Pineda struggles but Yankees top Phillies 13-9

Everyone knew that this start was supposed to be important for Michael Pineda. He needed to convince Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman that he should get a spot in the rotation. He needed to convince the media that his velocity wasn’t an issue. He needed to convince fans that he was capable of pitching in New York. At the end of the day, Michael Pineda only went 2.2 innings and gave up 6 runs on 7 hits.

Pineda left the game after getting hammered during the first 2 innings but the game took an interesting turn when Pineda confessed as to why he didn’t pitch well. Apparently, Pineda had soreness in his right shoulder hours before the game started. The issue? He didn’t tell the coaches or Girardi that he wasn’t feeling his best. Pineda is scheduled to get an MRI tomorrow to make sure that everything is okay.

THE GOOD: The Yankees offense woke up today. Dewayne Wise came in the game in the 7th inning and had 2 HR’s while Derek Jeter had a 2 for 3 night & Curtis Granderson had a homer off Jonathan Papelbon. Although Brett Gardner was 0 for 3 tonight, he did what Girardi wanted; get on base. Not only that, he swiped second and led Derek Jeter in a perfectly executed double steal. Clay Rapada once again looked sharp tonight and has not given up a run all Spring. Can we keep him Joe? I have a feeling he’ll do great in the bullpen.

THE BAD: Michael Pineda & Cesar Cabral both went down with injuries today. Pineda has soreness in his shoulder while Cesar Cabral has pain in his left elbow. He is going to get an MRI tomorrow morning as well, just to make sure everything is okay.

WHAT’S NEXT: Some of the Yankees will make one last trip to visit the Houston Astros. The game will not be on television but the game will be on Houston Radio so of course, expect coverage. Adam Warren is slated to start the game.

WHAT’S UP AHEAD: Joe Girardi hinted that Phil Hughes might have a spot in the Yankees rotation. Hughes was scheduled to pitch in the minor leagues which would line him up for the 4th spot in the rotation. When asked if he was in the rotation, Girardi let out a smile and said, “figure it out.” I’m taking that as a yes Joe. Nick Swisher is also slated to be in the Yankees lineup on Sunday when the team goes to Miami to play the Marlins in their new ballpark. Let’s imagine this as the New York Yankees version of Spring Break.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. While you hate to see any athlete suffer an injury. It now appears that Pineda’s “sore” shoulder is not as serious as it could have been or as was in the back of even Yankees executives minds.

    This could be a blessing in disguise for both Pineda and the Yankees. It takes the pressure of Pineda starting a game in Yankees stadium after what was shaping up as a lackluster ST and it potentially gives the Yankees an opportunity to see one or more of the young arms/prospects in real game conditions should one head north with them in April. Then when Pineda come back, whenever that this is 15, 30 or 45 days he’s well rested for the balance of the season and I’m sure in better physical condition. That’s just my opinion.

    • The boo birds would have been out if his first start in Yankee stadium wasn’t a good one. I’m very confident in Garcia. This is still a good rotation.

    • uyf, that’s exactly what I was thinking, it could be a blessing in disquise. Pineda wasn’t going to last the whole season anyway him being overused last year(Verducci list). I would rather have the Pineda I saw in the video in July through the end of the year. The Yanks might need both Garcia and Pettite to pitch well to win this year. Nova is in the same boat as Pineda being over pitched last year, similar to Hughes two years ago. Fortuneately for the Yanks, they have alot of options that the Red Sox didn’t have last year when their starters self destructed.

  2. This gives Pineda a chance to start over. Fix his mechanics and relieve the pressure. This is much better than him going up North and getting booed off the mound. There are your positives

    • I think this will turn out for the better as well. All the talk seemed to have gotten to him, as he admitted to trying to throw harder. Now the Yankees know what’s going on and can be more pro-active. Hell, it’s not like the team didn’t have good options for the rotation anyway.

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