Morning Bits: Cashman, Hughes, Granderson, Forbes

Good morning all.  Nice outing from Hughes yesterday.  It’s great to see the pitchers going more innings.  I have said it before it just shows that the season is creeping up on us.

Let’s get right to the links…

* The New Haven Register has a Yankee Preview: In the post-George Steinbrenner era, Yankees evolve.

* The Grand Jury voted yesterday to indict Cashman’s accused extortionist.

* The Star Ledger reports that Phil Hughes is giving more reason for hope this spring.

* The Times-Hearald mentions that Granderson intends to build on success.

* Forbes has released the value of the Yankees which is 1.85 billion.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. 1.85 billion and they still have empty seats in the moat section. Lower those friggin prices!!!!!

  2. Is Phelps scheduled to start tonight for the Yankees? If he is it will be interesting to see how he looks against the Sox.

  3. Just saw this on MLBTR. Could this possible lead to the Yankees and Angels matching up as trade partners, Abreau for Garcia at some point? I brought this up as a suggestion for the apparent LH bat issue facing the Yankees with Ibanez struggling.

    Angels Looking For Starting Pitching Depth
    By Mike Axisa [March 22 at 11:46am CST]
    Despite having a strong front four of Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, C.J. Wilson, and Ervin Santana, the Angels are looking for starting pitching depth according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. They are focusing on out of options or non-roster players in camp with other clubs, not bigger names like John Lannan.

    Garrett Richards, Brad Mills, and Jerome Williams are currently competing for the fifth starter’s job, though Williams is battling a hamstring problem. As our out of options list shows, there aren’t many teams out there with extra starters who could match up for a trade.

  4. A lot of people are looking at other options for the DH, but those same people either forget or simply don’t remember how Marcus Thames and Andruw Jones did in their first spring trainings with the Yankees. Let’s say it wasn’t good. So giving up on Ibanez at this point is not smart.

    But what do the Yankees ask for in return then? They don’t have any holes, at least not ones that can be filled simply be dealing Sweaty Freddy. I’d look to get a Grade B positional playing prospect, along with another positional playing lower prospect. Since the team has no true holes now, they may as well think about possible future holes.

    • My friend, I didn’t mean to imply and didn’t think I did imply that the Yankees should trade Garcia “at this point” as your 1st paragraph says. In fact the Yankees can’t trade Garcia without his permission until the middle of June. What I said was: “could this possibly lead to the Yankees and Angels matching up as trade partners, Abreau for Garcia at SOME POINT”?

      I think we need to be willing to recognize the fact that IF Ibanez hasn’t improved by the beginning of May and Andy is ready to make the jump then there is no room for Garcia and a 40 year old Ibanez is very expendable.

      Just my opinion but I can’t see any team or at least none come to mind that would be willing to take on Garcia’s $4MM guaranteed salary plus his potential $1.5MM in incentives and also part with “a Grade B positional playing prospect, along with another positional playing lower prospect” for what is clearly a #5 starter.

      • Was this a response to me? I didn’t say anything about you implying Garcia should be dealt. I think he should be, I’m just not sure when the time will be right and what they should ask for in return.

        As for Ibanez, they should definitely wait and see what he does once the regular season begins. Not make moves now based on his Spring numbers.

        BTW, Garcia could be better than a #5 starter on many teams in MLB. He wouldn’t be a #3 in LA, but there’s a good chance there are other teams that would be interested too.

      • I read it again, and I guess you could see that in my post. I’m not saying don’t trade Garcia, but don’t look to trade him for a replacement DH just yet.

  5. Don’t know if this signing from 2010 rings a bell with anyone but here is an update from MLBTR:
    DePaula Obtains Visa; Yankees Deal Still In Place
    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [March 22 at 2:21pm CST]
    Rafael DePaula is finally on the verge of beginning his professional baseball career. The pitching prospect agreed to sign with the Yankees for $500K in November, 2010, but hasn’t had a visa until now, so the deal hasn’t been completed. Agent Charisse Espinosa-Dash told MLBTR today that DePaula has his visa and that the original deal is expected to go through once the Dominican right-hander passes a physical.

    MLB suspended DePaula in 2009 and he later confessed to using a false identity. The 6’2″ right-hander had a sharp breaking ball and a plus fastball that touched the mid-90s at the time that he signed, according to Baseball America. DePaula, who turns 21 this month, had been working out at the Yankees’ Dominican academy.

    • FINALLY!!!
      We’ve been hearing about Jorge DePaula for years and no one had any idea when/if his Visa problems would ever get cleared up. It’s obvious the Yanks are very high on this kid. Not only did they give him $500,000 – which is much higher than they usually give Dominican pitchers – but they had the chance to get out of the deal when they found out he was older than he said , yet they still kept their offer on the table.

  6. About time this guy showed up, it feels like it has been five years already! He is a very good prospect…so they say! I have never seen him pitch but, hope to get around to him this year. By the time I get to see him he should have himself set to go full speed. 🙂

    • My friend did you see my response to your comment yesterday? Everything is great.

      • Sorry about that uyf1950…
        I forgot to reply but, yes I saw it and things are fine, we don’t disagree much. I sometime write things a bit harsher then I intend them to be. You know “The Army way” short and to the point…the short part, I never got the hang of.
        General Btaheutwesfet?!@#@! always got mad at me when he got around to my reports. He would call me and tell me how I was making him late for golf.
        I would reciprocate with……….?!

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