Morning Bits: Empire State Yankees, Girardi, Sabathia, Hughes

Empire State Yankees

Good morning all as we inch closer to Friday.  Yankee game today but it is not on TV or radio.  Oh well just have to check back with us later for the latest from the game.

and here we go with the links….

* ESPN’s Wallace Matthews say the time is now for Phil Hughes.

* Bryan Hoch of reports Yogi has arrived at Yankees camp.

* The Scranton Wilkes Yankees will be known as the “Empire State Yankees” for the 2012 season.

* reports that Sabathia shoulders the burden of the Yankee staff.

* The story about the motivational speaker Girardi invited to talk to the team yesterday from Sports Illustrated.

Enjoy this video interview with Mariano after his first bullpen in spring training.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. FYI: Just saw this Rotoworld

    David Robertson suffered a right mid-foot sprain Wednesday after falling down some stairs while moving a set of boxes.
    X-rays came back negative, but Robertson was also sent for an MRI and is wearing a walking boot. We should know more about the timeline for his return after all test results are in. The 26-year-old right-hander was one of the best relievers in baseball last season, posting a ridiculous 1.08 ERA and 100/35 K/BB ratio over 66 2/3 innings.

  2. I guess today was not Nova’s day. He gave up 5 runs in 2 2/3 innings. His line 6 hits, 1 BB and 1 HR. He faced 15 batters in 2 2/3 innings.

  3. 2 bad news posts from you in today. Next one has to be good no?

    • Does this qualify. Phelps had a good outing today 2 1/3 innings, no runs, 1 hit, 2 BB. The kids looking pretty good so far this spring.

      • Cabral isn’t helping his chances to make the team I see.

        • No he isn’t. That’s unfortunate.

          BTW, who’s Jake Cave on baseballprospectus list of top prospects? I see he’s listed at #20. None of the other sites have mentioned this kid

          • Check this article from TYA. Scan down the page for a blurb they got from another site.


            • Thank you, I just read it. It sounded like the Yankees obviously liked what they saw in him to sign him. And you would have to think as a high schooler he can learn a lot from the Yankees organization and teachers.

              Just my opinion but if half these kids that are 19 and 20 turn out to be good the Yankees are going to have some crop hit the the big leagues or be available to help in other ways in about 3 years or so.

          • UYF,

            The Yanks drafted a lot of high potential High School kids this year to large over-slot bonuses. Jake Cave was one of them. They stocked up on corner players that can hit this year after going heavy with up-the-middle athletes in last yrs draft like Mason Williams, Gumbs, Culver, etc. Mark Newman & Damon Oppenheimer identified a lack of true hitters in the system and spent most of their assets on improving that

            Kids like Cave, Greg Bird, Jordan Cote, Rookie Davis, Dan Camarena etc. are highly regarded but I didn’t include anyone in my Top 40 Rankings who have yet to really play pro ball yet. A guy like Bichette who signed early and got a full year in Rookie Ball was included but the HS kids who didn’t sign til late July/August were difficult to rank so I decided to leave them all of my list. With just You Tube videos, HS stats and 3rd hand scouting reports to go by, I think the big publications mostly did the same thing it seems.

        • Phelps sure seems to be putting his best foot forward so far. He keeps this up if he wasn’t already 1st in line to be called up “in case” he will be after this.

        • I think Logan is the only lefty going north!

  4. Worth the click. Check it out Kevin Goldsteins Top Yankee Prospects

  5. Just read this on HBT:

    UPDATE: Robertson is undergoing further tests, including a CT scan, and manager Joe Girardi admitted that the undisclosed results from the MRI exam gave the Yankees “cause for concern.”

    • Depending on how this shakes out the Yankees may have no choice but to put Hughes in the pen initially and give the 5th spot in the starting rotation to Garcia. I’m sure he haven’t heard the last of this.

