Spring Training: 3/25/12 Lineup

Lineup vs. Tigers

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Russell Martin C
Andruw Jones DH
Eduardo Nunez RF
Brett Gardner LF

RHP Michael Pineda

Start time: 1:05pm
Stadium: G.M.S Field
T.V: YES Network
Radio: WCBS

Pregame Notes

— Once again it is almost the Yankees Opening Day lineup with the exception of Nick Swisher. Swisher reveals that he doesn’t know when he’s going to come back but he’s not going to rush it.

 Mariano Rivera is slated to pitch after Michael Pineda today as well as David Robertson. Let’s see if Robertson is ready!

Enjoy the game everyone!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. love this lineup. I am out for the rest of the day. Enjoy the game to those that are going to watch. Can’t wait to get back on later tonight to read the thoughts of everyone.

  2. I love this lineup as well, but I would have loved it a bit more if Swisher was healthy and in the lineup. But i do love it when Jeter leads off and Gardner bats 9th which creates the double lead-off effect. 🙂

    • People make too big a deal about the lead-off spot, and whether it should be Gardner or Jeter. After the first inning it doesn’t matter. Besides, most of the time I’d be happy with Gardner getting on base ahead of Jeter, Granderson, and Cano. That equals runs, people.

      • GP…….It also usually means an extra Plate Appearance per game, so over the course of a season, it is a fairly significant dfference. I would platoon the 2 in the 1st and 9th spots.

        • “Over the course of the season”? What difference does that make? Unless we’re talking about a rotisserie fantasy baseball league, then we’re talking about a plate appearance a game. And when the subject is a guy that hit .259 last season then I think the team will be okay.

          BTW, Gardner will get starts at lead-off when either Jeter is getting a full day off, and possibly against RHP (who he hits significantly better against).

          • GP….what difference does it make? It makes a HUGE difference. The difference in PAs could be close to 150 over a season. You obviously want the more productive hitter to get those extra 150 PAs since it will mean more productivity whch equals more runs. More runs = more wins.

            The numbers show that Jeter is a better hitter vs LHP and Gardner is more productive vs RHP. Why not maximize that by platooning them?

            If it doesn’t make a difference who hits 1st and 9th, should we also let Russell Martin hit 3rd and Cano hit 8th? Of course not, because you obviously want your better hitters getting more PAs.

            • How do those 150 PAs affect each game? They don’t. The extra PA per game is what matters, not the 150 over the course of the season. That’s why I brought up rotisserie fantasy baseball, as that takes overall stats accrued over the course of a season… not on a game-by-game basis.

              Take a look around and you’ll see plenty of support that minor differences in a team’s lineup makes very little difference. Notice the word “minor” in there, as nobody is talking about Martin in the middle of the lineup. Anything can look silly when taken to extremes.

              • Greedy…Bro, I think you are just attempting to be contrary for the sake of argument. Sometimes you just need to say “point taken”.

                That extra time at bat may not mean the difference between a win or a loss every game but over a full season it will have a difference in the number of Wins.

                An extra PA in one isolated instance may have a minimal effect….but repeat that behavior 162 times a year and the chance that that extra PA effects your total Wins is 162 times greater…capisce?

                Crossing the street with your eyes closed might work once….but do it 162 times and you are going to get hit by a car sooner or later. If Gardner is a statistically better player vs RHP, he should get the extra PA.

                Explain to me why Martin hitting 3rd and Cano hitting 9th is a bad idea and it’s the same argument I’m making. If Gardner is a more productive player vs RHP than Jeter, he should leadoff for the same reason why Cano hits at the top of the order and Martin doesn’t……more times at bat.

                • http://riveraveblues.com/2011/07/dealing-with-jeter-at-the-top-of-the-lineup-51777/

                  Just read that to see that the whole “who should lead-off” thing does not mean much.

                  Now… “That extra time at bat may not mean the difference between a win or a loss every game”. Exactly. That’s all that matters in baseball. A win or a loss in each game. A team’s batting average, on-base percentage, etc. over the course of a season makes no difference in the standings. None. You contradict yourself right away, even. If an extra time at bat does not mean the difference between a win and a loss in every game (your words), then how does it greatly affect the total wins or losses over the course of the season (your words again)?

                  If the Yankees were to receive homefield advantage for having the higher team batting average, then those extra 150 plate appearances matter. But that’s not how it works. Each game… each win or loss… that’s what matters. That’s why you have to look at it as one extra PA per game, not 150 extra PAs in a season.

                  • .Straight from the article they say batting Gardner leadoff vs RHP amounts to an extra baserunner every 3.5 games. That’s a clear advantage and the only reason they give for not doing it is it might hurt Jeter’s feelings. I love Jeter probably more than anyone on this site but I don’t care about his feelings. if it’s best for the team – and in this case it clearly is – he needs to accept it.

                    The article also says “It is clear to everyone, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, that Brett Gardner is a better fit in the leadoff spot than Jeter.”

