Morning Bits: Mariano, Girardi, Spring Training

Good morning all. Back to work for most but it’s a short week so we can’t complain. Lot’s of news yesterday so let’s get right to the links…

* Bryan Hoch of reports that Mariano Rivera strongly implied that 2012 will be his last season? (Not sure about you all I know he will be missed but if you think about it salary wise that’s a lot of money off the books if he hangs it up).

* Hoch also writes that Girardi is seeing nothing but good things so far at camp.

* Cashman was on a bunch of radio shows yesterday. Here is the podcast from his half-hour long interview with Mike Francesa, and here is the podcast from his stop on the Michael Kay show.

* Lohud says the Yankees number 1 question is the number 5 starter.

* Donnie Collins from The Times Tribune reports few roster spots available as Yankees open camp.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. With spring training having just begun can the “real” season be far away. As I look down the Yankees roster and assuming the Yankees work out a contract with Eric Chavez I figure the Yankees have 1 open 25 man roster spot that is NOT spoken for until Joba returns.
    The players I figure are guaranteed a spot on the 25 man roster:

    Rodriguez, Alex
    Sabathia, CC
    Teixeira, Mark
    Jeter, Derek
    Rivera, Mariano
    Cano, Robinson
    Soriano, Rafael
    Swisher, Nick
    Granderson, Curtis
    Kuroda, Hiroki
    Martin, Russell
    Garcia, Freddy
    Hughes, Phil
    Gardner, Brett
    Jones, Andruw
    Logan, Boone
    Robertson, David
    Ibanez, Raul
    Nova, Ivan
    Nunez, Eduardo
    Pineda, Michael
    Wade, Cory
    Cervelli, Francisco
    Chavez, Eric – Pending a contract

    Who’s left for that 1 spot until roughly June when Joba returns:
    Dickerson, Chris
    Pena, Ramiro
    Cabral, Cesar
    Meyers, Brad
    OR one of the non roster invitees


  2. Russel branyan?

    but in honest like I have said Cabral had a monster winter. If shows the same in spring training he has to make the team.

    • uyf1950, Matt….
      I have three guys on my list in no order at all; Dickerson, Cabral and Branyan. Without more information, I am not ready to pick anyone for sure.
      I don’t think it will be a pitcher unless, one of those already set in the line-up gets hurt.

      Garcia may end-up in the BP because, Phil is back and in shape! In fact, Unless there is a backslip for anyone of the six guys, I see the five being CC, Phil, Nova, Kuroda, Pineda. Pineda can move up if his change-up becomes workable and Phil move down if he is out pitched by Nova.
      CC is CC #1…enough said!
      Phil has the pitches but, gets into trouble if his FB sits at 92-, off to the BP at 92-.
      Nova has the easy motion and knows what he is doing, can he repeat?
      Kuroda is the old guy, if he pitches as he has shown he can, he could be #2 to #4.
      Pineda will be the #2 pitcher when he has the Change in working order. He has the best future of any of them…baring any injury. 🙂

  3. Baseball America Top 100 MLB Prospects is out. Here are the Yankees who made the list and where:

    Yankees Listed:
    .Banuelos (29)
    .Betances (63)
    .Sanchez (81)
    .Williams (85)

  4. uyf, your’e right on the money, Cabral seems like the likely canditate, or Phelps or Warren. Branyon the Bomber is a back up to replace Ibanez if he fails. That’s why the Yanks didn’t go after Damon or Matsui, they would have had a hard time dumping them if they failed, and they wanted more money.

  5. I look for Williams and Bichette to move right up the ladder, double A by the end of the year.

  6. I would look to see the B’s in the majors next year.

    • Oblique injuries have become so commonplace the last 2-3 years for pitchers especially. Pitchers are doing more and more core & ab work nowadays which has led to added velocity but also more oblique injuries. Kontos won’t be the first to suffer this injury this Spring.

  7. Feel sorry for Konto’s, nothing worse than coming into spring training with high hopes and getting injured the first day or two.

  8. Today is the day the Yankees can place pitchers on the 60 day DL. Assuming both Joba and Feliciano will now be on the 60 days DL that will free up 2 roster spots if need be.


    Jon Heyman of reports that the Yankees and Eric Chavez have agreed to a contract, pending a physical.
    Ken Rosenthal of reports that Chavez will receive a one-year deal worth $900,000.

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