Morning Bits: Martin, Hughes, Burnett, Swisher, Posada

Good morning Yankees fans and Happy Saturday! Position players reported yesterday and will soon start their workouts! Here are your morning links.

Russell Martin & the Yankees agreed to wait to talk about a contract extension until after the season.

Phil Hughes spoke with ESPN & said it will be nobody’s fault but his if he struggles in Spring Training and ends up in the bullpen

— With A.J Burnett now a Pittsburgh Pirate, ESPN wonders, who will be the new pie man? The obvious choice? Nick Swisher.

Jorge Posada’s absence from camp is more noticeable than Andy Pettite’s according to Derek Jeter

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  1. For those that like Hamilton and think the Yankees should make a play for him next year check out this article.

    • It sure sounds like Hamilton is intent on testing FA regardless. That bodes well for the Yankees whether or not they decide to make him a target and offer. Which btw I hope they do. But even if they don’t it’s one more quality outfielder that will hit the market and depress the asking price of others just a little bit, in my opinion. We’ll see what happens at the end of this season. By my calculation if the Yankees are intent on getting to the 2014 luxury tax threshold there expenditures for the 3 starting outfield positions for 2014 has to have an AAV of no more than $35MM preferably a little less.

      I figure Gardner in his 3rd year of arbitration in 2014 will be making about $6 or 7MM that leaves about $28MM total for the other 2 positions (CF and RF).

  2. Josh Hamilton is a conundrum for most GMs, he is an outstanding player who averages 120 games if that a year. He has too many demons, alcohol and drugs, plus injuries which make him a big gamble.

    • I’m not sure Hamilton is as big a risk as fans make him out to be. in the last 4 years Hamilton has:
      2008 – 156 games : 704 PA’s : 32 HR’s ; 130 RBI’s ; .901 OPS
      2009(was his worst year injury wise-89 games ; 365 PA’s ; 10 HR’s ; 54 RBI’s ; .741 OPS.
      2010 – 133 games ; 571 PA’s ; 32 HR’s ; 100 RBI’s ; 1.044 OPS
      2011 – 121 games ; 538 PA’s ; 25 HR’s ; 94 RBI’s ; .882 OPS

      A left handed batter with a sweet swing in Yankees stadium. So your not necessarily going to get a 145 games out of him. That’s why they have a 4th outfielder. I’d take 130 games out of him over 99% of any of the other outfield FA’s, period. That’s just my opinion.

      If he can be had for say 4 years and $16MM per +/- I’d be all over him like a fly on shit. Pardon the analogy.

  3. This is a real conundrum, I like Hamilton but his injuries, lack of games played, and demons make him a big risk. Add to that most free agents are over paid and don’t meet expectations he will get killed in NY. You just have to look at A-Rod to know that this is true. He has won 2 MVPs and a series and still hasn’t been embraysed by Yankee fans even on this site. Add Randy Johnson one of the best lefty’s of all time, and you see than NY might not be the best place for Josh.

    • Doug…
      I agree in many regards with your suppositions. Josh would either make it big in NY or pull up and move on. I think he would make it big if A-rod is still playing well.
      As to the popularity of A-Rod, lats face it, the press is always after anything they can find or make up on A-Rod he is great copy. He is an automatic target of fans, news people and Jealous players.
      Josh is a bit misunderstood, he is not a mentatly weak guy. All the hell he has gone through to get this far, makes one much stronger then one can understand. He would be ok in NY! 🙂

    • It din’t help that Randy Johnson was well past prime when he signed on to pitch for the Yankees. He was 41 in his 1st year of the contract.

  4. uyf, I agree, but Johnson did win 17 games and that wasn’t enough.

    • Doug, as I’m sure you know by now the general consensus is that wins and era’s is probably one of the worse ways to evaluate a pitchers performance.
      All of Johnson’s numbers fell off the 2 years he was in NY versus his prior year in Arizona (SO, WHIP, ERS+, etc…).

      Also, if you remember right out of the gate Johnson made a bad impression with the media. You’ll remember that episode with the camera man in NY when he first arrived. Putting his hand in front of the camera and telling him to get the camera out of his face.

  5. uyf, good point but you mentioned he was 42 years old. I think some drop off should have been expected. I know the sabermetrics, but I think we would take bad metrics and 17 wins from any of out starters except CC. Vasquez had great sabermatrics the year before he came to the Yanks. I we see in free agency, most times past performance mean little when predicting the future of a pitcher. I’m sure you can find many pitchers who had great WAR 2 years ago, and pitced badly last year, Lackey being one. There are only 10-15 pitchers that can stay on top year in and year out.

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