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By Matthew B.

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  1. Food for thought. Swisher becomes a FA at the end of this coming season now obviously or at least it seems obvious to me that if the Yankees are intent on getting to the 2014 luxury tax threshold come 2014 they can’t or won’t be able to afford Swisher in RF starting in 2014. He’ll be 32 at the end of the 2012 season and probably be expecting a 5 year/$65 to $70MM deal. Which will put him out of the reach of the Yankees. Of course the Yankees can do the same thing with Swisher that I suggested earlier about Martin. Offer him $12.5MM for 1 year and arbitration. He’ll certainly turn it down and the Yankees will get a draft choice.

    Also, with BJ Upton at this point scheduled to hit FA after the 2012 season the Yankees could go after him. He’s only 27 now will be 28 for the 2013 season. The Yankees would have to rework who plays where in the outfield for a year but that won’t be that big of a deal for 1 year. Upton could probably be had for 6 years at about $11 or $12MM per +/-. That certainly allows the Yankees to stay on target for their stated goal of $189MM payroll for 2014.

    Then when 2014 comes around Granderson’s contract will come up. I don’t see the Yankees being able to afford Granderson and the roughly $20MM per it will take to sign him. Also Granderson will be 33 come the 2014 season I don’t see the Yankees willing to do more then 3 years in his case anyway which he probably wouldn’t accept. The Yankees have a couple of very highly respected prospects that should be available come the 2014 season that they can plug into the OF in 2014 at virtually no cost.

    I can see the Yankees with an outfield come the 2014 season of: Gardner ($7MM), BJ Upton ($12MM) OR Josh Hamilton ($16MM), and Heathcott ($.5MM) – Mason Williams while he probably won’t be ready in 2014, but he could be depending how he progresses in 2012. He should be more then ready in 2015.

    A $20 to $24MMM payroll for the 3 starting outfielders for 2014 would open up all sorts of possibilities for what the Yankees would be able to afford to re-sign Cano, possibly sign either a Cain quality pitcher OR another bat for the offense in the $18MM range.

    Now normally Granderson might fit the bill for the bat in the $18MM range but I think his age and years he will be looking for will prohibit the Yankees from offering him that type of contract.

    Of course all of the above are my opinions.

  2. I just don’t see Granderson coming back he will just be to expensive and I’m with you I don’t see Swisher coming back either nor would I want him back.

    To me it’s going to be a huge year for the minors to see if this stuff pans out. Slade Heathcott is often injured and if another injury happens it will put him further off in your projections.

    Also how well will Williams do moving up a league in the minor will he continue to tear it up?

    • That’s why they call them “prospects”. Although most of the reports I’ve seen on Heathcott this off season have spoken very highly of him. I agree about Williams. If he does well in 2012 and 2013 he could potentially be ready for the Yankees come the 2014 season. But it pretty much would take everything to fall right for Williams for that to happen. CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

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