major league level.
      Today all us Yankee fanes are enamored with our farm,but why? we draft well ,we develope at the minor league level well and then we miss the biggest piece,giving kids a chance!!!
      Yankee fans we can’t have it both ways,if you like this signing then just give up on the farm

      • BALLPARK – Couldn’t agree more. There’s no room on the roster for Dickerson now. I’d rather give him the ABs against RHP than 40-yr-old Ibanez with no upside. At least with Dickerson, he has the chance to improve if given regular ABs.

      • Ballpark…
        Maybe you can get through to some fans, I’ve tried but, i’m just the old guy that, ain’t got no learnens.
        Anyhow, I agree with you, the same applies to Nunez, the more he plays, the more he shows how good or bad he really is! I think he can do the job at SS or 2nd.
        Question; what do you think about Cano replacing A-rod at 3rd when the time comes?

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