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Is Pineda’s control & velocity really an issue?

RHP Michael Pineda (courtesy of Associated Press)

Michael Pineda came into camp on February 19 hoping that he could win a spot in the New York Yankees rotation. With approximately a week and a half until Opening Day, Pineda has drawn up concern among fans and writers. Of course we all know that Michael Pineda has not been in New York for long and is not accustom to someone over-analyzing his every move in every outing but hey, this is New York, the center of the media zoo.

In Pineda’s last couple of starts, he has shown promise. He has shown why he was so powerful in Seattle but there was an issue with all his outings; control. In an excerpt from Andrew Marchand’s article on ESPN New York, he explains how velocity isn’t his only issue, but also control:

The major concern for Michael Pineda’s spring has been velocity, but that has masked another problem for the talented, young starter thus far — a lack of control. For the fourth time in five outings, Pineda could not last the ideal amount of innings in his start Sunday because he threw too many pitches.

After 87 pitches and five innings Sunday, he was out of there.

The fact that Pineda’s fastball stayed at 90-92 throughout his start, with the occasional 93 or 94, is still a definite concern if he is going to be a dominant starter. But, right now, he trends toward a four or five to begin the season because he may have an inability to go deeper into games and dominate. He looks like a 12-to-14 win guy with around a 4.00 ERA.

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Phil Hughes pitching update

Phil Hughes pitching update

By Delia E.

1:39pm: Phil Hughes had went through 2 scoreless innings at the minor league complex. He pitched a 1, 2, 3 second inning and the final out was a broken bat pop-up that he caught while heading to the dugout.

So far so good.

1:47pm: Hughes gave up a solo HR followed by a quick ground out. He allows 2 runs in the third inning. Keep in mind, Hughes is just getting his work in.

1:55pm: Hughes finishes three innings trailing 2-1 to the Philadelphia High-A team. His catcher is Francisco Cervelli. Not everyone can have the day off today.

2:53pm: Hughes finished the 6th inning 20 minutes ago with his fourth strikeout.  Hughes threw 91 pitches and is most likely done.

Tempered Enthusiasm for Pettitte’s Return

I was on the road to NYC for a Knicks game March 16th when I heard the shocking news about Andy Pettitte’s return. I was listening to Joe and Evan on WFAN and they had Sweeny Murti on at the time. Evan saw on Jack Curry’s twitter account that the Pettitte was coming back and he was so surprised he had to make sure it was Jack Curry’s actual account.  That is how surprised I was as well. Growing up Pettitte was one of my favorite Yankees and will always treasure the moments he gave the Yankees. From out dueling John Smoltz in Game 5 of the 1996 World Series to winning every clinching game in the 2009 playoffs and everything in between Pettitte has been one of the best clutch players in Yankees history. His #46 should and will eventually go to Monument Park.  He should and will receive Hall Of Fame considerations. While I would love to see him do it again there can be negatives that result from his comeback.

It is very hard for GM’s in sports to make decisions when feelings and sentiment are a big part of it. I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan and they had an issue a few years back that can relate to this Pettite comeback. Legendary Packers QB Brett Favre retired following the 2007 season in which he lead the Packers to the NFC Championship Game. So much like Pettitte he retired with something left. He wanted to return to the Packers during training camp in 2008.  However, the Packers were ready to move on with Aaron Rodgers and Packers GM Ted Thompson had a difficult decision to make. Ultimately, he told Favre the Packers had moved on and he traded him. Rodgers lead the Packers to a championship in 2010 so the move was successful.  The point is GM’s have to make decisions without sentiment like Thompson did with Favre. Thompson was hated on hugely in the aftermath by fans including me. I could not understand how Thompson could do that to Favre, but the Packers won long term. Also, Favre was a lot bigger in Green Bay than even Andy is here in New York.  Now would I want to be the one to tell Andy Pettite no? Goodness no, but the job of the GM is to make those tough calls. I am not suggesting they should have told him no since the risk is minimal in terms of money. However, maybe guaranteeing him a spot like they did was not the wisest idea. There is no reason with the depth of this Yankees pitching staff that he should not have to earn it. Read the rest of this entry

Morning Bits: Joba, Rodriguez, Betances

Good morning all.  Back to the grind with another work week.  Look for pitchers to go deeper this week and to see more of the regulars in the lineup.

Let’s get right to the links…..

* Joba has been released from the hospital and Girardi sees a comeback in the future.

* Alex Rodriguez was hit with a 95mph pitch yesterday.

* ESPN has a nice article of the unsung heroes of spring training.

* The Star Ledger has a Q & A with Yankee prospect Dellin Betances.