Andy Pettitte re-signs with the Yankees

Andy Pettitte re-signs with the Yankees

By Delia E.

The last time we saw Andy Pettitte with the New York Yankees, it was in 2010. After calling it a career in the 2010 off season and not playing during the 2011 season, Andy Pettitte had a change of heart and is now has re-signed with the New York Yankees for the 2012 season. The Yankees & Pettitte agreed on a 1 year, $2.5 Million minor league contract which includes an invitation to what is left in Spring Training! Here are some tweets about Pettitte’s return.

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  1. Oh no. Stay retired. Also by giving a spot to Andy you hold back the younger pitchers. Give them a chance.

  2. Don’t know what to make of this. Is it a hoax or not.

    Maybe the Yankees have something else in the works that are part of this. Maybe a trade for someone else on the side. Could Garcia be gone? Could Pineda really be starting the season in the minors. Who knows, but I’m sure of one thing we will hear more about this.

  3. Wow, what a development.

    If Andy wants to come back you HAVE to accept him and see what he’s got. Even if he’s just a lefty out of the pen, he’s gott be better than Cesar Cabral. What it means for the rest of the staff, who knows?!

    Gotta think if he looks good and feels good by the end of ST – the Yanks may make a move,

  4. Thought this was some sort of cruel joke at first, but this is legit. Real excited to see him back. Could turn out to be the answer to the questions some people are asking about Pineda’s readiness. If a month or so into the season Pineda is struggling and Pettitte is back in form, bring Andy up, send Michael down to the minors to hone his skills, and we’re going all the way!

  5. Well the Yankees do have an open spot on their 40 man roster. So they won’t need to do anything there when the time comes.

  6. fishjam, like they always say, you can never have enough pitching. Andy probably won’t be ready until May, this puts a little pressure on Hughes and Pineda believe it or not. They both have options left. I think it would be a mistake to send Pineda down, but the Yanks will be on top of the situation. Garcia moves to the long man in the pen. These things tend to work themselves out.

    • If Pettitte shows he still has something left in the tank after a month or so of “getting ready” I’m tempted to think Garcia will be traded. He can’t be moved for 30 days after the start of the season without his permission. Which would probably just about coincide with when Pettitte would be ready to join the NY.

      I really think people are underestimating Hughes ability to really make a difference this season with the Yankees as a starter. Just my opinion.

  7. I would think the best thing with Andy is to take it very slow with him. Let him start the yr in extended ST and make a decision somewhere down the line on him. Ideally you want him for the 2nd half and post-season.

    When/if someone gets hurt or struggles you bring him up.

    • fishjam, good point, if he can pitch you want him for the second half of the season. Listening to Cashman on the game, it sounds like they are just going to take it one step at a time. Cashman stills feels strong about the other pitchers. It’s is a good problem to have at this point.

      • Like you always say Doug……never have enough pitching.
        This is not an indictment of any of the other pitchers – it’s just that when Andy Pettitte says he wants to play, you have to find a spot for him.
        They’ve been struggling to find a #2/3 type pitcher ever since he retired.
        Someone wil get hurt or be ineffective by May/June and we’ll be happy to have Andy ready to go.

    • Fish I think the Yanks need a lh bat someone that mashes RHP for a high avg..I think Ibanez isn’t the answer,whay say you?

      • I hate to sound like a broken record but I’ve been saying they need a bat to hit RHP since the end of last yr and it hasn’t changed.

        Yanks have done a lot to improve their pitching but I think they may have miscaculated a bit with their offense. The thought is they scored a lot of runs last yr so the offense is fine. But they def struggle against good RHP. Here were their numbers as a team in 2011:

        vs RHP
        .255/.336/.435/.771 10th in BA, 4th in Runs

        vs LHP
        .281/.360/.467/.827 1st in Every Major Batting Category

        Based on those numbers they needed to improve vs RHP but the only changes they made were bringing in Ibanez and losing Montero and Posada. Posada had a brutal season but he was actually one of their better hitters vs RHP. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think Ibanez is the answer and I’ve yet to see the new approach Tex talks about.

        • fishjam, I don’t know it seems like the Yanks have enough good lefty bats. They have Cano, Tex, Grandy, Swisher, Gardner, as starters which is alot for any team. Then they have Ibanez and Chavez that’s seems like plenty. My first thought was that the Yanks are not facing that many leftys compared to righty’s so the average doesn’t mean the same. Plus they won 97 games, and were second in scoring with off years by some of their top players. I don’t see where another bat is going to make that much difference, unless your talking about someone big. The shift has really hurt Tex the most hitting lefty, which is part of the problem, it’s just that there isn’t a solution to that problem.The Yanks had 1600 abs vs leftys and 3900 vs rightys.

          • What it comes down to is our lefty bats should be hitting better agains’t righty pitchers. A-Rod and Jeter hit rightys and leftys as most .300 hitters do, but last year Swisher, Tex, Grandy, Gardner didn’t hit rightys well enough.

          • Always have to improve on their weak points. Good lefty bats are important in YS and the fact that RHP makes up 70%of all pitchers makes having a good LH bat even more important.

