Morning Bits: Jeter, Pettitte, Swisher, Marakovits

Good morning all.  The bats were alive in last night’s game which was great to see.  Let’s get right to the links.

* Derek Jeter remained out of the game with a calf injury.

* Bradley from the Star Ledger writes that Pettitte’s feeling about being with the Yankees again is weird.

* As we mentioned yesterday Meredith Marakovits is the new replacement for Kim Jones on the Yes Network.

* The Yankees Homecoming dinner is set for April 12th.

* Bryan Hoch of reports that impressive Pettitte wows Yanks on the mound.

* Swisher exited his first game back with a groin injury.

Cashman on the Andy Pettitte signing

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I suggest watching the youtube video lot’s of great nuggets of information in it.

  2. I wonder what the chances are if Ibanez continues to struggle say a month or so into the regular season and all the Yankees starters are pitching well. By all I mean: CC, Kuroda, Nova, Pineda, Hughes and Pettitte. That the Yankees try and hook up again with the Angels for a possible trade of Garcia for Abreau. Obviously this couldn’t be a straight up trade wince Abreau is scheduled to make about $9MM and Garcia $4MM before any incentives kick in. But it might be in both teams best interest to make something happen. Just a thought.

    Garcia would get his chance to start certainly more so then it looks like he will have with NY and Abreau will probably get a lot more AB’s in NY then he would in LA.

  3. UYF thats a great idea,I think Abreu could help this team

  4. Aside from the HR pitch in the 2nd inning Hughes has looked pretty good through 4 innings. Who would have imagined through almost 3 weeks of ST games Hughes would be the most consistent of the starters looking for a spot in the rotation.

    • uyf, I think the overuse of Hughes in 09 was what hurt him last year. In the beginning of 09 his cutter was a great pitch for him. Phil also threw some good chance ups today which is a must for him. I like his arsenal of fastball, cutter, curve, slider, and change. This will enable him to stay in the game for a third of the season when he doesn’t have his best stuff. Watching Howell pitch for the Rays today and Rapada. They are similar types of pitchers and Rapada actually looks better to me.

      • I think Rapada is going to capture that last open spot on the roster when the team heads north in April. And with the Yankees early schedule (April and early May) and the teams they face with some very good LH hitters I think he will be needed.

      • I hate to jump the gun. But I think today’s performance by Hughes might just have made him a “lock” for 1 of the starting spots. Whether or not it was a real competition or not.

  5. uyf, I’m not agains’t the girls like Kim Jones in baseball, but the girl doing the game today on the MLB Network is clueless. She asked Tex about his fielding what a joke. She could have asked him on something else like how he’s going to beat the shift.

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