Morning Bits: Nunez, Mariano, Pineda

So Pineda looked great yesterday that’s the good.  The bad is Nunez will be out a couple games but at least it wasn’t anything serious.  Let’s dive right into the links….

* The Star Ledger reports Nunez avoided major injury after being hit by a pitch.

* The Daily News mentions that Mariano’s first session comes as relief to the Yankees.

* The Daily News also reports about Pineda’s impressive change up.

* Yahoo has the details of the promotional schedule for the Yankees this year.

Nunez News:!/AnthonyMcCarron/status/177047676238561280

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  1. For those who want Cain to be a free agent and for the Yankees to scoop him up might want to read this.

    Andrew Baggarly of reports that the Giants have “reached greater common ground in recent weeks” toward a long-term extension with Matt Cain.

    • Matt, I’ve read that. I’m not sure what to believe and not believe. One day they have common ground a few days earlier they don’t have common ground.

      Virtually all these pre-season and spring training “rumors” wildly swing from one week to another if not from day to day.

      I’ll believe the rumors one way or the other when they aren’t rumors anymore.

      • morning. Here is the link to the full article if what you read might have been different.

        • The full piece says more about his state of mind about how he feels and his performance. But it really doesn’t say a whole lot more about whether or not he will eventually re-sign with the Giants.

          I don’t disagree one bit with the conclusion that he would like to stay with the Giants or that the Giants would like to and can afford to keep him. The real issue/question is will the Giants “belly up to the bar” so to speak to keep him. I’m reasonable sure it will take at least 6 yrs and at least $105MM plus, give or take.

          And if they do that what or how much will it take to re-sign Lincecum after the 2013 season. After all of the 2 he is the far bigger prize.

          • uyf, I don’t see Lincecum ever reaching free agency. The Giants are just waiting for Zito’s contract to exspire to free up the money for Lincecum and Cain. These 2 guys are their whole team. I also don’t see Hamels ever reaching free agency.

            • Well in the case of Hamel and Cain we won’t have long to wait. As for Lincecum, I happen to agree with you. If ever there was a pitcher that embodied a city it’s Lincecum and the Bay Area.

              My point really isn’t whether those pitchers will or won’t make it to FA ONLY that if their current teams really intend/expect to keep them they better be willing to pay and pay a rather steep price because there will be other teams more then willing to do so.

              Just so I don’t let myself off that easy I do think at least 1 of the 3 will hit FA.

              • The Phils and Gaints aren’t close to the 189 cap so they will be able to pay more than the Yanks, that’s my point. As I said, I don’t see any of the 3 reaching free agency.

                • Doug, I agree with you about the Giants and I’ll address them in a moment.

                  But about the Phillies you might be surprised to learn the Phillies are a lot closer to the luxury tax then you might imagine. For this coming season(2012) the Phillies payroll for MLB Luxury Tax purposes is about $182MM +/-. Accounting for a 40 man roster, benefits, incentives, AAV of their active 25 man roster, etc…). So it’s not going to take much to nudge them over the top for the 2014 season when you consider Hamels, Victorino and Pence will all command some hefty increases in the next year or 2. And that does not include Halladay’s vesting option for 2014 and subsequent renewal shortly thereafter.

                  Now as for the Giants. Your absolutely correct that the Giants shouldn’t have to worry about the $189MM luxury tax. But, traditionally the Giants have for the most part always tried to keep their payroll in the $120MM range. Now while it certainly isn’t impossible it’s going to take them doing some creative things to keep within that self imposed ceiling when you will have 2 guys (Lincecum and Cain) making about $45MM per on an AAV basis. Add in Sandoval’s $8MM plus and your up over $50MM for just 3 players. BTW, as best I can tell they are the only 3 players that as of today have or will have if you include (Lincecum and Cain) guaranteed contracts for 2014. Like I said they certainly don’t have to worry about exceed the luxury tax. What they do have to decide or commit to is going over their self imposed payroll limit in my opinion.

      • If Cole and Cain are locked up I wonder who will be the next two guys talked about? Although if Hughes has a great year would one of those be needed because the minors guys who we all have mentioned before are in line to come up.

        That money could be spent on a Catcher or OF.

        • I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, at least not here. But if Pineda and Nova live up to expectations this season and Hughes can get his act back together I do NOT see the Yankees going after a high priced pitching FA at the end of the season. Under the circumstances I just mentioned I could see the 2013 starting rotation being:
          CC, Pineda, Nova, Hughes and either Banuelos or Phelps.

          I really don’t see the Yankees spending big on any position player at the end of the 2012 season. I can see the Yankees giving Romine and Cervelli most of catching duties for the 2013 season unless Romine bombs out in Triple A. If Almonte continues to perform during this ST and during the season in the minors he may very well be given a shot at the RF position for 2013.

          Some very interesting thing going on for the Yankees in the near future.

        • BTW, if Romine and say Almonte can do the job. That will leave the Yankees with a decent chunk of chunk of change to re-sign Cano and re-sign or sign Granderson or a different CF power bat for the 2014 season. I figure that would give them about $40MM per season for those 2 positions combined may be a little more. And they can still stay under the luxury tax limit.

        • Matt, that is the 100,000 dollar question, I would always spend my money on the pitcher. Pitching can be 75% of the game of baseball, just ask Sandy Koufax. Pitching is unpredictable and exspensive.

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