            The main problem is their switch-hitters – Tex & Swish – were brutal hitting LH. They only had 4 guys who were good hitters vs RHP last yr – ARod, Cano, Grandy & Posada. Only 1 guy on the team had better than a .277 Batting Avg vs RHP – Cano at .296. Look at some of the #s vs RHP:

            Player – Batting AVG – OPS
            Jeter – .277 – .666
            Gardy .265 – .738
            Swish .232 – .763
            Martin .248 – .750
            Teixera.223 – .773

            ARod .276 – .848
            Grandy .258 – .902
            Cano .296 – .884

      • Ballpark…
        Nice Avatar, your place I take it?
        I am not Fishjam, as if you didn’t know!
        I sometimes get confused with the rules changing all the time so,
        if we wait until the winter trading and pick-up a FA out fielder we must give up a 1st rounder (if he has been tendered) right? If that is true…it ain’t gona happen!
        All the best OF will either be to old for the long contract they want, or are tendered.

        I have a smart or dumb idea, why not go for a guy that is ready for the majors but is being blocked or one of the rookies/2nd year guys we can trade for? In other words, someone better than what we have now.

        • oldyankee, how are you this morning. As for giving up a 1st rounder. That may or may not be the case. The rules as you mentioned have changed a bit. In order for the team that’s losing the player in question to get “your” draft choice they have to have offered the player arbitration and offered him at least/approximately $12.5MM. Less then that amount ($12.5MM) and the acquiring team does NOT lose a draft pick.

          I believe but I’m not 100% sure that number of $12.5MM is supposed to represent the average of the top 120 players salaries in baseball. I may be off slightly on that, but as they say it’s close enough for government work.

          That’s why for example the Yankees would be wise to offer Swisher arbitration as a FA. Offer him a 1 yr. deal at $12.5MM he refuses and the Yankees get the acquiring teams 1st rounder.

          • Thanks uyf1950…
            You are up early this AM, Have a good one, it is…St. Patricks Day!
            A few weeks ago I had written about the guys we should offer arbitration too. With the new set-up the Yankees are again being shut down.
            I can’t see those guys going for a one year contract when they could go for a longer contract elsewhere. So, the Yankees would have a chance to pick-up a few 1st round picks in the draft.
            The same holds true for the Yankees, they will not sign a FA and give up a draft choice.
            I have said…therefore it will be! lol 🙂

            • Good morning guys,I guess all of us old timers get up early.Having slept on the Andy signing I have a couple of thoughts.
              It ‘s the first feel good Yankee moment of the year,no matter how it turns out.The stadium will be rocking when Andy makes his 1st start.After all thats what the Yanks do better than any other sport franchise.They sell big moments!!!!,and this is a good one.
              Hearing the truth and the character in Andy’s interview was like a breath of fresh air.
              He is humble , honest and loyal to the pinstripes.
              I’m glad he’s back.

              • Good days ahead for all us old guys….
                It is hard for me to write about Andy and think of him as anything other than a starter.
                Do you think he will be in shape enough to start games this year, he is 40 years old and out of shape after all.
                Andy has been a staple of this team for many years. I think we all hope he can make it back but….can he really do it?
                Time will tell…Go for it Andy, show the doubters, one can pitch until their body fails them.
                #1 thing to remember…the legs are the first thing to go…without your legs under you…forget it!

  8. You can go crazy with stats, last year Ibanez and Chavez actually hit rightys better than Longoria and Youk for average.

    • Chavez was .255/.322/.365/.687 terrible #s
      Ibanez was .256/.307/.440/.747 not very good

      Not that it has any relation to the Yanks but Longo & Youk have much better OPS:
      Longoria .240/.348/.471/.819
      Youk .234/.349/.415/.764

      Bottom line is the Yanks crushed LHP last yr. Vs RHP they didn’t have a good average (.255) but made up for it by still hitting a lot of HRs. To improve their team, they need their switch-hitters to hit better vs RHP and IMO they should have looked to bring in a DH who absolutely destroyed RHP……Seth Smith, Carlos Beltran were guys I liked….even KC’s AAA DH Clint Robinson would have been interesting. Carlos Pena and Luke Scott would have been better than Ibanez.

  9. One thing that could help the Yanks this year is their new righty pitchers. This could help them agains’t the Sox and Rays. The Yanks are adding 2 or 3 new starters this year which won’t make them as fimiliar to the hitters in the East. Pettite will also give them good balance, with 2 leftys and 3 rightys.

    • Doug – Good point about Andy. Boston has a lot of good Lefty hitters in Ellsbury, AGonz, Ortiz, Crawford, etc and TBay added Carlos Pena and Luke Scott to Matt Joyce.

      Pineda is good vs lefties and righties.

  10. fishjam, what makes the Sox leftys so good is they hit rightys, unlike the Yanks. It interesting that Ortiz and Tex both get the shift, but it doesn’t effect Poppi as much. The Yanks pitching needs to improve agains’t the Sox, they need to pitch more to their average. Last year they were 6-12 agains’t the Sox, they need to do better than that.

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