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Spring Training Notes: 3/2/12

Joe Girardi having a word with Brett Gardner

Today was the day that all have waited for; Spring Training games are back! Although games are back, there has been some headlines. Here are the notes & links:

— MLB has OK’d the expanded wildcard for the 2012 season. Here’s the tweet for the details:

— Pirates RHP A.J Burnett will miss 2-3 months of the season after having eye surgery today to repair the orbital bone. Burnett bunted the baseball in his eye during batting practice earlier this week. Burnett was slated to be the Pirates number 1 starter in the rotation.

— And Yankees fans will love to hear this! The Yankees played their first Spring Training game against the University of Florida. Here was the final score:

— Courtesy of Bryan Hoch of MLB.com, here are some pictures from today’s practice & game:

Tomorrow the New York Yankees will take on the Philadelphia Philles which is a televised game. The game will be on MLB Network and for those who don’t have MLB Network on MLB.TV.

Use the comment section below to talk about anything you’d like! Have a good night everyone!

Can Pineda Handle New York?

When the New York Yankees sent Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi to the Seattle Mariners for Michael Pineda, the reactions from fans ranged from euphoria to anger and everything in between.  It’s never easy for fans to see a highly anticipated player like Montero traded away.  Montero had been with the Yankee organization from day one of his professional career.  There is an extra special place that fans reserve for the guys that have been Yankees from day one.

Since the signings of Catfish Hunter and Reginald Martinez Jackson that helped propel the Yankees to two championships in the late seventies, critics of George Steinbrenner’s free spending ways and fans of opposing teams had labeled the Yankees the best team that money could buy.  When the Yankees ended the long drought between titles in 1996 and established a dynasty, the success was extra sweet because players named Jeter, Williams, Posada, Petitte and Rivera lead the way. These were home-grown Yankees that forced the critics of the Yankees’ spending to admit that players developed in the Yankee system were the key to the incredible success that the Yankees enjoyed during their dynasty reign.

Jesus Montero was the most anticipated Yankee prospect to come along since that dynasty era.  Montero’s spectacular performance last September looked like a coming attractions preview for the next decade and Yankee fans were looking forward to the career of another potential home-grown Yankee star. It wasn’t to be and if Montero is to become a star he will be doing it wearing a Seattle Mariners uniform.

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being traded to or signed by the Yankees.  Just ask A.J. Burnett, one of the two most recent high-profile Yankee pitching acquisitions.  Signed after the 2008 season to a big money contract along with C.C. Sabathia and Mark Texeira, Burnett had a good 2009 regular season for the Yankees. Burnett then won a pivotal and crucial game of the 2009 World Series with a spectacular and gritty performance.  Faced with the alarming prospect of heading to Philadelphia down two games to none, Burnett outdueled Pedro Martinez in game two of that World Series.  The Yankees went on to win their first title since the 2000 season and Burnett had earned his money and was on his way into being accepted as a true Yankee, or so we thought.

Burnett’s struggles in 2010 quickly turned the media and fans against him. Burnett felt the pressure in 2011 and had an even more miserable regular season.  By the end of 2011 even a heroic effort in game four of the 2011 ALDS that staved off elimination for another day couldn’t save him. He had failed to pitch to his contract in the regular season and the Yankees felt the pressure on Burnett was too much for him to succeed  in New York.  Two weeks ago the Yankees basically gave him away to the Pirates, eating twenty million dollars in the process.

Life isn’t fair in New York as an athlete.  Burnett will not be remembered not for his two great postseason performances, one of which played a huge part in winning a championship.  Burnett will be remembered as a guy who came to New York and simply couldn’t handle the pressure.

One of the biggest questions that Michael Pineda has to answer is if he can pitch in the pressure cooker that is New York. Does Pineda have the mental makeup to succeed where others like A.J. Burnett and Kevin Brown have failed? Early indications are cause for quite a bit of concern.

While Pineda has always been big, his size upon showing up at training camp was alarming.  Pineda showed up at camp admitting to weighing 280 pounds and one of the first things he acknowledged was the need to lose weight. Others like Buster Olney of ESPN have said that Pineda came in at 290 pounds. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/yankees/post/_/id/27547/olney-pineda-is-a-huge-addition-literally

I find it more than a little bit alarming that a young pitcher who was traded to a franchise as illustrious as the Yankees took it so “seriously” that he showed up to camp so heavy.  Pineda is only twenty-three years old and to make that sort of initial impression is troublesome.

As if his lack of physical conditioning wasn’t alarming enough? This report came from Yankee camp from Wallace Matthews on Monday about an incident involving Pineda and what was supposed to be a press conference after a throwing session.  http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/yankees/post/_/id/28066/michael-youre-not-in-seattle-anymore

Are these minor incidents to be expected from a young player making his initial forray into big market exposure with all of its hype and coverage?  Or are these the actions of a young pitcher clearly unready to handle the pressure and scrutiny he is about to face in New York?

