Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Roberston, Burnett, Ibanez, Joba, Spring Training

Since the last time we have done this AJ has been traded and pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training.  Lot’s of great blogs about the Yankees let’s take a look at what they are all saying.

* An A-blog for A-Rod mentions a good point that Brandon Laird is the forgotten infielder.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue is reflecting on the negatives of the Burnett era.

* Bomber Boulevard says that June is the earliest for Joba to come back.

* Bronx Baseball Daily has 6 questions about the Yankees rotation.

* It’s about the Money Stupid is projecting Brett Gardner.

* Lady Loves Pinstripes writes about Raul Ibanez.

* New York Baseball Digest has Mason Williams taking the mantle from Jesus Montero.

* NYY Universe got a chance to interview David Robertson.

* Pinstripe Alley takes a look at Yankee drafts by decade.

* River Ave Blues has some thoughts about the A.J. trade.

* Road to Yankee Stadium links some articles about the minors.

* The Captain’s Blog takes a 111-year retrospective at Yankees spring training.

* The Greedy Pinstripes looks into the best 1-2 punch in the AL east.

* The Yankee Analysts has a great article forecasting Ibanez with park factors.

* Yanks Go Yard dives into the 2012 AL East preview of shortstops.

* Zell’s Pinstriped Blog has the all time Yankee flops.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Has anyone actually seen what Ibanez’s PA incentives are?

    • Have not seen the details only that he can earn up to $4 Million based on PAs which is a lot higher than I think he deserved.

      I read somewhere today that Damon is asking teams for 2 years and $15 Million! What planet does he live in?!?

      • that’s absurd. It has to be AL teams no NL team will give him that much and have him as an everyday OF.

      • I’m sure the $4MM total (all inclusive) was calculated based on Andruw Jones contract that he just signed. Jones has a higher guarantee $2MM with about $1.5MM in PA incentives.

        If the PA numbers are pretty consistent just the dollars doubled for Ibanez. I figure both Jones and Ibanez will wind up making about $2.6MM each. Assuming both players finish over 275 PA but less than 300 PA.

  2. I know there are many fans not only on this site but on other sites as well that think the Yankees made a mistake or at the very least should have signed someone better than Ibanez be it younger or whatever for the LH (DH) spot.

    But, I’m reminded of what someone younger and probably wiser then me said on this very board when I asked about Pena being on the Yankees roster. That person made the comment: “you can’t have a bench of All Stars” or something along those lines.

    Perhaps Ibanez isn’t the ideal choice but I don’t think he’s a bad choice. When I look at his BA: .292 / OBP: .338 / and OPS: .841 with RISP for 2011 they are pretty good. And for $1.1MM plus incentives the Yankees aren’t locked in to keeping him if he under performs or if there are better options come the trade deadline. Those are just my thoughts.

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