Spring Training: 3/24/12 Lineup

Lineup vs. Tigers

Eduardo Nunez 3B
Francisco Cervelli C
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez DH
Chris Dickerson CF
Cole Garner LF
Colin Curtis RF
Ramiro Pena SS

RHP Freddy Garcia

Pregame Notes

— The Yankees have made more roster cuts today sending Dellin Betances to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre. Mike O’Connor & Juan Cedeno were reassigned to Minor League camp today as well.

— Joe Girardi has slotted David Robertson to pitch tomorrow. This will be Robertson’s first appearance  since bruising his foot and only his second appearance this Spring.

— Here is the upcoming rotation for the Yankees this week:

Sunday: Michael Pineda
Monday: Phil Hughes (minor league complex. Major league has off-day)
Tuesday: CC Sabathia
Wednesday: Hiroki Kuroda
Thursday: Ivan Nova (minor league complex) Freddy Garcia (major leagues)

— Girardi would like to see Garcia reach 60-65 pitches today.

— D.J Mitchell, David Phelps, George Kontos & Brandon Laird are still at the big league camp despite being optioned to Triple-A.

— Sabathia threw a side today. Betances, Nova, Kuroda, Adam Warren & Andy Pettitte are all slated to throw a side tomorrow.

— The game is unfortunately not on television or on the radio so no coverage until after the game has been completed.

Have a good day everyone!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Yankees are currently leading 2-0 on a 2 run HR by Raul Ibanez.

  2. Looks like Freddy G. won’t make Girardi’s decision any easier. Gave up 1 Hit and 0 runs in 4.1 IP today.

    • read earlier that the Yankees tried trading him to the marlins but they didn’t bite.

      • That’s what MLBTR has reported. Don’t be surprised if at some point the Yankees and Angels hook up for a trade Garcia for Abreau.

        Give Ibanez 1 month if he doesn’t prove Spring Training means nothing watch out.

        • I’d rather have Abreu than Ibanez but there are other issues.

          Abreu is bitching up a storm in Anaheim. DiPoto and Scioscia just had another closed door meeting with him today to discuss his attitude, comments and his role.

          The problem with Bobby is his salary, his performance and his attitude. He’s 38 yrs old, makes $9 Million and his #s are dropping every yr. He’s unhappy with a part-time role in ANA which is the same he’d have in NY.

          For the Yanks to get him they’d have to eat whatever they’d owe Ibanez and a big chunk of the difference between Garcia & Abreu’s salary. Ideally, ANA would eat some of that but it would still be a good bit of money to spend for a player that’s almost the same as Ibanez.

          • I realize there is the money issue. But there are reports that the Angles are considering releasing Abreu. I would think if that is indeed the case they certainly would be willing to eat a good piece of his salary to move him.

            But as I learned a long time ago, it never hurts to make the phone call.

            • If Abreu becomes a yankee I want you to do a guest article on that UYF if you feel up to it. You have been calling it since day 1.

              • Matt, I appreciate the offer and I’m flattered. But, I’m not really very good at that sort of thing and besides that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. You and your site have much better writers who are better at explaining themselves then I would be. Thank you anyway, but I would prefer to leave that task to someone younger and smarter then myself.

            • uyf, I think it’s too early to dump Freddie, 7 starters can go to 5 in no time. I would let everything play out for a while. Garcia looks to be more of sure thing than some of the other pitchers, he’s a pro. Pettite return to form is in ?, and the young pitchers have all had rough spots, and could take a step back. There’s something to be said for pitchers like CC, Kuroda, and Garcia who have more of a track record. Pitching can be 75% of the game of baseball, so I would have to be sure of the other pitchers before trading Garcia. I like Abreu, but I don’t think he is the answer for the Yanks. He is similar to Ibanez, and carries for baggage.

              • Doug… I agree with most everything but, those I didn’t agree with are very picky and how can anyone agree with everything anyhow?
                I think we should keep everyone until things get more settled with the pitchers and DH.
                Heck, I might make a comeback…OMG! 🙂

          • Hey Fish,
            Yanks don’t need another old over trhe hill player.Abreu ship has sailed.He reported to camp fat and out of shape.I’d rather roll the dice on Raul for a couple of months,if he’s not hitting after about 100 ab’s Yanks can then make a move,eithr internally or in a trade.We do have a surplus of pitching.When Andy comes back decisions will have to be made and if Raul is wetting the bed still he’s gone.Yanks won’t bring back Abreu ,a look at his 3 year split shows that he’s not good anymore.

            • Amen to that, Ballpark!
              I may be in the minority but, Johnny, Matsui and Abreu are and have been over the hill. For the last year or so those players have been in a much easier division, put them back in the Beast of the East and…………..Poof!

