Phillies Have Interest in Ramiro Pena, Roster Moves

Phillies Have Interest in Ramiro Pena, Roster Moves

by Mike D.

 According to George King of the NY Post, the Phillies are interested in the Yankees’ utilityman Ramiro Pena. Chase Utley has suffered injuries with both knees and the Phillies are looking for infield help. Pena really doesn’t have a whole lot of value as a trade chip – so if he does get traded, don’t expect much in the way of return.

The Yankees have also made some roster moves, via Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News. Pena has been optioned to Triple-A, and Manny Delcarmen, Colin Curtis, Jose Gil, Kevin Whelan, and Cole Garner have all been reassigned to minor league camp. The Yankees active roster now sits at 31, so we’ll be seeing more roster moves in the coming days.

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  1. Seriously, when ISN’T Chase Utley injured? If the Phillies want Ramiro Pena…it would be all right I guess.

    • best thing they can do is trade Utley (when he returns to some form) to an American League team as a full time DH. His knees will be always be an issue for the rest of his career so not having to play the field can actually help him recover and stay healthy.

      This would also help the Phillies re-sign Cole Hamels as they will free up Utley’s 2yrs/$30 million dollars remaining on his contract, and in return they should seek a decent minor league prospect.

      • That would be a good idea for Utley to join the American League. I don’t think he will be the same after all those knee issues.

      • That would be interesting. A DH that could play some 2B in a pinch, are at least semi-regularly. I’m sure he could play anywhere on the field but CF and C. Sounds like a good move for Chase and Philly.

        • Utley is owed still in his final year of his contract in 2013 $15.286 mil. That’s a lot of money for a player often injured. I doubt any team will try to trade for him with those injuries.

          • Maybe if the Phillies did what the Yankees did and offer to pay most of what’s left. The Pirates got A.J Burnett for a steal. Maybe some other team can get Utley for a steal as well.

          • yea I mean the point I’m trying to make is its probably best for Utley to move to being full time DH and its porbably best for the Phillies to move on with Utley considering he’s not gonna last long at 2B with those knees. Combo of the Phillies eating salary and not asking for too much could get the deal done.

            If I were the Phillies and the Yankees were interested I’d tell them, “we’ll eat $11 million in salary but we want Ramiro Pena (basically stop gap for the season at 2B), and either Gary Sanchez or Mason Williams (prospect bats to replace Utley’s performance in the future).”

            The Phillies are still better than everyone else in the NL east and they need to think about the future

            just my $0.02

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