Game 5 Lineup: Yankees @ Orioles

Lineup vs. Orioles:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Andruw Jones DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF

RHP Freddy Garcia

Start Time: 7:05pm
Field: Camden Yards
T.V: MY9, MLB Network
Radio: WCBS

Pregame Notes:

Andy Pettitte is slated to pitch again on Sunday. He pitched last night giving up 1 run on 2 hit ball in 3 innings. For Pettitte it is all about taking it step by step.

— Russell Martin wasn’t quite sure what happened between him and Robert Andino towards the end of the game. This was what he said to the media: “Um, I don’t remember what happened at the end there. A little yapping session towards the end. Nothing crazy. … Probably maybe a look that I gave him. Maybe he didn’t like the way I looked at him or something. I don’t really know. … I think he was inviting me to a sparring session next offseason by the way. I don’t know. I’ll get his number. We’ll talk it over later.”

Enjoy the game everyone!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Jeter is 15 hits away from matching Dave Winfield on the all time hit list.

  2. this game is hard to watch.

  3. stringing along hits. nice to see.

      • Let’s not forget Mo he looked great with the new catcher, I liked the seqence of pitches to the last batter, throwing the tailing fastball instead of the cutter for the K. It just shows how great Mo is. I was listening to Jim Palmer on Direct TV and he had nothing but great things to say about Mo, Hall of Famer and all that. Sometimes I like listening to the other commentators. It’s like changing from Fox to CNBC or another station, gives you some variety and a different perspective.

  4. Good evening fellas!
    Looks like I got online at the right time…..nice little rally capped off by a huge hit by Gardner to tie it… a LEFTY I might add, his 2nd of the day.
    And my man Phelps looks very impressive coming out of the pen. Throwing strikes…..working fast…..pitching inside….changing speeds… it!

  5. sending swisher with 0 outs?

  6. Robby Thomsen is a friggin moron!
    How do you send a guy with a bad foot and nobody out with your 4 and 5 hitters coming up???
    Absolutely moronic!!

    • Not moronic. It’s a questionable call… sure. But it took a perfect relay throw to get a bang-bang play at home, so it’s safe to say Swisher scores 9 out of 10 times. If Swish was safe I have a feeling a lot of people would be saying “good call, Rob”.

      • It’s a fundamental law of baseball to never make the 1st out at home plate. The risk is not worth it when you have 3 more chances to score that run, including 2 more ways to get him home with outs. You don’t send him unless you know hw can make it standing up and that obviously wasn’t the case.

        Trust me Robby knows he screwed that up and any coach in baseball would agree which is why everyone in the booth said it was a bad move too as nicely as they could.

        • Why are you, and others (to be fair), ignoring the fact it was a perfect throw? And sorry, but I don’t trust you, that Robbie knows he screwed up. He didn’t. 9 out of 10 times Swisher scores, but he’s supposed to beat himself up over 10%? That’s ridiculous.

          Oh, and the booth? Seriously? Come on, you know that using announcers to back up an argument is silly.

          • so announces that played the game you can’t use what they say?

            • Just because you’ve played a game doesn’t mean you KNOW the game. I hear stupid things come out of announcers mouths all the time.

              • On that note, there are plenty of people that haven’t played pro sports that are good at analyzing it. Take Eric Karabell for one (not an announcer, but an analyst). Knowledge of the game is not the #1 prerequisite for getting an announcing job.

              • same could be true for people that have not played the game right?

                • Yep, like I added as well.

                  Maybe it’s just personal, but the majority of announcers I’ve heard (across various sports) are only good for talking about what’s happening, and not for analyzing. Tim McCarver was in MLB for 21 years, but he is one of the worst analysts I’ve heard. So you can see where I’m coming from.

              • Bryan…
                That is a very true statement. Guys like Mantle, Willie, “Hammering” Hank can’t coach. They played by using their God given talents not really learning the ins and out of the game.

            • You can find a number of people that agree or disagree. Mike Axisa at RAB was good with it…

              ” I actually didn’t have a problem with the send, the ball went into the left field corner and it took a perfect relay from J.J. Hardy to get the bang-bang play at the plate. I can understand holding the runner with no outs, but I am all for the aggressiveness since another runner was sitting in scoring position. It didn’t work out, that’s life.”

          • You are coming up with an arbitrary percentage saying he would be safe 90% of the time. Says who? Was the throw by Hardy really so spectacular that he could only make it 1 out of 10 times? I don’t think so in fact I think he makes a good throw more times than not there. Look at the replay….he was about 2 feet off the infield dirt…..the throw really wasn’t much further than a regular throw by a SS to 1st base.

