Spring Training: 4/1/12 Lineup

Lineup vs. Marlins:

Derek Jeter, SS
Curtis Granderson, CF
Robinson Cano, 2B
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Nick Swisher, RF
Raul Ibanez, DH
Russell Martin, C
Brett Gardner, LF

CC Sabathia, LHP

Start Time: 1:10pm
Field: Marlins Park

T.V: YES Network (Yankees T.V), FSFL (Marlins T.V)
Radio : MLB.com (Miami Marlins)

Pregame Notes

— Joe Girardi said that baring injury (please don’t get injured guys), that this will most likely be the Opening Day starting lineup.

— You want a glimpse of the Ballpark of Miami? Here’s a glimpse:

Enjoy the game everyone!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. that nonsense in CF is so stupid. Otherwise it is a nice ballpark. It is also the smallest capacity ballpark in the mlb.

    • Matt, you’re right about total capacity. But I believe the A’s and Rays home parks both actually seat fewer people.

      But I’m not sure capacity will make a difference I just can’t see either Florida MLB teams drawing over 35,000 regularly if ever. Outside of perhaps the novelty of the first month or so of a new stadium.

  2. Capacity

    Miami 37,000
    Oakland 43,662
    Tampa 43,772

    • Matt, I guess I was going by the attendance records. For example, ESPN list the 2011 attendance for the Rays at an average of 18,878 per game 55.4% of capacity. A quick calculation tells me the park capacity is about 35,000. I did the same thing for the A’s home park that’s why I mentioned i believed the seating capacity was smaller in their home parks. But you’re probably correct.

  3. Looking forward to see Cano get so many pitches to hit batting 3rd this year. He should have a monster year.

  4. I’m anxious to see if CC can get untracked in what is surely his last tune up prior to his opening day assignment.

  5. Not sure what’s up with CC but he hasn’t looked sharp all spring training and once again in what is surely his last tune up before opening day he doesn’t look that sharp today either.

    • As long as he’s healthy, I have no concern about CC in ST. All he has to do is get his innings. Him and Mo are about as consistent as any pitchers in MLB.

    • I’ll show you way you shouldn’t be concerned about Sabathia…

      Spring Training
      2010 – 7.23 ERA, 15 K, 8 BB, .312 BAA, 1.71 WHIP
      2011 – 3.31 ERA, 10 K, 3 BB, .283 BAA, 1.22 WHIP
      2012 – 4.50 ERA, 10 K, 2 BB, .298 BAA, 1.36 WHIP

      CC is never that good in Spring Training.

      • I’m really not concerned as I’ve seen what he can do. I was just a little surprised that with today being his last ST game prior to opening day that we didn’t see a little better performance from him. That’s all.

      • Lieter said it best, the estabished players are just trying to pitch and stay healthy in the spring, it’s a long season. Only the players that are trying to make the team are playing hard. The others are just getting ready for the season.

  6. Nice to see the Yanks hit and score some runs agains’t a RHP, this is going to be a key for the offense this year.

  7. Rbi’s in this game are nicely spread out as well. That is good to see.

  8. I see a couple of interesting names in the pitching fray for today’s game…..Mark Montgomery and Pat Venditte. Unfortunately, they may just be extra arms in case of extra innings or if someone get in trouble.

    Would love to get a look at Montgomery’s slider which led to a sick 16.4 K/9 in the minors! And Venditte’s Switch-pitching is always cool to see.

  9. Nunez has had himself a very nice spring training since he came back from I believe being hit on the hand. May be this is the year he breaks out.

    • uyf, I would like to see Nunez become a utility man for the Yanks who can play anywhere. In this way the Yanks could get him in the line up more and also have him DH. This kid looks to be a real good hitter.

  10. Guys what do we think of Cory Wade? He’s not had a very productive ST. Has he overstayed his welcome?

    • I think Wade did enough last year to earn a roster spot. And with the injury to Pineda, there is another spot open in the pen for Mitchell, Phelps, Warren or Kontos.

      But like Doug alluded to, Cash/Girardi like to go with low cost middle relievers because it’s very hard to predict who is going to be effective in a particular yr. For that reason they stock up on a lot of low cost depth and keep giving people shot’s until someone seizes the opportunity. Wade will start the season but if he doesn’t perform they will go to the next guy.

  11. uyf, middle relievers don’t last very long, Wade will get the first shot. He has a good change and could still be effective. If not the Yanks will replace him with Mitchell, Phelps, or Warren whoever doesn’t make it now. I like Warren as a starter, with Phelps and Mitchell in relief. Banuelos also could come up and replace Rapada if he doesn’t do well near the end of the season.

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