Morning Bits: Aardsma, Girardi, Cashman, Martin, Piniella

First off I want to mention that our own Delia will be hosting a live chat tonight at 7pm.  It’s Thursday so one more day to the weekend.  Lot’s of things happened yesterday so plenty of articles covering it.

and away we go….Enjoy!

* ESPN has all the information of the signing of David Aardsma.

* The Wall Street Journal says the Yankees already look set.

* The Star Ledger reports that Girardi disagrees with Cashman’s comments about 2010.

* New York Daily News thinks Russell Martin may be the victim of number crunching after his one year deal runs out.

* The Washington Post mentions that Lou Piniella is hired to join the YES team.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. If I was Girardi, I would be highly pissed off at Cashman!! Maybe Cashman should worry about his infidelity issues and that skank he cheated on his wife with, who’s stalking everyone and their mother, and shut his mouth!! Cashman is all about being upfront and honest about things(not wanting Soriano and saying Pineda better improve the change-up & develop into a #1 starter or he will have made a mistake) but he’s cheating on his wife!! HYPOCRITE!!

  2. Wow, anyone read the Daily News piece about Martin’s extension talks? John harper writes the following:

    “Considering there are few catchers in the big leagues who can deliver much offense, Martin as a free agent might be able to command a five-year contract worth $50 million-$60 million.”

    Is he serious? I like Martin a lot but no chance I give a 30-yr old Catcher a 5yr deal for $10-12M per year.

    I think with Martin a full season away from his surgeries his legs will be much stronger and with Free Agency approaching he will also be highly motivated. I expect a very good year and would be estatic to see him hit closer to the .280 average he put up his first 2 yrs in LA.

  3. I think the Yanks are happy with Martin and will resign him this year for three years at around 8 to 10 million a year.

  4. If Cashman and Martins agent come to any sort of deal, it better be before they go north.
    Once the team breaks camp, all deals are off the table. The Yankees will not do an extension during the season…company policy. Remember the press talking about extending Jeters contract and Cashman said they don’t do that, the same with his contract anda few other players over the last few years.
    Besides all that, I like the way Martin goes about his job and works with the pitchers but, with one more year at AAA Romine should be ready for the job in 2013. Cisco will be back-up this year and next year.
    There is no need to spend the money for Martin next year, let him go out and get his fat pay check…from someone elsa…I mean, it isn’t as though he didn’t put in the work for the contract, go for it Martin! 🙂

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