            The bottom line is you don’t send a guy with no outs unless you know he can score. Add in that it was below average runner like Swisher who has a bad groin and just got hit in the foot it makes it worse. I’ll take my chances with ARod and tex to drive in a run with an out over Swisher trying to beat out a relay throw everyday of the week.

            I know you think announcers are stupid but even the Baltimore announcer said “I’m kind of wondering what (Robbie Thomson) he’s thinking there. With nobody out you don’t want a guy thrown out at the plate.”

            • The throw was perfect, not just “good”. Not only am I the only person that said that, I’m not the only person defending Thomson. It’s opinion vs. opinion, with no way to prove one side or the other. You spoke your piece, I spoke mine (here and in the link I posted). But I find it odd that while I’m willing to conceded that it was questionable, you and others are steadfast in your opinion that it was stupid/wrong.

              • There’s nothing to concede. It’s my opinion that you don’t risk it with 0 outs. If there were 2 outs it would be an acceptable risk. With 0 outs, it’s a bad play. It’s something that’s been drummed into every player who’s ever played ball that you don’t take a chance making the 1st out at the plate. You only go if you KNOW you can beat the throw. That obviously was not the case here since Swisher was nailed and while the throw was on the money, it’s a play most MLB Shortstops will make at a fairly high rate. I’m all for being aggressive on the bases but not with 0 outs.

        • Fishjam…
          I hate to do this to you but, I think you may have miss quoted the old saying. I think it was; “Never make the first or last out at 3rd!” I think! 🙂

      • I expanded on my thoughts of the play at my blog. You can read it at the following URL if you care to…

    • fishjam, I agree it was a bad play, but at least it was close at home.

  7. great minds think alike. would be nice if they can get Phelps the win.

  8. Girardi is not helping those trying to defend him. Keeping Garcia in the game in the 4th against Markakis was dumb. I’m sure he wanted to try other guys in the bullpen, but if it’s later in the season I hope he would have brought out Mo earlier than the 12th. Especially against the heart of the order.

    • Brian, I agree with you, early in the season it’s good to try and stick with the starters, it’s a long season. As a manager, you show confidence in Garcia by leaving him in. You could see that Garcia was having trouble throwing his splitter in the cold weather, which is his out pitch. Throwing Swisher at home was another key play in the game. The best thing about this game was that the Yanks beat a pitcher that they were seeing for the first time, they usually don’t do that.

      • See, I was perfectly okay with the Swisher thing. It took a perfect relay throw to get Nick out on a bang-bang play. 9 out of 10 times Swish scores, and Thomson looks good. I like the aggressive approach on the basepaths, which shows up in my coaching.

    • Bryan, I have no problem with him saving Mo. You have to save your closer in extra innings on the road. If the game was at home he would have been in there in the 9th or 10th but you have to save your closer because the home team gets the final at bat even if you score. Joe made the right move in this case and it paid off.

      • That’s the traditional way of looking at things, but why? Why pigeon-hole guys into certain roles? Why not use the best pitchers?

        Look, I get what you’re saying. But the other side of the argument makes sense…. what if the Yankees lost in the bottom of the 9th or 10th, while Mariano was sitting in the bullpen twiddling his thumbs? Lose with your best on the field.

        • I look at it as…….Mo is your closer. He has been your closer for 16 years and has done it better than anyone in the history of the sport. In a tie game on the road you cannot win the game without someone closing the game in the bottom half of the inning so you save your closer for that. If someone gets in deep trouble….say 2nd and 3rd no outs in the 10th, then you can bring in Mo to try to salvage the game. Joe has done this in the past. But with no on, no outs and the pen cruising, I was fine with saving Mo to close.

          Your argument is why not bring in your closer earlier in the game when the game is on the line in the 6th or 7th inning. It makes sense on some levels and the Red Sox tried it years ago before scraping it. IMO, it’s easier to assign pitchers general roles that they can get comfortable in. And as someone who was a reliever and a closer, there is a bit of extra urgency and pressure in the 9th knowing you are the final guy and there’s no help behind you. Some people don’t handle that role well.

          • That’s as good an argument for assigning roles as I’ve read.

          • Fishjam…
            I knew you were a starter, which did you like the most Start, RP or closer? I liked the pressure of closing, what about you?
            Comfort zone is very important to many of the pitchers, in fact, very important! So, I concur with your assessment.

            • Hi Ken…..I liked closing too. Although I’m sure closing when you pitched was a lot harder than when I pitched. I often went an inning plus or 2 innings but closing when you pitched was probably multiple innings every outing right?

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