Yanks fall to Rays 4-1 after Robertson blows save

Going into the top of the 9th inning, the Yankees were leading 1-0 and put their closer David Robertson on the mound. Usually with Robertson, it’s somewhat an automatic 1, 2, 3 game over inning right? Wrong. Robertson gave up 4 runs in the top of the 9th which gave the Rays a 4-1 victory over the Yankees.

WALKING ON A TIGHTROPE: Ever since the 1st inning, the Yankees had been walking on a tightrope with a slim 1 run lead. The lead wasn’t going to last long when in the 9th inning, David Robertson gave up 4 runs on 3 hits in 0.2 of an inning. Let’s not all freak out now. Robertson was bound to give up runs at some point. He’s not a robot. But did it have to come 3 outs away from a victory?

GARDNER PASSES REHAB GAMES WITH FLYING COLORS: Brett Gardner played his second rehab game during the Yankees game and did another amazing job. Gardner was 1 for 2 with a triple and 2 walks. Gardner seems to be ready to go and can be recalled as early as tomorrow if Joe Girardi feels Gardner is ready. Gardner can come back to the Bronx but he might not play tomorrow due to a left hander being on the mound (David Price).

MO HAS BLOOD CLOT; ALL IS WELL: Mariano Rivera had a blood clot in his right knee but it was taken care of. Mo spent last night at the hospital getting treatment and is still getting treatment as of today. Mo will not have surgery on his torn ACL as of yet since the doctors want him to maintain mobility of his knee and Mo is unsure how the blood clot happened in the first place.

CHAVEZ TAKES IMPACT TEST: Eric Chavez took an impact test which is mandatory for players on the concussion DL. Chavez doesn’t know the results and neither will we until the results get to Joe Girardi.

WHAT’S NEXT: The series finale between the Yankees and the Rays will commence with CC Sabathia on the mound for the Yankees and David Price for the Rays.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again Robertson should not be the closer. his Shtick won’t work. You can’t constantly put people on base then hope for 3K’s like he does at times. It will eventually go the other way and burn you.

    • Matt, after watching his first two attempts at closing I can’t disagree with you. I have to believe what my eyes see, and perhaps its time to put Soriano there.

  2. If we don’t pick up another impact bat we aren’t going anywhere. We just have to assume that Martin will never hit and that this is what Teixeira is now. I have no faith Ibanez can continue his sporadic hitting either. Swisher obviously needs to bat 5th, PLEASE let Girardi see this. You can’t win with a 5 man KILLING innings with a .217 average and a joke of an OBP.

    • Tex needs to wake up.

      • Just that one double from Tex lead to runs, runs, runs. In my opinion the 5th man in the order is now as important as the cleanup man.
        I’ve given up all hope that Tex will ever be what he was when we got him, but if he could even hit .260 what a difference it would make.

  3. We all know that D-Rob didn’t pitch well yesterday and that Tex is still struggling, but try and see the positive side of things:

    1. Robinson Cano seems to be waking up from his slumber a bit. Maye hitting the grand slam helped.

    2.Nick Swisher’s killing the baseball right now. It’s almost like he never left.

    3. Brett Gardner might come back tonight. I think Girardi might wait until tomorrow to play him however because today is David Price and even though I hate to agree, Price is a tough lefty and Gardner doesn’t do well against tough lefties. But Gardner was killing the ball in Triple-A as well. In both games combined he was 3 for 5 with a triple, 2 walks and a strikeout (only blemish).

    4. I think Robertson should get another chance at being the closer. You don’t just give up on a guy that was one of the best in your bullpen. He was bound to give up runs at some point. He’s not a robot.

    One thing I’d like to see changed is the lineup. Aside from Jeter & Swisher, no one is exactly murdering the baseball so maybe it’s time to shake up the lineup a bit. Maybe move A-Rod & Tex down in the order and let Swisher move up. At this point, I don’t care how much they make. It should matter whose more effective and right now–Teixeira and A-Rod aren’t it.

    • Delia I agree on the lineup, Teixeira is a ruination in the 5 spot. He’s like an automatic out, or even worse, a double play. Teixeira has already grounded into 5 double plays, which has him on pace to ground into 25 double plays by season’s end.
      Swisher has GOT to be moved up in the order and perhaps once Gardner comes back we could move someone down a slot.
      Maybe Teixeira’s illness is really bothering him, maybe he just needs more non pressure at bats to find his stroke. Whatever it is, this just isn’t working.

    • Delia….those were all great points.

