Morning Bits: Hughes, Garcia, Pineda, Sabathia, Teixeira

Good morning all.  Not the starts many wanted to see from C.C. and Hughes yesterday but it’s only spring training I’m not getting all bent out of shape about it.   Today’s game is on t.v. so that’s exciting.  Let’s get right to the links….

* The Star Ledger reports Hughes sees his velocity return in spring training debut.

* The Wall Street Journal has Garcia escort Pineda through the NY media circus.

* ESPN New York reports that Hughes sees last year as a failure for himself.

* Sabathia isn’t satisfied with his spring debut reports The Star Ledger.

* Tex say’s nothing to worry about his thumb reports

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  1. in the story it has some other bits of information like Nunez is expected to play today. Good to see the injury was nothing serious.

  2. The Yankees line up for today has been posted if anyone’s interested:

    Jeter SS
    Granderson CF
    Cano 2B
    Swisher 1B
    Ibanez DH
    Chavez 3B
    Jones RF
    Martin C
    Gardner LF
    Kuroda RHP

  3. Question. Assuming Swisher moves on after this season I wonder what the possibility is if Tori Hunter doesn’t re-sign with the Angels at the end of the season, him signing a 1 year deal with the Yankees for the 2013 season?

    That one season should be enough to bridge the gap to the 2014 season when the Yankees will have a much better idea if the young guys (prospects) are ready to assume the mantle of an outfield position for the Yankees.

    • not sure. I did read today that Hunter wants to be back with the Angels next year. That doesn’t mean they want him back though.

      • I’ve seen that also about Hunter wanting to go back to the Angels. BUT, the Angels have a very crowded outfield and it’s only going to get more crowded out their when they call Trout up. Also, he’s making $18MM this year. Even if he wants to come back and certainly will get a pay cut, that savings to the Angles might be pretty enticing along with Abreau’s savings. That’s about what Pujols makes on an AAV basis.

        Plus don’t forget they have to decide what to do about re-signing Ervin Santana and Dan Haren after their team option year of 2013. Those 2 aren’t going to be cheap if they want to keep them.

        Right now the Angels have about $85MM in guaranteed salaries in just 5 players for 2014 (Pujols, Wilson, Wells, Weaver and Kendrick). Add another $35 to $40MM if they want to re-sign both Santana and Haren and they are up to a cool $125MM for just 7 players. That means to stay under the tax threshold for 2014 they have about $64MM for 18 players on the 25 man roster, another 15 players to round out the 40 man roster, and all benefits and incentives. They might be cutting it pretty close and that’s without offering Hunter any sort of 2 year deal after this season, even if it’s just a vesting option for 2014.

        It just makes you think.

    • Could be a possibility since he’ll likely only be getting a 1-yr deal. His numbers are comprable to Swisher’s although like Swish, he’s much better vs LHP. Would prefer someone who hits RHP – more of a team weakness.

      • You know what will be interesting. What happens with Ortiz for the 2013 season. The Sox certainly won’t offer him arbitration. And I doubt he will command an 8 figure salary as a DH for the 2013 season. So unless they work out an extension before the end of the season he will be a FA for the 2013. Food for thought.

  4. The Yanks are not signing Ortiz or Hunter next year. A-Rod and Jeter will be DHing more and Hunter will finish his career with the Angels. I would like to see a player like Almonte get a chance next year.

    • Doug, I hate to disagree with you but while A-Rod certainly will get at bats DH’ing I have no doubt the majority of his AB’s will be as the regular 3rd baseman. As for Jeter DH’ing he may get a few AB’s DH’ing but he’s not a DH at least that’s my opinion.

      You may be right about Hunter, but I think I outlined at least a reasonable explanation why he might not be with the Angels next year. And as for Ortiz, he certainly would satisfy fishjam’s desire for a left handed power bat and on a 1 year deal for a 7 figure deal he might be hard for the Yankees to pass up IF he’s available.

      Then the Yankees can go “balls to the wall” for the 2014 season with a couple of FA signings and inserting a couple of “prospects” in the mix. And still keep the payroll at or under the $189MM target.

      • uyf, you could be right, but why wouldn’t the Sox offer him the same contract?

        • They could and they might. But if it were me. I’m more likely to accept a pay cut from a new team then one I’ve played with for years and one that for at least the past couple of years has refused to show me “the love” by giving me even a 2 year deal.

