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Game 20 Lineup: Tiger vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Tigers:

Derek Jeter DH
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Andruw Jones LF
Russell Martin C
Eduardo Nunez SS

RHP Freddy Garcia (0-1, 9.75 ERA)

Start Time: 4:05pm
Stadium: Yankee Stadium

T.V: YES Network
Radio: WCBS 880


Enjoy the game everyone!

The Pineda trade: the trade isn’t a bust–yet

When the Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda trade came to light on January 13, 2012  fans were excited to see the young right hander pitch for the New York Yankees. But starting in Spring Training, there were concerns about Pineda which made fans a little wary if this was a good trade. First of all, Pineda’s velocity wasn’t what it used to be when he was with the Seattle Mariners. In Seattle he would hit 95-97 mph on the radar gun while in Spring Training with the Yankees, his fastball would top at 90-93 mph. When Pineda was placed on the 15 day disabled list with shoulder tendonitis, it seemed that the Yankees had found the problem to Pineda’s low velocity. But fast-forward to late April, last week in fact, when Michael Pineda was shutdown after feeling soreness in his right shoulder. He made a trip to New York to get an MRI and soon his agent requested a second opinion to see Dr. Altchek, the Mets team doctor.

Michael Pineda is on the DL which makes fans wonder, was the trade a bust?

In the end it was revealed that Michael Pineda had an anterior labral tear in his right shoulder that would require season ending arthroscopic surgery. After it was revealed that Pineda needed surgery, fans took to Twitter and Facebook and wrote how the Mariners got the better part of the trade which was a young 21 year old that was the #1 prospect in the Yankees farm system. I don’t think the Pineda trade was a bust–just yet. There are certain factors that come into play that make it almost impossible to assess the Michael Pineda trade at this point.

1. It’s too early to tell: As we all know, the trade happened in January. We can’t determine that it was a good or bad trade in 4 months; it’s not possible. The Yankees viewed Michael Pineda as a plan for more of the future, kind of like how they signed David Aardsma more for 2013 than for 2012. Michael Pineda is under team control for the next 5 seasons, so we might want to hold off on jumping to conclusions saying that the trade was ” the worst trade Brian Cashman ever made.”

2. Age: We aren’t talking about guys that are in their 30’s and their baseball careers are almost over. We are talking about Michael Pineda who is 23 and Jesus Montero who is 21; both just beginning their Major League careers. They are both young so they have a while to prove themselves. It’s not like their Major League careers end tomorrow.

Michael Pineda might be able to make a full recovery, although it's not guarenteed

3. Pineda might come back strong: I know that arthroscopic surgery isn’t the best bet for a pitcher and it’s also a risk, but Michael Pineda might come back and be a better pitcher that he was before. A lot of pitchers have had surgery and they have never been the same, but there are some pitchers (2 that come to my mind) that have had arthroscopic surgery and have succeeded in their Major League careers: Chris Carpenter & Curt Schilling. Carpenter had surgery in 2002 and won the Cy Young award in 2005. Curt Schilling had a slight labral tear in 1995 and returned posting the best numbers of his career (especially with the Red Sox from 2004-2008). The odds seem to be against Pineda in this category, since many pitchers that were successful in the beginning had labrum surgery, which hurt the rest of their careers. Examples: Jason Schmidt (he spent a lot of time on the DL after the surgery) & Erik Bedard (he had multiple set-backs while rehabbing his shoulder but he’s now a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates). But Curt Schilling himself believes that Michael Pineda will make a big bounce back when he returns next season. Let’s hope Schilling is right.

Who knows where the trade will be in 5 years or so. Maybe Michael Pineda might be the best thing that the New York Yankees ever had while Jesus Montero struggles mightily for the Seattle Mariners. Or maybe it’s Jesus Montero that goes onto play in All-Star games while Michael Pineda is struggling in the Yankees rotation, or he might be with another team. We can’t judge the trade right now because of all that’s happened so far. It’s only been 4 months. Once Montero & Pineda finish their tenures with the Yankees & Mariners then we can decide if the trade was worth it. But for now, all we can do is sit and wait.