      Yanks need to bunch their better hitters right now to try to jump-start their offense. I don’t know what to say about Tex. The new approach we heard was a lot of nonsense. He’s hit maybe 3 balls the other way all yr and CONTINUES to roll over ground balls into the teeth of the shift. If a pitcher doesn’t make a huge mistake, he is an easy out….keep the ball down and away and he gets himself out repeatedly by trying to pull that pitch. Even if he does hit it hard there’s 3 GUYS over there all playing deep ready to glove it. Tex MUST adjust before teams start putting 4 players over there! 🙂

      Robertson gave up his first runs since last September….let’s relax people. maybe it’s good that his consecutive scoring streak has ended and he blew a save. Takes away a little pressure to be perfect. You have to commit to a closer, not throw dirt on him for one blown save. Mo blew 3 of his first 6 saves in 1997 when he was made closer for the first time and he’s had a decent career.

  4. george jetson

    Last night was just another example of poor managing by Girardi. The team is playing game 2 of 16 straight and he has to go to the new formula again. Not only did it fail neither Robertson or Soriano will be available for tonight’s game.

    What I do not understand is why not use Eppley and Rapada after Logan before Wade? If he did this then Wade could have finished up, if Corey got in trouble you had both Robertson and Soriano in reserve if needed.

    • Sure if he uses Rapada or Eppley in the 7th and they blow it u don’t come on here today and rip Girard for using scrubs in a 1 run game with our big guns still in the pen? Thats asinine. Who says u will even need Sori or Robertson today? Yesterday u had a chance to win the series and had to go for it.

    • It’s amazing Jetson…
      If the Yankees win, they did great! If they loose, it can’t be that they didn’t do what they are getting paid for it is because Joe asked a guy to do his job. All Joe can do is put a player in a position to win the situation, if the player fails…it is because Joe didn’t throw the pitch or didn’t hit the ball….NO. He did his job, it was up to the others to do their job. Or am I wrong, don’t these guys make as much money as I do (Joke) to play a kids game/ LOL

  5. Seeing as have a few seconds I’ll throw in my pennes worth here.
    1) D-Rob (for now) is a set-up man only. He can and will close but, with high cost at times.
    2) Sorry is and has been a closer, put him in there and leave him alone.
    3) When (IF) Joba gets back, slowly move him into the closers spot, he is the best bet we have.
    4) Don’t panick, A-Rod will heat up, Cano is Cano, play Jeter everyday (until he comes back to earth) then he and Nunez can work to gether at SS, Tex gets his left swing going and that is it (he can’t change it to fit the situation), live with it
    5) Move Garcia out of town.
    6) CC, Nova, Korduba(?), Phil and Philphs.
    7) Robertson has been tried as a starter…like MO, it didn’t work out to well. He throws to many pitches and is out of there in the 3-4 inning. To much effort in each pitch….20-25 pitches an inning is way to much.
    8) Brett, Swisher, Cano, A-Rod, Granderson, Jeter, Ibanize, Martin, Tex. I put Jeter in the 6 hole because he is hitting for high avg., therefore we spread out the .300 hitters out a bit.
    9) Bring up Ronnier, let him be DH and fill in.
    10) Bring in Donnie Baseball next year as manager. Ever notice, wherever Joe T. manages someone has to come behind him to put the team back to gether. Joe went to the Yankees (already set to win) and was the right guy in the right place, at the right time…left as a looser! Went to a strong LA team and couldn’t win…left a looser! But some fans think he was the second coming of Casey Stengel. Big joke, hay?

    Hay Fishjam…jump in here, what are your thoughts? We all know I am not right but, it may get you guys started.
    Bye the bye this took almost, well to damn long! 🙂

    • george jetson

      Sadly the Yankees as presently constructed are done. The team needs new leadership and direction to be competitive going forward.

      • Sadly, you are almost right. The team is old, don’t have high avg. hitters and are trying to win while rebuilding. It can’t be done!
        Year 2013……….Brake it all down, then rebuild and win as many games as possible on the way back.
        The bad thing is, we have Jeter, A-Rod, Tex, what to do? Simple; buy out Jeter and Tex. Remember here, it is age and future, not now and ego. A-Rod has too much money to buy out his contract so we have him until he quits.
        Put Nunez in at SS, Ronnier in at 2nd, move Cano to 3rd and A-Rod to 1st and DH a bit, bring up Rommine, he is almost as good as Martin w/glove but even better with a bat. We have two or three Very good OF at AAA, AA, let’s see what they can do…don’t give me the; “They are too young yet!’…most of the better players came up around 19 (Jones/A-Rod) to 21 (Willie/Jeter).
        At the same time we are getting some higher draft picks and trading away dead weight….Swisher, Granderson, Tex.
        I say; “within two years we would be back in the King Seat” We may not be the Bronx Bombers but I don’t care…how about you? 🙂

        • george jetson

          Ken you are so wrong. This team with intelligent leadership could compete if they do things smartly. There are a few things that should be done right away but I doubt they’ll happen.

          Soriano needs to close to build his value.

          Phelps needs to continue to start to find out if he can be a fixture in our rotation going forward.

          Mustellier needs to be brought up and given real playing time to see if he can take on a full time role next year at either third or right field.

          If the Yankees did this I would be a much happier fan.

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