                    But I see it’s worthless to debate this with you further so I will agree to disagree

                    • No, I don’t mean to drive you away from debate. You’re making me feel like a bigger jerk than I already know I am. ;(

                      When Mike brings up that Gardner leading off means an extra base runner every 3.5 games, the point is that it’s such a small difference that it’s not worth discussing that far. ESPECIALLY if it means bothering Jeter.

                      So picking nits Garder would make a better lead-off hitter vs. RHP, but it’s not so much that it makes a big difference. Which is what I said originally, and still now… it’s not a big difference, and therefore is blown a bit out of proportion.

                    • Fishjam…
                      You got it man, team comes first….
                      “it might hurt Jeter’s feelings. I love Jeter probably more than anyone on this site but I don’t care about his feelings. if it’s best for the team – and in this case it clearly is – he needs to accept it.”
                      Just because one says something they believe to be a truth, doesn’t mean they don’t like a player.

      • The only way I would change things up is so Brett hits after Jeter. When Brett is on 1st with Jeter at bat, everyone knows he is not going to run until there are 2 strikes on Jeter. They want him to keep that hole open on the right side for Jeter to hit through.
        Therefor, I would have Jeter hitting 9th and Brett as #1. Jeter, until he shows me wrong, is not going to out hit Brett this year, also Brett will be the lead-off hitter of the future, why not have him getting back in the lead-off grove as he has been his life long baseball career.

        • You reason for batting Garder after Jeter, in terms of Gardner not trying to steal, makes sense. The one thing I have to question is the part about Jeter not out-hitting Gardner. Not sure how you define “hitting”, but Jeter’s BA, OBP, and SLG were all better than Gardner last year. Bill James predicts Jeter will have a better BA and SLG again this season too, while their OBPs are fairly close.

          • GP….
            It won’t say anything bad about Bill but, I think I have had about as good a record in my prognostications as he has when it comes to players…not there numbers.
            Of course I think both times were regarding Bett Gardner…ok, I know, small sample!
            Jeter surprised me last year, I think he will have days like to-day maybe even weeks at a time. I just don’t see him hitting as well as last year even.
            One time I’d like being wrong, would be to see Jeter hit very well this year…I wouldn’t mind being 0 for 2 with Jeter! 🙂

            • I didn’t mean to say Bill was a great prognosticator, it was just the first set of projections I saw when I wrote that. But seeing what Jeter had done last year, and in his career, I’d have a hard time accepting that Gardner will hit better. Maybe in certain areas of hitting, but overall I think Jeter will be better.

              But oh well.

              • GP..
                Bill James is ok, I was just making fun of most of the (so-called) experts! I really think it is all subjective anyway.
                I think the key words are; “But seeing what Jeter had done last year, and in his career” Those words and others, tell the story of Jeter and why he can’t be criticized.
                At sometime fans will have to understand Jeter is going to have weeks +/- hitting like he has in ST but, so what, there are 162 games not half a season (81). Jeter is not the Jeter of old.
                This is not a derogatory statement or a bashing of Jeter, just truth-telling!

          • By definition ,Gardner is the choice to leadoff this year.
            1-He led the majors in ppa.
            2-He is a base stealer,and one of the fastest guys in the league.
            3-The only stat that matters is obp for Gardner and runs scored.
            Jeter is the opposite he doesnt work counts,is always swinging at the 1st pitch.He has slowed on the bases,and no longer posesses the speed to steal or take the extra base.
            Jeter leading off is a misake.Plus Gardner can get better at his age.Jeter can only get worse.

  3. I like the idea of using Nunez more, this kid can hit. I would use him in the outfield more this year if he can handle it. By playing more I think he could hit .280 with power. Pineda looks to be going through the dead arm period right now. Scouts are looking for velocity from him, but his next 2 starts will be the key. If he doesn’t increase his velocity to 92-95 towards the end of the spring, he will be the odd man out. Right now it looks like CC, Kuroda, Hughes, Nova, and Garcia, with Pettite in the wings.

    • I take that back, Pineda threw some fastballs in 94 in the fourth, he’s looked good again today. He threw harder last year when I saw him, but he is pitching not just throwing, with a good slider. Pineda seems to be like most power pitchers, you have to get them early or they get stronger. Right now I put him back ahead of Garcia. Girardi has his hands full picking this rotation, they all look capable.

      • Doug I’m glad you recovered.The comment on Pineada didn’t seem like your style,that of an experienced baseball coach.
        I two love Nunez he really has a chance to be special.He’s filled out and now has all the tools.He could be an allstar at the most challenging positrion on the field “ss”
        The Question for me is can he be reliable,steady make the routine play every day.For that reason I would not play him in the OF.i WOULD LIMIT HIM TO PLAYING UP THE MIDDLE,NOT EVEN 3B.Doug you know how different 3rd can be for a guy thats played ss his whole life.
        To get him ab’s let him dh,he’s better that anyone the Yanks currently have.

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