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Yankees Live Chat

Yankees Live Chat

By Matthew B.

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Spring Training Notes: 2/27/12

Andy Pettite is at Yankees Camp!

No, you’re eyes are not decieving you. Andy Pettite is at Yankees Spring Training Camp. Unfortunately he’s not going to put on #46 and pitch for the Yankees. Instead he’s a guest instructor here to carve the young minds of our Yankee Farm system.

You may notice that the Spring Training report is earlier than usual. Well, here’s the reason why:

Matthew B. is hosting a Yankees Chat tonight at 7pm answering all things Yankees! Come with questions please!

Now that we got that announcement out of the way, here are some Spring Training notes for today!

— Nick Swisher went to see a Sports Psychologist (didn’t know there was such a thing). Let’s see if it works for him!

— A.J Burnett’s greatest contribution to the Yankees will live on. No, we’re not talking about him pitching. We’re talking about the walk-off pie! Who should do it? Nick Swisher!

— The Yankees released their rotation for the starting week of Spring Training. The rotation will go as follows:

3/2 vs. USF: Adam Warren
3/3 vs. Phillies: Ivan Nova (MLB Network, MLB.TV Game)
3/4 vs. Phillies: Freddy Garcia (YES Network Game)
3/5 vs. Phillies: Michael Pineda (MLB Network, MLB.TV Game)
3/6 vs. Pirates: CC Sabathia & Phil Hughes
3/7 vs. Rays: Hiroki Kuroda (YES Network Game)

—  Robinson Cano has left camp in Tampa Florida to catch a flight to the Dominican Republic after receiving word that his grandmother passed away yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Robbie.

— Courtesy of Bryan Hoch here are some pictures from today & yesterday’s Spring Training session!

Does Wear And Tear Affect Brett Gardner?

After watching Brett Gardner play since 2008, there is one thing that Yankee fans have noticed: Brett Gardner plays nitty gritty baseball. Gardner tends to somehow end up on the ground in every game, whether he is on the base paths or if he is in the outfield. Also if there was something that Yankee fans noticed during the 2010 & 2011 season was that Gardner saw more playing time as the starting LF. But the more that I have observed Gardner, I noticed that during the end of the year, Gardner tends to slow down and show fatigue. Obviously every player experiences fatigue but I get the feeling that the number of games + the way Gardner plays baseball might be the reason that his fatigue might be more obvious than other players.

In 2011, Gardner was able to erase the horrid start he had…from May to July at least. Here are Gardner’s numbers from May-July:

May: .301 AVG, .379 OBP, .373 SLG

June: .317 AVG, .404 OBP, .463 SLG

July: .289 AVG, .361 OBP, .371 SLG

Now let’s take a look at Gardner’s #’s from August & September (be warned, they aren’t pretty):

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Morning Bits: Sabathia, Pineda, Wife Swap, Mariano, Swisher

Good morning all funny how those weekends go by so quickly.  By the end of the week the Yankees will be starting with actually games.  Can’t wait!!! Tonight at 7PM our own Matthew B. will be hosting a live chat to talk about anything Yankee related so make sure you check that out.

Let’s get right to the links….

* The New York Times writes the Yankees pitchers Sabathia and Pineda blaze wide trail for one of baseball’s beefiest rotations.

* The Yankees wife swap story from the 70’s is coming to the big screen.

* The Star Ledger reports Mariano took the mound on a rainy day to throw his first bullpen session of spring training.

* Nick Swisher has worked with a sports psychologist as he prepares for his walk year reports The Daily News.

* Also from The Daily News Mark Teixeira has reported to camp 15lbs lighter as he looks to raise his batting average and playoff fortunes.

* MLB.com has player previews and projections for the 2012 season for the Yankees.