It would be wise to keep in mind that fans and media turned on A.J. Burnett as badly as they did while he only cost the team money, not players.  With Jesus Montero a frontrunner to win the AL Rookie Of  The Year Award, Pineda will be judged by fans and media vs. Montero’s performance this year as well as his own. There is no way that can be avoided no matter how much Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi try to downplay what to expect from Pineda this season.   

Cashman and Girardi can emphasize that this was a trade made for the future all they want, but New York is a win now town that isn’t interested in hearing about next year until next year.  The Yankees have an aging core whose window of opportunity may be shrinking.  That became even more apparent when the incredible Mariano Rivera hinted strongly upon arriving at training camp that 2012 will be his final season.  There is a growing feeling that if the Yankees are going to win with their current core of players that they need to win now.

If Pineda doesn’t pitch in a manner that justifies the decision to trade a fan favorite  for him, things could get very messy, very quickly for him.  If anyone thinks that the fans and media won’t be keeping an eye on Montero’s performance in Seattle this year and comparing it to Pineda’s performance they are kidding themselves. The Montero watch will be underway from game one of the season and won’t stop until Pineda gives everyone a reason not to watch anymore.

Michael Pineda is under pressure to perform on the biggest stage in the biggest town in sports.  It’s the kind of pressure that few people would wish upon even their worst enemy.  Getting himself in proper shape and adjusting to the increased responsibilities with the media would be good ways to start himself on the right path for the scrutiny he will receive.  Even successful completion of those tasks won’t guarantee anything for Pineda.  Pineda is going to have to pitch successfully in 2012 and justify the trade that brought him to New York and nothing less will do. It may not be fair, it may not be realistic, but that’s New York.

Yankee Prospect Watch 2012

Over the next couples weeks I am going to do a series called “Prospect Watch 2012” these players I feel are some that you may want to keep tabs on during the season in the minors.   Some will be names you know already some you may have heard of but don’t know much about.  I plan on giving you any and all rankings they have been apart of along with stats and tidbits of information.

Tyler Austin

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 200 lb.

DOB: 9/6/91

Drafted by the Yankees in the 13th round in 2010.


Our own Jamie Fisher ranked him #10 in his 2012 Prospect Rankings.  He had this to say about Austin. “Tyler Austin can hit for average and power. I seem to be in the minority but I really like this guy. He made his debut in the Gulf Coast and smashed to a .517 wOBA in 20 games, then followed up with .448 wOBA in Staten Island. Has power to all fields and an advanced approach that helps him drive off-speed pitches. How many 20-year olds can you say that about? BA ranked him 8th best prospect in NY Penn League. Only question mark is his defense at 3B but he’s athletic enough to play the OF if need be. He even stole 18 of 18 bases in just 47 games which tells me he has good instincts and a feel for the game.”

The Yankee Analysts did their rankings as a group and Austin’s average was slotted at 13.  To read that article please click here.

John Sickels of Minor league ball ranked him 9th in the Yankee system and had this to say about him “
Grade B-: Borderline C+. I don’t know why this guy doesn’t get more attention. Polished bat for a 19-year-old, defense needs work, has stolen 18 bases without getting caught in his career so far.”  To read his article click here.

FanGraphs had Austin listed as their 11th prospect and said this about him “The 2010 draft began inauspiciously for the New York Yankees with some eyebrow raising selections at the top of the draft. However, picks like Mason Williams, Austin, as well as Ben Gamel, are starting to pay dividends. Austin was drafted as a high school catcher but he’s seen time at both first and third base as a pro. If he can handle the hot corner, then his value will jump significantly, since his strong arm would be wasted at first. At the plate he shows good raw power and hit .354 in 40 short-season games in ’11.” To see the rest of the Fangraphs ranking please click here.

Austin is getting a lot of praise after his stellar season last year.  If he stays healthy this year and produces like he did last year you will be sure to see his name higher on the rankings lists next year.

Now for his stats provided by Baseball Reference:

2010 GULF 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .500
2011 GULF 82 13 32 8 3 22 11 5 16 .390 .622 1.060
2011 NYPL 96 16 31 10 3 14 7 10 23 .323 .542 .943
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 3/1/2012.

Morning Bits: Payroll, Path to the Playoffs, 189 million

Good morning all and happy Friday.  Today is the Yankees first spring training game and just because it’s not against a major league team it’s still pretty exciting to me.  Let’s get right to the links…..

* The New York Times writes about the new plan: To cut payroll.

* Also from the Times they mention how the Yankees brushed up on their comedic skills yesterday.

* Sirius radio host Mad Dog (man I miss when him and Mike had the show together) has a squabble with Cashman.

* Yankees path to the playoffs gets easier reports NBC New York.

* Sports Illustrated has all the details of the Yankees and the push to get below 189 million.

* Yankees are not to wild about proposed new wild card format.