Spring Training: 3/5/12 Lineup

Lineup vs. Phillies:

Brett Gardner, LF
Curtis Granderson, CF

Nick Swisher, RF
Raul Ibanez, DH
Eric Chavez 1B
Russell Martin, C
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Bill Hall, 3B
Jayson Nix, 2B 

Pitching Matchup:

Michael Pineda (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. Joe Blanton (0-0, 0.00 ERA)

Pregame Notes:

— This was in Yesterday’s Spring Training lineup but just to repeat, here are the hitters and pitchers that will make the trip to Clearwater today:

Pitchers: Pineda, Robertson, Burawa, Cabral, Cedeno, Marshall, Miller, O’Connor, Pope, Stoneburner

Hitters: Gardner, Granderson, Swisher, Ibanez, Martin, Chavez, Nunez, Pena, Gil, Molina, Murphy, Sanchez, Adams, Berneir, Hall, Joseph, Laird, Nix, Vasquez, Almonte, Curtis, Maxwell, Mesa

— Mariano Rivera & Rafael Soriano threw live batting practice today to Francisco Cervelli & Chris Dickerson. Mariano Rivera threw 28 pitches & Cervelli doubled twice while Rafael Soriano threw 26 pitches.

— Here is the 2012 Spring Training schedule that includes which channel each game will be on. If it’s blank then it is not a televised game.

— Today’s game is on MLB Network & MLB.TV.

Enjoy the game everyone!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Looking forward to watch Ibanez again.

  2. Today we get our first look at Pineda in action. I’m sure he’s going to be working on a few things.

  3. It looks like the Yankees may be planning on using Chavez a few times at 1st base this coming season.

  4. I’d like to see Cabral get into the game today and see how he does his 2nd time out this spring.

  5. Good to see Gardner leading off today.

  6. Pineda looked good, smooth motion and throws strikes. No balls hit hard off him, nice slider. Hall also looks good as a utility man.

  7. The Phillie leftys hit Cabral hard, not a good sign for him. Robertson was shaky with his location, but we know he is a solid pitcher. Nunez, Chavez, Jones, and Ibanez are set as back ups, I like Hall also. The Yanks really don’t have many open spots.

    • i heard nunez got hit in the hand with a pitch.

      • Yeah, Robertson was shaky with location, Nunez was DRILLED in the wrist and was take out of the game immediately. But the only sure Yankee on the roster (Gardner) had a triple and scored on an error.

        Phillies errors are still a problem and a lot of Yankees are getting under pitches and popping them in the air or are getting on top of pitches and grounding them to the shortstop.

        Pineda was impressive after just allowing a lead-off single he set down the next 6 in order. He was working the change-up a bit (even though it was out of the zone) but his fastball had life and his curve was impressive. Can’t wait to see him in his next outing and hopefully he can be in the game longer.

  8. I think Cashman did good getting Pineda. I think he’s going to be real winner for the next several years in pinstripes.

    • He’s defenitely VERY important to the future of this team. With budget contstraints in the coming yrs and impending Free Agency of 4 important hitters in the next 2 yrs, the Yanks need him to emergeas the quality #2 they’ve been searching for for years.

      The Yanks are saying he needs to become a #1/2 for the trade to be a success while at the same time trying to temper expectations for him this yr. That’s a smart thing because they can’t expect him to be a 1/2 starter in only his 2nd yr with only 2 trusted pitches.

      Hopefully, he’ll develop the change up and maintain his velocity and develop into the big-time starter we need. If he does, the Yanks will be in great shape with their rotation for years to come. CC is as consistent as they come, Nova looks like he’ll be a very quality #3 starter and with Banuelos, Hughes & Phelps they have the potential to be as good as anyone IF pineda becomes the bonafide #2 we think he can.

      • How insane will the media get if Pineda starts 0-3 and Montero crushes the first 2 plus weeks when the season start.

        • …but imagine if Pineda gets off to a very good start and Montero struggles in Safeco. Pineda thinks he was overwhelmed by attention his first day in ST. He won’t have seen anything yet.

