Game 17 Lineup: Yankees @ Rangers

Lineup vs Rangers:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

Start Time: 8:05pm
Field: Ballpark in Arlington
T.V: YES Network
Radio: WCBS

— We should get more information about Michael Pineda during tonight’s game.

UPDATE ON PINEDA: Michael Pineda will get a second opinion on his shoulder tomorrow before the Yankees release the prognosis & diagnosis. Pineda will visit Dr. Altchek.


Enjoy the game everyone!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Yankees N More

    “More information”???

    How much more do we need??? The guy has a blown out shoulder, he suffered it at the end of last season, it’s the reason Pineda had such a sudden and dramatic loss of velocity in his final start of 2011 (check his PitchFX velocity chart), it’s the reason the Mariners shut him down all winter long, and it’s the reason a guy who had previously been completely untouchable was suddenly available.

    And not only was the M’s GM able to dump Pineda, he actually found another GM stupid enough to give him one of the highest rated prospects in the game for his broken down pile of crap.

    • More info = MRI results

      I really liked Montero and felt that if we traded him we had to get someone more established and well-rounded as a pitcher. How many young throwers have we seen light up the radar gun early in their career then fizzle out or move to the pen. On the bright side Campos may be our #1 pitching prospect.

      • Yankees N More

        Ya… I get that official results (assuming the Yankees are honest enough to share them) qualify as “more info”…

        The point I was attempting to make is that it’s been obvious to me from the first moment I saw this guy pitch there was a problem with his shoulder… Lower arm angle and significant loss of velocity??? That’s shoulder pain. Period.

        And when you take an honest look at all the puzzle pieces, some of which I mentioned earlier, you’d have to be pretty naive to believe this was not something that happened to Pineda at the end of last season.

        Guys like Pineda aren’t just turned completely loose during the offseason. If he didn’t throw a single pitch all winter, it’s because the Mariners shut him down, not because he’s “lazy.”

        • There were more established pitchers available but Cashman didn’t want to invest any money beyond this season. Darvish could have been had for nothing but money, Gio, Latos & Garza may have been had for Montero-led packages.

          The fact that Pineda’s velocity dropped significantly in the 2nd half and that he barely broke 90 in his final start is a massive red-flag. So much so, that most people figured the Yanks had some kind of knowledge that he definitely wasn’t injured.

          Hopefully, it’s one of those Phil Hughes-type shoulder issues that doesn’t require surgery. Phil’s issues seemed a combo of fatigue, poor mechanics, work-ethic and conditioning. Pineda has ALL of the same issues and best case scenario, you write off most of 2012, get the kid in shape and rebuild him.

          • He’s screwed, it was just announced that Pineda will get a second opinion tomorrow from the Met’s dr. before revealing the diagnosis and prognosis. Noone gets a second opinion unless they don’t like the first one and the fact that they won’t reveal the diagnosis and prognosis tells me all I need to know.
            1-5 odds he needs shoulder surgery.

            • He could be getting a 2nd opinion because nobody is finding anything. The Yanks gave him an MRI after his last ST start and it revealed nothing….just general inflammation from pitching so they called it “tendinitis”. You also have to think the yanks gave him an MRI when he got his physical after the trade. So if this 3rd MRI reveals nothing but tendinitis, they may need someone else to take a look. In any case, I don’t expect to see him pitching in the Yankee rotation this year.

  2. Would have never guessed the Yankees have the least errors in the league so far this year.

    • Yeah I mentioned in my artice on Sunday…….the Yanks were leading the league in:
      – Runs per Game
      – Bullpen ERA
      – Fielding % & Errors

      But their Starting Pitching was 29th in ERA.

  3. Darvish is the real deal. When he’s ahead in the count, he is extremley difficult to hit. The guy has multiple out pitches he can go to to finish off a batter. His Splitter, Slider, Curve & Cutter are all Swing and Miss pitches. His FB is straight put he throws it downhill and has been nailing the corners with it at 93-94 all night long. He’s poised and comfortable on the mound and is a horse who carried the same 94-MPH FB from his 1st pitch to his 120th in the 9th inning. He actually started throwing some 95-97’s in the later innings.

    In his first 3 starts he had a lot of Walks but tonight his command and control were excellent. If he can continue to command the ball and get ahead of hitters like he did tonight, he’s a true #1 and worth the money Texas paid. Another fine pickup by Texas.

    • This could have been the first sign of how the 189 cap is going to effect the Yanks. In years past the Yanks would have put a bigger bid in on Darvish, now they settle for Pineda and Kuroda short term. It also shows the cumulative effect ot signing alot of players to big contracts. The Rangers look to have the money and flexibility to win for along time. Right now I would say the Rangers and Yanks are the best teams in the AL.

      • I didn’t mind that they past up on Darvish. The Yankees were burned in the past by pitchers from overseas. I figured they wouldn’t even try again. The Yankees have a core group of pitchers. Phleps, Mitchell, Warren, the Killer B’s (who aren’t killing that much so far this year), that I thought the best option was give a couple one year contracts and wait for there development instead of throwing money at an unknown.

        • Darvish was hardly an unkown, he was the best pitcher ever to come out of Japan. None of the minor league pitchers that the Yanks have are projected to be more than #3 starters in the future. Pineda was the one with the high ceiling. None of they Yanks pitchers are A prospects. Darvish could be an ace. That’s why you have scouts, to know these things.

          • meant more his stuff was unknown in the MLB. We have seen many pitchers come and fail from overseas.

            Again i was fine that the Yankees passed up on him.

  4. Nice effort by Kuroda who settled in and pitched a great game after the leadoff HR. The Yanks will take that from Kuroda every start of the season. He def has the ability to have a solid year as he won’t face a lineup much better than Texas’.

  5. I’ll give credit to Darvish for pitching a good game although I am extremely disappointed with the Yankees hitters tonight. Kuroda pitched a great game as well but no run support.

    I do have to say I am VERY impressed with Boone Logan this year. Last year, Logan struggled in the beginning of the season. This season he’s came out dealing and has almost been lights out.

  6. Good pitching almost always beats good hitting. Sorry about that Doug, the devil made me do it! 🙂
    One can watch the Japanese pitchers all one wants and not understand. They have a smaller baseball, pitch every 6 days and are normally smaller players and not as good as the bigger players we have.
    So one never knows how well they will adapt over here, no matter what the record is in Japan.
    And we do have a couple of pitchers projected to be #1s or 2s, so we should be optimistic
    Cashman is not as bad as some around here think he is. The trade would never have gone through with out them giving up the other pitcher Cashman wanted, even more so than Pineda.
    Just some ramblings to think about. 🙂

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