Spring Training Notes: 2/27/12

Andy Pettite is at Yankees Camp!

No, you’re eyes are not decieving you. Andy Pettite is at Yankees Spring Training Camp. Unfortunately he’s not going to put on #46 and pitch for the Yankees. Instead he’s a guest instructor here to carve the young minds of our Yankee Farm system.

You may notice that the Spring Training report is earlier than usual. Well, here’s the reason why:

Matthew B. is hosting a Yankees Chat tonight at 7pm answering all things Yankees! Come with questions please!

Now that we got that announcement out of the way, here are some Spring Training notes for today!

— Nick Swisher went to see a Sports Psychologist (didn’t know there was such a thing). Let’s see if it works for him!

— A.J Burnett’s greatest contribution to the Yankees will live on. No, we’re not talking about him pitching. We’re talking about the walk-off pie! Who should do it? Nick Swisher!

— The Yankees released their rotation for the starting week of Spring Training. The rotation will go as follows:

3/2 vs. USF: Adam Warren
3/3 vs. Phillies: Ivan Nova (MLB Network, MLB.TV Game)
3/4 vs. Phillies: Freddy Garcia (YES Network Game)
3/5 vs. Phillies: Michael Pineda (MLB Network, MLB.TV Game)
3/6 vs. Pirates: CC Sabathia & Phil Hughes
3/7 vs. Rays: Hiroki Kuroda (YES Network Game)

—  Robinson Cano has left camp in Tampa Florida to catch a flight to the Dominican Republic after receiving word that his grandmother passed away yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Robbie.

— Courtesy of Bryan Hoch here are some pictures from today & yesterday’s Spring Training session!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Certainly didn’t take Pineda long to get on the wrong side of the press did it? What he did today was reveal himself to be light years away from being mentally ready to handle New York. Weren’t some here just discussing Randy Johnson’s initial interaction with the press and how awful it was? Haven’t I heard the argument that Ian Kennedy couldn’t handle Ny(which I think is absurd anyway)? Well the new savior was too overwhelmed at 25 guys waiting to ask him about his throwing session. After a wide eyed stammering session he excused himself and said he’d be right back, then never returned. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/yankees/post/_/id/28066/michael-youre-not-in-seattle-anymore
    No good folks, no good at all. My article Friday will be about Pineda.

    • Sounds like a minor thing. Will give him benefit of the doubt. Maybe he had to take a shit! 8)

    • Michael P…
      You are a bit mistaken about IPK, he was being honest when asked a question. Then the press did the same thing as the press will do with the new kid on the block, trash him any chance they get. They did it to A-Rod and Joe G.
      Talk about ego, the news people have the temerity to think they are above reproach. And may the gods help you if you try making any of their life or actions public, like they do everyone else.
      As Hit-man says; “Sounds like a minor thing.” Let’s hope it stays like that, for his sake!

    • I hope he pulls a Steve Carlton on the writers, they just try to overwhelme him. The writers are too pushy. Let the kid get adjusted to NY.

    • I was the one that brought up Randy Johnson and his initial run in with the Media in NY. I think there is a basic difference. First off Johnson was 41 or 42 years old and stuck his hand in the camera and told the camera man to get out of his face.

      Pineda is want 23 years old, basically inexperienced with the media in general. And I think the way he handled it was kind of “let me catch my breath, get my thoughts together” and I’ll be back. Even though he didn’t go back. I think there is a big difference there.

  2. Please you have to understand that this player need guidance to deal with the NY press, which it’s not an easy one.

    • Raphael you are exactly right.

      This is Pineda’s first real press conference as a New York Yankee and it was pretty intimidating for him. I just think the poor kid was nervous. I’ll excuse it cause he’s new at this but he does have to learn how to compose himself in front of the New York Media.

  3. Montero sure handled it fine when he was in NY.

  4. The writers have come along way from the time when they used to play cards on the train with the Babe. Know all they want is a story. When are they going to learn that nothing good comes out of a story like this. The writers should be smarter than this.

    • Doug…
      Sorry to say, the press of the old days is long gone, now instead of going after a story they sit around waiting for the story to come to them.
      In the old days, the reporters knew more about the players then the public ever thought of. A lot of stuff wasn’t to good for the players if it were to have been printed…it never was until much later, in books like Mel Allens.
      I know of a guy that knocked out a reporter once, after a football game when he was asked the same ridiculous question over and over because the reporter didn’t believe the answer given was the truth. The kid said to the reporter, “If you call me a lier again, you will be planted where you stand!” Sure enough he started to ask the same question again…and was planted right there. After that he never talked to a reporter the rest of his life. That’s the truth, as I know it!

  5. In case anyone’s interested here is another Yankees blog with a listing of top Yankees prospects.


  6. If Martin has a good year his contract status will go up since Yadier Molina is off the board.


    • If Martin can get his BA over the .250 or .260 number and his OPS in the .750 range he could be looking at a very healthy contract. Assuming he stays healthy. I don’t think it will be in the 5 yr/$70MM range but it certainly could be in the 4 yr/$40MM plus range.

      Regardless I think after this year Martin will be wearing a different uniform in 2013. I would not be surprised in the least to see Romine called up sometime in July and and giving the catching job full time for the 2013 season. Just my opinion.

    • WOW! I am shocked Molina got that much money! That is a massive amount of money for a Catcher. Granted he is the best defensive Catcher in the game but he never had an OPS over .750 until 2011.

      For years Catchers didn’t really get big contracts because they broke down so often and even the best ones don’t play much more than 130 games per yr. Posada was one of the few guys that got big money but I guess times have changed.

      This is bad news for the Yanks if they plan to re-sign Martin. Now I see why Cashman was trying to get him signed to an extension with a year left on his deal. No way Martin signs for less than $10 Mil per year now. IMO, its very important Romine has a big yr in AAA and shows he might be ready in 2013.

      • On the bright side if I’m not mistaken with the NEW CBA if the Yankees offer Martin arbitration and a 1 year salary of about $12.5MM and he turns it down, which he would surely do in light of Molina’s contract the Yankees do get a draft pick.

        I believe that’s a correct assumption.

        • Good point uyf, that seems to be the way the Yanks will play it with Martin. At this point I don’t see them signing him long term unless he comes in under 10 million a year.

  7. Off the subject a bit, I watched the NFL combine yesterday. These players are all on steriods. They make Braun look like Olive Oil. It is such a joke that the MLB has better testing than the NFL and yet no one even talks about steriods in football. This is where the real cover up is. I remember in the 80’s when steriods came out they started with football players and in gyms. Oh and by the way Conte(Bond’s trainer) predicted that the only way Braun would get off would be to question the procedure of transporting the sample back in December. He gave Braun’s lawyers the out.

    • Those football guys are massive it you look at a player now compared to the 80’s it’s night and day.

      • Matt…
        Unless one gets hit at full speed by one of those guys, you have knoooooow idea how big they really are. Playing Football was my life back in those magical days of yore.
        Football was some of the best fun I ever had in college, baseball was a very close second! 🙂

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