        • It will get crazy but it will take years to find out who won this trade. It’s easy to forget but both Campos and Noesi were very significant parts of this deal.

          I won’t be surprised to see Noesi pitch very well in Seattle in that park. And Campos seems to be a very promising young arm. I liked Noesi but was OK with trading him. I thought the yanks should have traded their strong depth of mid to back end starters in AAA like Noesi, Warren, DJ Williams, etc for a young OF. Yanks were hurting for good young OFs at the AAA level but so far I am very intrigued by Zoilo Almonte and even Cole Garner looks like he might be a useful payer. Want to see a lot more of both of them.

      • The Phillies annoucer Tom McCarthy had high praise for Pineda, they faced them last year.

  9. I know it’s early but what were the Gun readings on Pineda?
    And how was his change? Did he throw it for strikes down in the zone? did it have any movement to it?

    He’s got HUGE hands and Pedro Martinez-like fingers…..great physical attributes for a pitcher and helpful to throw a good changeup. Curl it up in those big hands and let it roll off the middle & ring fingers.

    • Here is an excerpt from a piece on the YESnetwork(dot)com

      “…Most encouraging was how comfortable Pineda looked throwing the changeup, a requirement if he’s to reach the next level of his career. Of his two strikeouts, one was a filthy breaking ball and the other some high heat. In addition, Jack Curry reports that Pineda has already lost seven-to-eight pounds and wants to lose a few more…”

      Here is a piece from Pinstripe Alley:

      “Michael Pineda pitched today. Quite frankly he pitched pretty well for the two innings we saw him. Perhaps his command and change-up can be improved more, but really that is what Spring Training is for. Otherwise, he worked fast, his fastball is pretty sweet and with the combination of that work-in-progress change-up, he can definitely be a dangerous weapon in the Yankees rotation. Pineda only gave up one hit and he struck out two batters, one with a really nasty breaking ball and the other with some high heat. Again, the speed differential of his pitches will be a huge advantage, especially if he gets that change-up working again. Here are some encouraging tweets from Marc Carig on Pineda today.

      Pineda felt good about his change. Also, says he’s also dropped 8 pounds.

      Couple scouts had Pineda anywhere from 89-92 on his fastball. One said slider was flat. Translation: still building up arm strength.

      “He’ll be fearless with it.” – Larry Rothschild on Michael Pineda’s changeup

      Definitely encouraging. All in all, even though it was only two innings in Spring Training, it’s looking like Yankees fans will have a lot to look forward to with Pineda this year”

    • All you need to know is Pineda is a horse, a young CC. He will be the #2 pitcher in a year or 2.

      • I’m looking forward to it being the 2013 season. And I think he has a very good chance to make that happen. But we’ll see.

      • Going to be interesting to see once spring training is over and the rotation is set what order Girardi sets the rotation.


        • I think Girardi has already told you alot, he said the only starters right now are CC and Kuroda, they are 1&2. Joe doesn’t want to put pressure on the other 3, because they are at the beginning of their careers. Pineda looks to be #3 he has K stuff, Nova 4 off of last year, and Hughes #5. Garcia will be the long man, unless something happens between now and the end of the spring.

  10. I just watched Pineda’s highlights from today.

    He’s got a nice, loose arm and he’s got very smooth mechanics for a big guy. The difference between him and Betances is quite stark. They are both huge guys but Pineda looks fluid and athletic for his size while Betances looks stiff and robotic and struggles to find/repeat his mechanics. Looking more and more to me like Betances will end up in the bullpen.

    Phelps looked much more impressive than Betances. He looked poised, confident, athletic and polished. His mechanics were sound and he was hitting his spots. I’ll watch him closely this ST as he’s been totally impressive everywhere he’s pitched in the minors – just like IPK.

  11. Anyone that knows anything about baseball knows that velocity in the first outing of spring training means nothing. This guy is clueless, and likes to stir the pot.

  12. Oh panic, CC gave up three hits and a run in his first outing today, and only threw 90. What a joke!

  13. I would be worried if my pitchers were throwing in the high 90’s in their first outing.

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