Morning Bits: Sabathia, Pineda, Wife Swap, Mariano, Swisher

Good morning all funny how those weekends go by so quickly.  By the end of the week the Yankees will be starting with actually games.  Can’t wait!!! Tonight at 7PM our own Matthew B. will be hosting a live chat to talk about anything Yankee related so make sure you check that out.

Let’s get right to the links….

* The New York Times writes the Yankees pitchers Sabathia and Pineda blaze wide trail for one of baseball’s beefiest rotations.

* The Yankees wife swap story from the 70’s is coming to the big screen.

* The Star Ledger reports Mariano took the mound on a rainy day to throw his first bullpen session of spring training.

* Nick Swisher has worked with a sports psychologist as he prepares for his walk year reports The Daily News.

* Also from The Daily News Mark Teixeira has reported to camp 15lbs lighter as he looks to raise his batting average and playoff fortunes.

* has player previews and projections for the 2012 season for the Yankees.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I know it’s a very, very long way off. But MLBTR just posted the top FA of the 2014 class. One very interesting name jumps out at me: Asdrubal Cabrera SS for the Indians.

    If he’s not re-signed or extended by the Indians before then he could be an interesting target for the Yankees. In 2011 an All Star and Silver Slugger winner and is only scheduled to make $4.5MM in 2012. He should be relatively inexpensive come his FA year of 2014.

    Any thoughts from anyone?

    • Sounds like a plan. What do you do with Jeter and him. You know Jeter will most likely be back for 2014. Even though he said if he starts to do bad he will walk away. I don’t believe that though.

      • Matt, I don’t think you can continue to pass up opportunities to replace Jeter both offensively and defensively because he will exercise his 2014 option. I honestly feel regardless if Jeter does or doesn’t exercise that 2014 option he will not be the full time SS in 2014. Let him back up whoever the Yankees sign. The Yankees can keep Nunez who will be in his 1st arbitration year as a back up to Cano at 2nd and then come the 2015 season be a back up at short once Jeter is finally retired.

        I know this won’t sit well but by the start of the 2014 the Yankees ownership/management has to stop worrying about Jeter and his feelings and start thinking about the best player to play SS. I’m sorry but that’s just the way I feel.

        • “I don’t think you can continue to pass up opportunities to replace Jeter”

          Who have they passed on so far?

          • I’m not sure, but perhaps Jose Reyes might have been a target this past off season. And I’m assuming that come the 2013 season there may be someone of interest like Aybar. I think we both realize with Jeter occupying the SS position the Yankees are not in a position to replace him externally considering his $17MM per salary. But come 2014 that changes somewhat with his $8MM option and him turning from 39 to 40 in that season.

            • I think for someone like yourself who keeps a good track on the 189 for 2014 you would have to think Jose Reyes would not have been a good fit. That money that they will have will need to go to OF and pitching.

              • also using that money for a long term contract for Cano.

              • Matt, I think you are missing my point. I only brought up Reyes as an example of someone the Yankees might have been interested in had Jeter not been occupying the SS position for 2012. The point is at some point the Yankees need to stop worrying about Jeter and look at what or who is best suited to occupy the SS position. And in my opinion that conversation needs to happen sooner rather than later or before it’s to late. That’s just my opinion.

                • I hear you but Jeter is in that position today and Reyes would have not made sense imo.

                  I don’t consider myself as being a “homer” with Jeter but yes the time will come soon I just don’t see it as now.

                  Only option they have in the system is Culver and he is ways away.

      • Matt, I should have added to that comment. If I’m Cashman I sit down with Jeter at the end of the 2013 season and lay out my plans for him. I tell him, here is your roll for the 2014 season, etc….
        So that Jeter knows what’s expected of him should he decide to exercise that option and there is no misunderstanding/confusion.

        • again yourself and Ken make it out to seem he is crippling the team. When that happens this talk can happen imo.

          • Matt, I’m not saying he’s crippling the team. But in my opinion by the 2013 and most certainly 2014 he will be putting the team at a disadvantage. And it’s not just because of his defensive or salary or fall off in his offensive numbers. It also is because whether real or perceived his resistance to batting anywhere in the order other that 1st or 2nd creates problems/issues. It’s all of these factors at least in my mind that make Jeter’s place on the Yankees roster past the 2012 season a disadvantage for the team.

            Beside, why must we wait until Jeter is actually “crippling the team” to have this type of discussion. Why not approach the topic before it becomes a critical issue?

            • Yeah i should have picked better words then that. Of course we can discuss this topic that what the blog is for. Apologize for that.

              I just don’t see him as a major problem yet in my eyes.

              • I don’t see him as being a major problem now either. But I do see it/him being an issue going forward. Maybe the difference in the way we look at Jeter is a generational thing.

              • Matt…
                I still think fans may misunderstand me and more so uyf1950. I am the bad guy and uyfis the good guy here.
                I don’t see the reward of keeping a guy that can’t earn his pay check…no matter who it is…and to set your mind at rest, I’ll be just as hard on A-Rod, Cano, Tex etc.
                They endanger my team, they are persona non gratis.
                Agree with Uyf1950, the time is now to start making plans for Jeter not that he will hurt the team to much this year. But what do we do if he is around .270 at the end of the year? then 2013 becomes the year he has to be replaced.
                I don’t like the idea of replacing anyone, but age is age and no one can play avg SS at 39-40. I don’t care what his name is!

    • Cabrera’s power suprised everyone this yr and will be interesting how he follows up his big 2011 this yr. I’m hoping that Nunez will be ready to start by 2014 and I think he will. He has all the tools but just needs some refining and some more playing time.

      Obviously, so much can change between now and then but I’m most attracted to the OF’s on that list. But as we know it will be VERY difficult to sign Cano, Granderson AND another big FA and still come in under the Luxury Cap.

      Will be fun speculating about it as it gets closer. As Ballpark once mentioned, stealing Ellsbury from Boston would be nice considering he’s 2 and a half yrs younger than Granderson and hits for much better average. They’ll also have the flexibility to move Gardner to CF and go for one of the big corner OF bats.

    Yankees Sign Eric Chavez
    By Dan Mennella [February 27 at 2:23pm CST]
    Eric Chavez is returning to the Yankees for 2012, officially signing a one-year, $900K deal with incentives. Chavez, 35, will reprise his role as a backup corner infielder and DH for the Yanks. The left-handed hitter posted a .263/.320/.356 line with two homers in 175 plate appearances in the Bronx in 2011, his first season in New York after spending 13 in Oakland.

    Though he was once one of the better all-around third basemen in baseball, Chavez has played in no more than 90 games over the past five seasons, so he is strictly a role player at this juncture of his career.

    In a corresponding move, the Yankees transferred reliever David Aardsma to the 60-day DL. Chris Dickerson was outrighted recently, so the team’s 40-man roster count now stands at 39.

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