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Cano homers as Yankees beat Astros 6-3

Before the game, the Yankees had some great news. Eduardo Nunez returned after missing 2 weeks with a bruised hand, Nick Swisher‘s MRI returned negative meaning that he’s okay to play and Russell Martin is slated to travel tomorrow with the team to Sarasota. So you would imagine that all of the good news that the Yankees had today would translate into today’s game. If you thought so … you were correct.

Hiroki Kuroda pitched 4 innings of 1 run ball, showing everyone why he is the Yankees #2 starter. Mariano followed with a scoreless inning, Cory Wade had 2 scoreless innings, Boone Logan gave up 2 runs in his inning of work and Dellin Betances pitched a scoreless inning, but it wasn’t easy.

Offense appeared today as the first 3 batters in the lineup (Gardner, Granderson & Cano) all scored the 5 runs on the board. Gardner had 2 walks, a stolen base, a strikeout, a ground out and 2 phenomenal catches in the outfield. Yep, not a bad day for the speedy left fielder. Granderson doubled Gardner home in the first followed by an Andruw Jones RBI single shortly after which put the Yankees up 2-0, but the Robinson Cano 3 run blast was really a 3 run blast. The ball left the ballpark and gave the Yankees a 5 run lead for the time being.

WHAT’S NEXT: With Derek Jeter out of the fold, Brett Gardner will get his second start in a row as he, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira & Russell Martin head to Sarasota for the Baltimore Orioles night game. The game is at 7:05pm on MLB Network. Ivan Nova will get the start.

Spring Training: 3/17/12 Lineup

Lineup vs. Astros

Brett Gardner, LF
Curtis Granderson, CF
Robinson Cano, 2B
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Raul Ibanez, DH
Andruw Jones, RF
Eric Chavez, 1B
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Francisco Cervelli, C

Hiroki Kuroda, RHP

Pregame Notes:

— First off, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all (hence why I am writing the pre-game notes in green today).

— Eduardo Nunez is back in the lineup today after not playing since March 5. Nunez will wear a special glove that will protect the bruised portion of his hand. He went through batting practice with no problems today.

Austin Romine is playing catch today. It’s his first baseball activity since being shut down earlier in camp.

— For those of you anticipating Mariano Rivera yesterday and him never coming into the game, it wasn’t his fault. His name was accidentally added to the list of pitchers for the game. But Mo will come in the game today.

George Kontos who was out with a sore oblique is scheduled to pitch tomorrow.

Here is the list of pitchers that are scheduled to pitch today: Kuroda, Rivera, Wade, Logan, Betances, Cedeno, O’Connor, Kontos, Venditte

Here are the players that will make the trip tomorrow to Sarasota: 

HITTERS: Brett Gardner, Chris Dickerson, Colin Curtis, Cole Garner, Raul Ibanez, Justin Maxwell, Dewayne Wise, Robinson Cano, Doug Bernier, Bill Hall, Brandon Laird, Eduardo Nunez, Mark Teixeira, Jorge Vasquez, Russell Martin, Gustavo Molina, Jose Gil

PITCHERS: Cesar Cabral, Juan Cedeno, George Kontos, D.J Mitchell, Ivan Nova, Mike O’Connor, David Phelps, Clay Rapada

The game is at 1:05pm on YES Network! Enjoy the game!

Why Yankee Stadium Should Still Be The Yankees’ Home

Do you remember the glory days? Because I don’t.

Born in the summer of 1998 and first intently following the Yankees in 2006, I never witnessed the Bomber’s dynasty of the late-90s. Though my suffering was rewarded with being there to watch them win #27, it wasn’t at Yankee Stadium. It was at the “new” Cathedral.

A stadium with less seating, a moat dividing the blue from the white collared, and ticket prices that make a baseball game seem like front row tickets to The Rolling Stones, has turned the experience of a day at Yankee Stadium into a day of spending, sushi, and empty seats. Don’t get me wrong, the new place is one of the better modern and beautiful sports arenas around, but this article is more of a rant on how the old house – The House That Ruth Built – should have never closed its doors in the first place.

In the past five years, New Yorkers have seen Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, and Giants Stadium close and be teared down for newer replacements. Three iconic, legendary and historic arenas, turned to parking lots and (in Yankee Stadium’s case), a high school baseball field. Some fans you talk to love the new facilities. The more space, the new scoreboards, food, shops – it’s a good argument. But what I’m really trying to figure out here, is if the Yankees can spend $1.3 billion on a completely new stadium, how much would it have cost to just renovate the old one?

I mean, it’s almost comical to think Fenway Park is turning 100, and not stopping there. Continual dedicated renovations season after season has made the 37,000 seat ballpark, according to the Red Sox, able to stand for another 50 years or so. That’s great for the game and for Boston, so, why couldn’t New York have done the same? That’s what bugs me here.

The old stadium was a place of warmth, closeness, tradition, and most of all, history. From The Bat and to the upper deck that seemingly hung over the players, Yankee Stadium was one of my favorite places in the world, if not the favorite. Yes, there were few bathrooms. The concourses were cramped and falling apart. And a myriad of other problems arose in its final decades. But it was something that could have been fixed. The old stadium, could have still been THE Stadium.

I’m no architect, but I don’t think it would have been a real challenge, realistically. Put the frieze back on top of the stadium, replace the seats, add new bathrooms/clubs/amenities, and maybe paint the stadium a tannish color to make it seem like the pre-1973 version, and basically, there you go. How much would that have cost? I’m sure not $1.3 billion. And I’m sure it would have allowed Yankee Stadium to stand for many more years to come, than to close after 85 years and let the runt of all baseball stadiums, Fenway, and the Red Sox, stay in their historic stadium much longer.

I can go on for hours, but you got things to do, people to see, as do I. But it is an utter disgrace to me that Yankee Stadium no longer stands, when it was so easy and possible to let it do so far after 2008. Oh well. See you at the World Series. Only $1,500 for a seat in the nosebleeds!

Morning Bits: Pettitte, Pineda, Gardner

Good morning everyone and a happy Saturday to you all! Today’s game vs. the Astros is on YES Network so make sure to watch. Onto the morning links!

— Now that Andy Pettitte has come out of retirement…will he be the same pitcher as he was in 2010?

— Brian Cashman is not concerned with Michael Pineda‘s velocity. He shouldn’t be since he only saw 1 outing of Pineda’s.

— You would think that Brett Gardner is comfortable in left field with the stellar defense he has done. Not so much. As a matter of fact, he feels uncomfortable.