Game 32 Lineup: Mariners vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Mariners

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez DH
Russell Martin C

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

Start Time: 7:05pm
Stadium: Yankee Stadium
TV: YES Network
Radio: WCBS 880

— Eric Chavez was added to the roster but someone had to go to the minor leagues. Eduardo Nunez was sent to the minors after a 2 error game.

— Although the Yankees aren’t skeptical, Brett Gardner stressed that his setback isn’t much to worry about. He says it hurts when he swings and misses more than when he makes contact.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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  1. Good move to send Nunez down. Let him get his reps every day.

  2. Nunez should be put in the outfield, he has never been a good infielder in the minors. He has a major league bat, arm, speed. It’s time to teach him how to play the outfield. I really like Nunny, but he just can’t cut it as a middle infielder.

  3. Agree Doug I would have put him in LF pretty much everyday with Gardner out rather than send him to the minors.

  4. my opinion that was the correct move to send A-Rod home on that play.

    • Matt,
      I didn’t see it, can you explain what happened and who threw it? All I can see is that he was thrown out with nobody out which in my book is an absolute no-no. 3rb base coach needs to hold him up….take the bases loaded with no outs. But explain how it went down b/c I’m only talking in principles here.

    • A-Rod hesitated for one step rounding home, so I would have held him up. The problem is that the base coaches are very carefull with A-Rod on the bases bacause of his age and salary.

      • I agree I think A-Rod was probably surprised that he was getting sent home but with Felix on the mound you have to take chances to get runs so I was all for it.

        • Good point!

        • Also i want to see the play over again. I could of sworn A-Rod was safe but it was one of those plays were the ump calls him out cause the ball showed up before him but it looked like A-Rod got in under the tag.

          • He was out just watched the replay three Times bad base running by A-Rod as he was looking out to the outfielder (which looks to have slown him up) instead of watching the third base coach.

  5. Montero shows his power to rightfield, still think the trade was the right move for the Yanks.

  6. come on Swish just a pop fly.

  7. Montero who? Way to go Ibanez!!!

  8. Man, Raul is just too dang cool!

  9. Kuroda is battling, we miss Montero, think trade was terrible and Martin is disgusting offensively

    • JP. Give the trade a chance. You can’t judge it Pineda hasn’t even gotten a chance. It was a fluke Injury. Wait till he is healthy. Also Montero had no fit on this current team.

  10. Nice win. Good pitching and some good hitting.

  11. I disagree very much with your thinking guys! Take Brett out and put Nunez in his place? Are you guys smoking something? (just kidding).
    As for Nunez having troubles with throwing, think of it this way…2nd, 3rd and SS are three completely different positions (in every way). A vet like Jeter-A-Rod can learn to play other positions much quicker but, rookies are still learning one spot….3 are too many.
    Sending him down and let him play SS only, will fix a lot…it isn’t his arm, it is his foot work that messes up his arm!

  12. I disagree, he has had years in the minors to work on his footwork, some guys just aren’t infielders, Tresh and Mantle come to mind. I was saying, let him learn the outfield in AAA.

    • Doug…
      I agree with you in part…I couldn’t play in the OF (judging the ball)…in Nunez case, even then they were moving him around a lot.
      A couple of years ago, one of the guys on another blog and I had a difference of opinion about Nunez. He liked everything about him, I was not set with him at all. I went back down and watched a few more of his games, the Bad; 1)-Bad footwork all around 2)-shotgun arm 3)-They kept moving him around. The Good; 1)- speed 2)-strong arm 3)-very quick bat with some power 4)-Works hard
      Until they put him in one position and let him learn it well, I will not quit on him…where ever he ends up, he will help the team. 🙂

      • old yankee, when I was coaching I used to go to a baseball clinic in Cherry Hill every year. One year one of the speakers was Jerry Kindall of the University of Arizona. He said, that some years he recruited mostly shortstops because they were the best players, I went back and looked at my high school little league teams and many of my starting players started out as shortstops. I just feel that the move from SS to outfield is one of the easiest moves in coaching from my experience. I think with the reps in the minors Nunez could be a good outfielder, but I am not sure he will ever be a good middle infielder. I do think that moving him around hurt him, and I think moving him around in the majors has put too much pressure on him. Some teams will let players learn in the majors, not the Yanks. Every game is too important, that’s why they are always in the playoffs.

        • Doug I agree. Make those mistake in the minors where the players are working on there skills. Those errors could cost the Yankees a spot in the playoffs.

          • Matt/Doug….
            Both of you have good points and I can go with it….to a point.
            A few things to think about; 1)-SS is more valuable then an OF. 2)-not everyone can play the OF well. 3)-Baseball instincts are very important. 4)-Good…. Speed, arm and bat can play!
            Be back, the white hats are here! LOL 🙂

        • Doug, yup, that’s a philosophy of most colleges and also pro organizations when looking for talent. If one has the tools to play SS, they technically have the needed skills to play any position on the field. Starting in Little league, the best athletes all play SS and eventually branch out as they age or can no longer handle the position.

          The Yankees and most teams draft a lot of Up the Middle athletic types like SS’s & CF’s as they can be moved out to corner positions. I think Nunez could play an acceptable LF if they let him concentrate on it. I also think he’d be fine at SS or 2B IF they let him concentrate on that. I don’t like him at 3B at all.

          He’s proven he can hit at least adequately at the MLB level (maybe better) and be a successful 30+ SB guy.All he needs is a position to call his own since he isn’t suited for Utility. On the Yanks he won’t get SS or 2B anytime soon so unless they want to play him in the OF, they may be better off trading him. There are many teams that would start him at SS right now.

  13. Never said replace Gardner with Nunez I said have him play everyday there until he gets back.

  14. Nunez makes a better OF than an IF. Yankees have to stop forcing him to play somewhere where he’s error prone and let him play somewhere where we don’t have to worry about errors all the time.

    • I agree, Nunny might be able to take Swisher’s place next year with enough playing time in the outfield this year in AAA, if the Yanks decide to go in that direction.

      • From what I heard though don’t they want to keep him strictly at SS though?

        • Yes, they seem to want to keep him at SS. This is why I think the Yanks should draft a SS first in the June draft, it won’t be long before they will need a replacement for Jeter or move him to 3b or Dh. I like Carlos Correa, Tanner Rahier, Chris Taylor of Virginia, or Steve Perez of Miami. Correa looks to be picked before the Yanks get their pick.

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