Morning Bits: Walk-Off Pie, Garcia, Chamberlain, Nova

Good morning everyone and a Happy Saturday to you all. Last night’s game was wild, so let’s hope that Freddy Garcia can get it together and have a good outing for us. Onto the morning links!

— Now that A.J Burnett is gone–did the Yankees put an end to the pie celebration? If that’s the case, then Brett Gardner is lucky. He had the last pie to the face by A.J.

— Is Freddy Garcia ready to finally have a good outing? If not…”Paging Mr. Phelps.”

— There was a nice surprise for the Yankees last night as Joba Chamberlain was in the clubhouse. There’s good news for him. One is that he says his arm feels 100% and the second thing is that the boot on his foot will come back in a week.  He anticipates being back in 2012.

— Ivan Nova missed his chance to finally beat Justin Verlander. Don’t beat yourself up Nova. The only American League park that Justin Verlander has not won in is Yankee Stadium.

What a wild one! Yanks win 7-6 on wild pitch in 9th inning

NEW YORK– As if things couldn’t get any worse for the Detroit Tigers (10-10). After not having Delmon Young for tonight’s game (he was stuck in court after being arrested), Justin Verlander struggled, Yankees tied the game and the Detroit bullpen let them down as the Yankees (11-8) won 7-6 on a wild pitch.

BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE: Ivan Nova didn’t look very comfortable on the mound today but it might have something to do with the cold weather. Game time temperature during first pitch was 45 degrees and it didn’t get any warmer from there. Nova struggled a bit as he gave up 6 runs on 11 hits with 3 walks & 5 strikeouts. It shouldn’t be cold for long, but I bet the Yankees are wishing for 70 degree weather.

Not only did the cold affect Ivan Nova, but Nova felt that he was being squeezed by home plate umpire Joe West. When asked about the squeezed strike zone,  Nova said that he felt that he had balls for strikes but wasn’t getting the calls because of the zone. “At the end of the day it’s the us vs. Verlander. It’s not about me. You’ll see me in 5 days.”

Russell Martin somewhat blames himself for not adjusting his calls due to the squeezed zone. “If I had told him to throw more fastballs, then it could have been a lot different.”

A-ROD HITS 633: Alex Rodriguez had an insane day at the plate, going 3 for 4 with a HR. That homer was #633. A-Rod was also at the plate when the wild pitch went past him and scored Jeter.

JETER SNAPS HIT STREAK: Derek Jeter couldn’t get a hit today which snapped his 15 game hit streak. Jeter did get on base in the 9th inning and scored the winning run on a wild pitch. His average dropped from .420 to .400.

IT’S HOUDINI, THE MAGNIFICENT: David Robertson once again had a scoreless inning and even had a runner on base. Robertson is the only pitcher in the Yankees bullpen (aside from Cody Eppley) who has a 0.00 ERA. Robertson also has 24 scoreless innings, dating back to September of last year.

YOUR OUTTA HERE: This has been an interesting game for Joe Girardi. For the 13th time in his Yankees career, Girardi was ejected in the 7th inning. If you didn’t see Girardi’s ejection during the 7th inning then you missed an interesting intermission. Girardi jumped over the Yankees dugout fence to get to home plate umpire Joe West before commencing his argument.

GARDNER TAKES (BUNTING) BP: Brett Gardner was back on the field before the game today taking batting practice, but he wasn’t swinging for the fences. Gardner was cleared to do hitting drills and one of them was bunting. Gardner was only allowed to bunt and do running drills today. If everything goes well, then Gardner will come off the DL next Thursday vs. the Royals.

WHAT’S NEXT: Freddy Garcia will take the mound for the Yankees as the Yankees face a pitcher that they have never seen before; Drew Smyly and once you see his pitches when he’s on track, there is nothing to smile about. The game will start at 4:05pm.