      • If Hughes wins the 5th spot I think it should be his. Soriano moves to 8th

        • The trouble is if Robertson can’t start on opening day if you exclude Hughes and Garcia at this point the Yankees presently would only have 4 pitchers working the bullpen: Mo, Soriano, Logan, Wade. And neither Logan or Wade are what I would like to see as the 7th inning guy. At least short term the Yankees would need to call on the services of 2 “other” relief pitchers and the loser of the Hughes/Garcia challenge.

          • Early in the season they might just take a reliever who has a few options left instead of a young pitcher like Warren or Phelps. One of the older pitchers might get that last spot.

    • Soriano will move to the 8th inning and either Phelps or Warren will move in behind Wade who could pitch the 7th if Robertson can’t pitch.

      • sounds about right Cabral would have been a good option but with two chances so far he hasn’t impressed.

      • The Yankees need to break camp with 7 pitchers for the bullpen. If Robertson is sidelined and Joba won’t be available until June at the earliest that leaves them today with:
        and the loser of the Hughes/Garcia competition for the 5th spot.

        That still leaves them 2 pitchers short at least in the short term.

        • Right now that would be Phelps and either Mitchell or Warren.

        • They’ve got a lot of depth at the AAA level that could step into the 6th & 7th spots in the pen. George Kontos should be back soon, DJ Mitchell, Kevin Whelan, Manny Delcarmen, David Phelps & Adam Warren could all be canidates. They could also expand Logan’s role a little and carry a LOOGY like Clay Rapada or if they like Cabral or O’Connor – give them a look. Could also sign a veteran arm that gets cut towards the end of ST.

          There’s also the possibility of starting the season with 11 pitchers since often the 5th starter isn’t needed for the first 2 weeks of the yr. Would have to check their schedule for that though.

          • Starting April 6th when the season starts for the Yankees through May 23rd the Yankees only have 3 days off (April 12th and 26th May 7th) 45 games in 48 days.

            I think they are going to need a full compliment of pitchers (5 starters and 7 relief).

  6. Doug your boy Colin Curtis had a homerun today. That’s good to see.

    • Matt, I saw that maybe he is a sleeper for next year, he’s an old ASU boy, like Ike Davis, Pedroia, and Leake. I am a ASU grad, so I root for them, even though it’s tough to root for Peddy. He is a gammer!

  7. Looking at the Baseball Prospectus Top 20 Yankees prospect list and I see 3 major omissions which shows that he values far different attributes than me.

    I had David Phelps #8, Tyler Austin #10 & Zoilo Almonte #16 and Goldstein doesn’t rank any of them in his top 20. The impressions that Phelps & Zoilo have made this ST just reinforce my rankings in my eyes. I think they wil both be useful players for the Yanks while they try to work within a tight budget.

    • Just so you know I’ve kept track of some of the other sites listings.

      MLB(dot)com has the 3 you mention listed:
      Phelps #11
      Austin #15
      Almonte #16

      TYA Concensus has the 3 you mentioned:
      Phelps #10
      Austin #17
      Almonte # NL / Almonte is listed #21 by EJ of TYA

      IIATMS has the 3 you mentioned:
      Phelps #15
      Austin #14
      Almonte #20

      Just thought you might like to see some of the others.

    • fishjam, I agree with you, these lists change alot from one to the other. I think Phelps and Almonte have moved up the prospect list in the Yanks mind. Remember, the important list is the one the Yanks are using.

      • You’re correct Doug. A lot of prospect lists get swayed by upside and young players. It’s difficult to ignore a great performance by a young guy but someone like Zoilo who has been in the system for 5-6 years, he has had bad seasons and shown his downside while a guy who’s only played 1 yr hasn’t been exposed totally.

        Almonte was very highly regarded as a 16-17 yr old but then struggled for a couple yrs – no he really seems to have matured physically and mentally and adapted to the U.S. He’s put together 2 pretty good seasons and looks like he’s a ballplayer to me.

        IMO, prospects really mature the most around the ages of 20-21. This is when a player stops growing and starts to settle into his adult body – reaching his peak athleticism. Evaluating a prospect 21 yrs old and over is much different than looking at a 17-18 yr old kid. When looking at the kid, you have to project what he can be when he matures while the older prospect is physically matured and it’s just a matter of refining his skills.

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