O/U: Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano

Player: Alex Rodriguez

Stat: Homeruns

O/U: 30

Report: The real O/U could be games played for A-Rod, but since that is hard to predict I decided to go with the 30 home runs. A-Rod being healthy ties into that anyways.

The last three years A-Rod has hit 30, 30 and 16 HR’s so he has no hit over 30 over the last 3 years. A-Rod had the longest HR drought of this career last year going April 24 to May 11 without hitting a HR. He went 85 AB’s without hitting a HR. A-Rod also was dealt with knee and thumb injuries that zapped his power.

Verdict: I will say A-Rod does barely hit over 30 HR’s this year. The special knee surgery he had inGermanyand the really positive effects it has had on Kobe Bryant this season has me feeling positive about A-Rod.  He has also been running a lot harder on the base paths this spring training than in others.  When you have a knee injury that effects the entire base of your swing and a thumb injury that effects your grip on the bat it is pretty hard to hit.

Player: Robinson Cano

Stat:  OPS

O/U: .900

Report: Cano has had an OPS over. 900 only once in his career. That was in 2010 when he hit for a .914 OPS.  In 2009 his OPS was .871 and in 2011 it .882. What has been holding Cano back in this area has been a lack of walks. That hurts his OBP which is half of OPS accounts for. The reason he got over. 900 in 2010 was because he had a .381 OBP, which was far beyond his career OBP of .347.  Hitting for over a .900 OPS means you are an elite hitter, which most consider Cano to be already but he can still improve his plate discipline.  It is also unprecedented for a 2B to hit for over a .900 OPS, which can put Cano in rare air as well.

Verdict: I will say Cano will fall just short yet again. I do not see him walking enough this year to get this year. Moving him to the 3rd spot in the lineup means better protection behind him in Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Teams will be much more likely to challenge Cano than when Nick Swisher was behind him, which means less walks. Of course it could mean a higher slugging percentage if Cano can take advantage of the opportunities. As a side note I would like to see his 96 strikeouts from last year go down. That is not a bad number by any stretch, but for Cano it was a career high.

So what do you guys think? O/U 30 HR’s for A-Rod? O/U .900 OPS for Cano?

About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. I say a little over on A-Rod he goes for 32 HR’s and little under on Cano I figure he goes for .880 OPS.

  2. I say under for A-Rod, he’ll hit 25 HR & under for Cano. He’ll probably have an OPS of .890.

  3. Over for ARod as well, I think Girardi will be smart with ARod this whole season and that means DH once a week, and keep him off the turf at TOR/TB. With that he’ll get 32 easily

  4. Under on ARod. HRs are down across baseball and Alex is another year older. I think he’ll hit around 25-28 HRs.

    I’ll take the Over on Cano. At 29, he is in his absolute prime hitting years and moving to the 3rd spot in front of ARod will mean a lot better pitches for him. Even if he doesn’t walk more, his OPS can rise with a higher Batting Average and more extra base hits. in 2010, he hit .319 with a .914 OPS and last yr he hit .302 with a .882 OPS. So if he could raise his BA back to his 2009-2010 level that would boost his OPS over .900.

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