              • Thank you!

                I’m not an Ibanez fan, but it’s so nice to hear a Yankee fan point out that those three would not be a better option.

              • old yankee, hindsight being 20/20, Damon might have been the best choice at DH. He played well last year for the Rays, and he knows the division. Ibanez was chosen because of his versitility and cost. I have to think Ibanez will be better than he has been in the spring, but will be replaced mid year if he doesn’t produce.

                • Wait… how did Damon play well last year? He hit .261/.326/.418. I wouldn’t call that “well” at all. And he actually hit WORSE vs. RHP, with a line of .255/314/.401. Not to mention he played a grand total of 85 innings in the field, which combined with the fact he was far from great in the OF back in 2009, means he’d be less than worthless out there now.

                  Whether Johnny knows the division or not is moot, because the fact is he can’t play vs. the division anyway.

                  Raul is not ideal by any means, and should not even think of facing a LHP, but in my mind he made much more sense.

                  Get a new optometrist because your hindsight is not quite 20/20.

            • I agree. I’d probably choose Abreu over Ibanez if all things were equal but there are plenty of better and younger players out there.

              I’ve been advocating since the end of last season that the team badly needed a LH bat that clobbers RHP. Oakland got the guy I really wanted (Seth Smith) for a package of 2 average pitchers the Yanks could have easily beaten.

              KC has just lost their closer for the season and has holes at SP & C…..that’s 3 areas the Yanks are deep in. Why not offer some of these extra RPs for Clint Robinson who is blocked by Billy Butler & Eric Hosmer? Or make a signifcant offer for Butler?

              But we are stuck with Ibanez who will get at least a month I’m sure.

              • Fishjam…
                I like this part;
                I’ve been advocating since the end of last season that the team badly needed a LH bat that clobbers RHP. Oakland got the guy I really wanted (Seth Smith) for a package of 2 average pitchers the Yanks could have easily beaten.
                KC has just lost their closer for the season and has holes at SP & C…..that’s 3 areas the Yanks are deep in. Why not offer some of these extra RPs for Clint Robinson who is blocked by Billy Butler & Eric Hosmer? Or make a signifcant offer for Butler?

                One would think I should be on the side of the older guys but, I am more for the team than any one player…no matter who he is…the name of the game is………..? You got it, WIN, second place is No place! 🙂

  3. Greedy, your right Damon hit .255 vs RHP, but he hit .281 vs the Yanks, .278 vs the Sox, and .277 vs. Toronto. This plus his past experience in NY make him a good option. He also stole 17 bases. He was rated as the 7th best DH last year. The Yanks don’t need a DH that can play the field. The Yanks are playing Nunez in the outfield because they would rather go to him rather than go to Ibanez in a pinch. Damon has always done well in Yankee stadium and agains’t the Sox. The Yanks played poorly agains’t the Sox the last few years so thats another reason to go with Damon. Lastly Damon has been good in key situations in the past.

  4. Before I get to other things here, let me point out when big error here…

    “The Yanks don’t need a DH that can play the field.”

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m just a nut that follows the team too closely, but being able to play the field was an important consideration. It wasn’t just a “meh, he can play the field in a pinch” thing.

    And who cares how he hits vs. certain teams? The Yankees play the Jays and Red Sox, I believe, 36 times this season. So what about the other 126 games? I mean, does that make hitting .179 with an OBP of .273 against the Orioles okay? Or the sub-.200 averages against the Angels, White Sox, As, and Rangers? And you do realize one of the 3 teams you mentioned he wouldn’t face, right?

    Pena is the back-up SS and 2B. He’s going to be needed for that, so to say he’d be the 5th OF is wrong. What happens if Jeter needs to leave the game in the 9th inning, while Pena was put into RF in the 8th? Eric Chavez at SS? I don’t think so. The reason Pena is getting OF reps this spring is because IT’S SPRING. And why not? The Yankees do plan on playing in MLB again in 2013, and possibly beyond that too.

    “In the past”? Great! Let’s see if we can get Barry Bonds out of retirement, because “in the past” he’s been pretty darn good. How about Nolan Ryan? He was really good “in the past”. Hell, Reggie Jackson and Lou Piniella on 30 Clubs in 30 Days said Ryan was one of the fastest pitchers they ever faced.

    Maybe it’s my dislike of Damon that’s blinding me, but i have yet to hear one good reason for wanting him back.

  5. GP…
    Thank you for your eloquent “In the past” critique of the over the hill bunch. Every year I have to hear about how we should get this guy or that guy back. Why? Because of what they had done…not what they can do now.
    Obviously, you and I, to some extent, will have a few words coming our way. The good thing is, I like it…just think how dull this site would be, with everyone agreeing with each other?!?

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