          Plus the fact I think and it’s only my opinion that the Sox want to give Middlebrooks the 3rd base position and move Youkilis to the DH and have him sub as the 1st and 3rd baseman. Remember the Red Sox hold a club option on Youkilis for the 2013 season at $13MM. An option that they may or may not exercise depending on how Youkilis does this year and depending on his health. My best guess is they (Red Sox) don’t exercise the option and re-sign him at a lower pay to do as I mentioned before (DH and sub at 1st and 3rd base) with Middlebrooks taking over 3rd base duties primarily.

  5. i think it will be incumbent on Cashman to make a trade this Winter for a LH hitter. Two of the guys I have wanted for quite a while would be great fits – Seth Smith or Chase Headley.

    Headley is ideal. A switch-hitter who is much better hitting Lefty, he plays both 3B and LF/RF. He’d provide the team with a lot of flexibility – could start in RF but play 3B for 40 or more games while ARod DHs or rests. While Headley pays 3B, Zoilo or Andruw Jones could play RF.

    San Diego should be looking to deal Chase since he’s starting to make money in arbitration and they have some top quality 3B prospects coming up, But most importanty – Headley stinks hitting at PetCo Park in San Diego! For his career, he hits .229/.319/.336/.655 at home and .303/.364/.441/.805 everywhere else. In 2011 he ripped to the tune of .330/.399./465/.864 on the road. Imagine if he played his 81 Home games at Yankee Stadium instead of PetCo.

    • Fishjam, can I ask you a question about both the players you mention (Headley and Smith)?

      1st) It’s really a general question. If the Yankees traded for either one of those players their 2014 salaries via the final year of arbitration is probably in the $7MM+ range for Headley and $6MM+ range for Smith. Doesn’t that put them out of the reach of the Yankees for the 2014 season? Assuming the Yankees keep Gardner and Granderson going forward that’s money that they can ill afford to spend and still expect to stay under the threshold for 2014. At least according to my calculations.

      Question about Headley:
      Assuming the Padres were willing to trade him. What would they want in return and more importantly what would the Yankees be willing to give up for control of a player for a little more then 2 years that might cost them just in salary from July 2012 through the 2014 season maybe $14MM+/- via arbitration?

      Question about Smith:
      Why would Oakland want to trade Smith? They just got him from the Rockies. While I’m sure prospects are always of some interest to Beane they have already made a killing in prospects with the players they have traded away, recently. I ask because with the NEW CBA signing prospects has been made even more difficult for teams like the Yankees who normally use their “financial” resources to their advantage. I would think Cashman might be adverse to trading prospects at this stage of the game.

      Just curious what your thought are.

  6. fishjam, Almonte might be the switch hitter your looking for at a lower cost. I would like to see the Yanks promote from within if he does well this year.

    • It just seems like 2 weeks ago we were talking about the Yankee won’t have a player to fill the shoes in the OF till 2014 with Williams or Slade and now after a couple games Almonte is putting his name out to all. How quickly things change.

      • Matt, I agree with you I saw Almonte on TV this week and he looks like a prospect to me. Girardi and everyone in the Yankee organization say he has opened their eyes. It will be interesting to track his progress this year. I always liked Colin Curtis until he got hurt last year, I hope he bounces back.

    • It’s quite possible Zoilo could be in the picture next season. He really emerged in Tampa last year and that earned him a 40-man spot with a ST invite. From there, he has seized the opportunity to impress Girardi and all the Yankee evaluators.

      I had only seen selected videos of him until watching him play this ST. The first think I noticed is he’s not the 5’11” 165 pound kid he’s listed at. He’s got a Major Lg body and is a well put together 200+ pounds. His body, confidence and body language kind of remind me of Robinson Cano.

      He does everything well – he’s a ballpayer! The fact that he’s bigger than listed helps answer one of his biggest questions – whether he’d hit for enough power to play corner OF.I think he could potentially be a Melky Cabrera-type payer, maybe better….a switch-hitter who hits around .270-.290 with double-digit HRs & SBs while playing good defense. Ballpark likes his swing a lot which is big because he sees and analyzes a lot of swings. A lot to like about Zoilo besides the 5 for 5 start which the mainstream media is all over.

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