Morning Bits: Garcia, Kruk blasts Swisher, Jeter, Pineda

Good morning all.  Nice strong outing from C.C. last night.  Tonight is an interesting matchup as we have Darvish vs Kuroda. Let’s get right to the links….

— Yesterday Ivan Rodriguez announced his retirement and catches lots of praise from the Yankees reports Mark Feinsand of The Daily News.

Bryan Hoch of writes that the Yankees commit to Garcia for the next start.

John Kruk blasts Nick Swisher for excessive celebration in win over the Red Sox.  (finally someone agrees with me about Swisher).

Richard Justice of writes Jeter is defying all who wrote him off.

— Today’s MRI will shed light on the Pineda injury writes Bryan Hoch of

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  1. Shocking that since ESPN’s favorite team is embarrassing itself on the field they have to deflect attention away from that. I wonder if Kruk said the same thing about Big Papi last year? I am going to venture a guess and say no.

  2. The fact that Raismann wrote this makes it even more hilarious. The only thing he ever writes about is YES being homers when hello what local sports network can you find without homers? ESPN kind of has to talk about it since it is the story in baseball but trust me it is killing them lol. Maybe Kruk can better help ESPN’s favorite team by finding them actual MLB pitchers for their bullpen to get the Yankees out instead of worrying about stuff like this

  3. I don’t even watch the ESPN guys anymore, I love the MLB Network, except for a few guys Gammons and Magrane. Harrold, Hart, Bowa, Verducci, Ripken, Kenny, Amsinger, and Lieter. My favorites are Plesac,Byrnes, and Casey, but I am lefthanded.

  4. Same here Doug. ESPN is great for their NFL and NBA coverage and I watch them for that. But their baseball coverage is awful and I stick to the MLB Network. Guys like Olney and Kurkjian are ok but their studio analyts like Kruk and the others are a joke.

  5. Honestly, Kruk needs to leave Swisher alone. If the Red Sox did the same thing that Swisher did in that game, then there would be no news story. ESPN likes to favor the Red Sox hence why I don’t watch them.

    • Kruk has no leg to stand on here. Swish did not, in any way, taunt the Red Sox. He plays the game with the enthusiasm of a kid, and that’s not a bad thing. The Sox, and their fans, should be more concerned about blowing that 9-0 lead, and less about Swish celebrating his 2-run double that erased it.

  6. Yup u guys are right. Big Papi would dig sand castles in the batters box and show up the Yankees after HR’s last year. Did Kruk have anything to say about it then? Of course he didn’t.

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