Calm Down Yankee Fans

Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.

Take these lyrics by Bob Marley to heart Yankees fans. Everything will be okay.

I admit, these first two games have been extremely painful to watch. I’ve have had my share of swearing at the TV screen and hiding my face in my hands, be it for Joe Girardi’s horrible managing or the umpires that seemingly were bribed by the Rays. Either way, the opening to this season has been difficult to witness and of course leaves many fans in doubt and despair.

But when I hear debates of “is Mariano Rivera done?”, “are the Yankees in trouble”, and especially, “can the Mets go all the way?” I laugh them off. It’s 2 games people. 2 GAMES! It’s incredible how much people can judge on such a small sample size. And ironically, I want to be a sports writer, whose job is to stir up stories and worries like this early on.

And when I think back, there are a ton of teams – World Series champion teams – that went through rough starts, be it two games, or two months. For example, the 1998 Yankees. Ya know, the one that’s considered arguably the best team in baseball history? They started off 1-4 in ’98, and looked like one of the worst teams through the first week. Yet we all know what followed – 125 wins, Chad Curtis, sweeps, etc.

Another example is the more recent champs – the 2009 Yanks. They lost 2 of 3 (I was at game 2) to the Orioles in their opening series, then went on to lose the first game at the new Yankee Stadium, and get crushed 22-4 by the Indians. 103 wins and 19 walk off wins later, the Yankees were World Champions. Who here even remembers their slow start? I kinda didn’t until thinking about it.

In general, the Yankees aren’t falling off the face of the earth. Hiroki Kuroda is not already a bust. And the Mets aren’t going to make the playoffs. It’s been two games people. Come on. Give it a little time, and maybe as soon as tonight – the Yankees will right the ship. Trust me, it’s been rocked plenty times before.

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