Spring Training 4/4/12 Lineup

This is the last spring training game of the year.  Game time is 12:05 and it can be seen on YES and the MLB Network.  Enjoy the game.


Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF

Freddy Garcia RHP

this just in…..


About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I just read where Logan is having issues with his back.

  2. good for Phelps. Glad to see him get a spot.

  3. Not a bad final ST outing for Garcia. Aside from 1 bad pitch the HR in the 3rd inning he looks his usual ready. Andy made his 1 inning appearance and considering he’s been away for a year not bad, not bad at all. Lastly while I’m type. Robertson did his Houdini act again. After allowing the 1st batter to get to 3rd base he gets the next 3 on K’s.

  4. BTW, it looks like now all the Yankees regulars are out of the game.

  5. The Yankees are blowing this one open in the bottom of the 8th.

  6. The game and ST are over for the Yankees. They finish ST with a win and an 18-12-3 record 4th best winning percentage in the 2012 Grapefruit League.

    Let the real season begin.

  7. Just read Cervelli got sent down to AAA.

  8. Also Kontos traded to the Giants for Stewart.

  9. Finally!!! Been waiting for them to replace him. Backup catcher is about defense and Cervelli was awful last year.

  10. Stewart threw about 36% last year. Cervelli what was it like around 10% i dont even remember? Not acceptable from a backup catcher

  11. Actually it was 39% for Stewart in 2011 and 14% for Cervelli in 2011

    • Steward is an upgrade at back up catcher, Cervelli will be traded as soon as Romine comes back. As you can see from Delia and others fans were becoming attached to a mediocore player. It’s time for Cervelli to go the way of Melky.

  12. Thank You. I rest my case. Thats all the matters for a backup catcher is defense. 14 percent is hideous

    • Matt – I don’t really agree that defense is all that matters for a backup Catcher. In the case of the Yanks, the backup Catcher will never be used as a late inning defensive replacement for Martin who is superb. The backup for the Yanks is to basically start about 30-35 games per yr and provide value in any way in those starts.

      Cervelli was piss-poor at throwing out runners but I think the pitchers liked throwing to him and he was a decent receiver. And as a backup Catcher he was pretty solid offensively with a career .272/.338/.354/.692 line. He has a knack for driving in runs despite little power and hit with RISP all 3 years for a career mark of .315/.376/.376/.752. He also hit .350 in Late & Close situations. He was also a good situational hitter and solid baserunner & bunter. I think all in all Cervelli was a perfectly solid backup Catcher.

      From what I remember of Stewart he was a solid catch and throw guy with no stick. In the bigs he’s hit .200/.283/.309/.592. Hopefully, he’s awesome behind the plate. This may be only temporary until they find another capable Catcher who can play in AAA. I just hope it doesn’t mean Girardi is going to ride Martin into the ground like he did last April/May when Cervelli was injured. Martin is in better health now but still needs regular days off.

  13. And a backup catcher fistpumping all the time did not please me either

  14. Just had Cashman, Girardi & Cervelli on the radio. Some highlights:

    1) Cervelli was clearly pissed off and I don’t blame him. After 3 yrs as the backup and doing a solid job, I don’t blame him. This came out of Left field

    2) Cash/Girardi both basically said they had to make the Stewart and Tatum moves because the injury to Romine is pretty significant and will keep him out for months. Cervelli was their only experienced backup and he’s been known to go down to freak injuries. They said the reason Cervelli was sent down was only because he had options while Chris Stewart does not. In order to keep the depth in the organization, Cervelli had to be sent down.

    The depth chart is now Martin & Stewart in NY, Cervelli & Tatum in AAA and Gustavo Molina will be offered AA but if he refuses he will be cut.

  15. My guess is Cervelli was happy as a pig in slop when the Yankees traded Montero. Now he gets to experience the low.

  16. Anyone know who the Yankees filled out the 25 man roster with.

    Obviously Stewart replace Cervelli but I believe that still left 2 spots open. Anyone know who got them?

    • David Phelps & Clay Rapada got the last 2 spots for the bullpen. Phelps was told this morning, Rapada was told after he pitched.

      • I’m glad Phelps got his chance he earned it. It gives the other pitchers in the minors hope that they can make it if they perform.

  17. Thank you.

  18. From the looks of twitter you would think Cano got sent down. It is only the backup catcher.

  19. I agree Matt and i don’t get it

  20. I think Mitchell also earned a spot, hopefully we will see him sometime this summer.

    • agreed I wanted Mitchell over Phelps but not gonna lose sleep over it. Phelps did a great job as well.

      • I think Phelps won out because he is a little more of a power pitcher where Mitchell is more of a sinker ball pitcher, with the Yanks aging infield they might have wanted the power pitcher. I think Mitchell and Wade are similar types of pitchers, where Phelps gives a different look.

    • Guys correct my if I’m worng both basically they both only had 1 shaky performance this spring. So I don’t think the Yankees could have gone wrong whichever way they went.

  21. Phelps looks to be the long man, if he does well the first month, he could stick when Pettite comes up. Phelps, Rapada, and Wade are on a trail basis right now, the 2 that pitch the best will stick and the other will be replaced when an if Pettite comes back. I still think Mitchell is in the mix. It also might mean the Yanks look at Warren and Banuelos as the next starters to move up next year, depending on how well they do this year.

    • Good thoughts at the end Doug on how they probably view Warren and Banuelos.

      Just throwing this out there…..I wasn’t around the weekend when Pettitte came out of retirement so if this question was asked of him I missed it. But what if he does really well this year. Do you think he might come back next year?

      Just a thought.

  22. Matt S, good question, I think was sitting home and saw Jamie Moyer was coming back and he knew he could still pitch. He also knew the window was closing on him. I think he still can be a Hall of Famer if he can put 2 good years together. If he pitches well this year, I think he will come back next year.

    • and “the guys in waiting” in AAA will not like hearing that all. Yeah I think if Pettitte excels why not come back for another go around. Currently at 240 wins anything over 250 will get some notice for the Hall.

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