CC struggles, Hughes dominant as Yanks sweep Nationals 4-3 in 10 innings

With the news that Andy Pettitte re-signed with the Yankees, it was almost enough to take away from the ball game, but it didn’t. CC Sabathia struggled in 3 innings while Phil Hughes flourished as the Yankees swept the Nationals 4-3 in 10 innings. Sabathia gave up 3 runs in 3 innings, Rafael Soriano came in the 4th inning and pitched a scoreless inning and Phil Hughes went 4 innings giving up no runs on 3 hits and 3 strikeouts. Not a bad day for Hughes on the mound, huh?

Alex Rodriguez‘s offense proved key as he hit a game tying HR in the 5th inning, his second HR of the Spring.

During the YES Network broadcast, Ken Singleton & John Flaherty spoke with Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi & Andy Pettitte himself spoke about the Andy Pettitte signing. Pettitte will report to camp Tuesday but will take all the time he needs to get ready.

WHAT’S NEXT: The Yankees will play the Houston Astros tomorrow at GMS Field. The game will be on YES Network.

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  1. Just read this from TYA, thought everyone might find it interesting news on Hughes’s performance:

    Nightly Links: Hughes, Pettitte, Cuts

    Aside from all the Andy Pettitte news today, the Yankees actually played a baseball game, a 4-3 win over the Nationals. Starting pitcher CC Sabathia went 3.0 innings and gave up 6 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, and 2 strikeouts. Rafael Soriano relieved the big lefty with an innings worth of zeroes, but then Phil Hughes came in, and well… damn was he good. According to the YES gun he was sitting around 92, but at times reaching 94 and I seem to remember a 95 in there. He was hitting spots with his fastball too, as long as they weren’t up in the zone, but most importantly his curveball looked devastating. For all those complaining about the lack of an outpitch, his curveball saw plenty of swings and misses along with first pitch strikes looking. He finished the day with 4.0 innings, 3 hits (2 of which were hard groundballs off infielder’s gloves), and 3 strikeouts. Cesar Cabral also looked strong in 1.0 inning drawing 2 strikeouts. Offensively, Alex Rodriguez hit an absolute bomb, and Cano looked much better today, hitting the ball hard and earning himself a double….

    • Ballpark obsevations;
      1-.Hughes looks in great shape
      2-Calling his CB deastating is exagerated,it was ok.
      3-His lead leg action was stiff at times kinda like a gate swinging open.Needs work.
      4-FB was good not great,Touched 94, 3 or 4 times mostly in the low 90’s his 2 seam was 89.
      5-He pitched late in the game ,not alot of major league hitters in the lineup.

      Its spring and all the pitchers are working on things Phil looks 100% better than he did last year at this time.Its going to be intresting to see how this plays out.

      Question for UYF? Phil’s going to get expensive do you see him in the budget for 2014.I would rather the Yanks make a play for Hamels if he hits the market?

      • My guess is the Yankees wait until at least the 2013 trade deadline to decide what to do about Hughes. That assumes he pitches well this season and is injury free. If that turns out to be the case I can see the the Yankees offering him say a 4 year deal in the $35MM range about $8.5MM +/- per. I don’t think on the open market he will get much more then that because of his past history. That much they (Yankees) can afford for him and still meet their goal of $189MM for the 2014 season. It also would give Hughes the chance to make 1 more big payday at 31 years old at the end of the 2017 if he can show he’s a consistent performer.

        I would love to see the Yankees sign Hamels. Unfortunately, I can’t see anyway he fits into the budget. Let me rephrase that. The only way the Yankees can afford Hamels is if they somehow figure out a way to re-work A-Rods milestone incentive’s so they don’t hit their payroll in either 2014 or 2015, and they somehow get a CF’er whether it’s Granderson for someone else for about $16 or $17MM per (no more). If they can do those 2 things then those savings and the money they would have paid Hughes about $8MM+ would be just about enough to sign either Hamels or Cain. I’d obviously prefer Hamels big time.

        I happen to think IF Pineda, Nova and Hughes perform up to expectations or beyond this year the Yankees will pass on all the high priced FA pitchers that will be FA’s in 2013. BTW, I also think if Andy Pettitte can do what I think every Yankee fan hopes this season say starting in May the Yankees will trade Garcia. Since Garcia can’t be traded for 30 days approximately May 4th without his permission that should be just about enough time for Andy to be ready and to show that he still “has what it takes”. Besides I think the Yankees do need another left handed starter and Andy would be perfect for that role.

      • BP – I watched the YES replay last night specifically to watch HUghes after hearing the glowing reports. I was a bit disapointed since he sure wasn’t dominating, devastating or impressive – adjectives I read to describe his performance.

        I agree with all 5 of your points BP.

        His FB hit 94 but generally sat 90-92. His CB was improved but still lacks the hard biting break in order to get consistent swing and misses. he got one K on it when someone swung at a CB in the dirt but most of his strikes were called strikes.

        He threw a 3-2 Curve to Harper who ripped it to RF for a base hit. When hitters have to swing at it they get good hacks at his Curve.

        2 of his 3 strikeouts were against journeyman minor-lg Catchers and he only faced a few MLB hitters.

        I liked his command and overall, it was a positive outing. Just not a great outing or dominant by any means.

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