Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Rotation, Closer Dilemma, Gumbs, Ibanez

Time to check out all the Yankee Blogs around the web.  Give them all a read.  Enjoy.

* An A-blog for A-Rod is looking at a brighter turn through the rotation.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue looks at the future shortstop Eduardo Nunez.

* Bronx Baseball Daily has the details of Pettitte’s contract.

* It’s about the Money Stupid asks if where Tex hits in the order actually matters?

* Lady Loves Pinstripes writes that the Yankees are wounded but are still winning.

* NYY Universe writs about the Yankee closer Dilemma.

* Pinstripe Alley is giving some credit to unappreciated Yankees.

* River Ave Blues writes RISP: Where Yanks big guns go to die.

* The Captain’s Blog has a write up about Ibanez making an early Impact with his bat.

* The Greedy Pinstripes are taking a look at Yankee prospect Angelo Gumbs.

* The Yankee Analysts take a look at Hiroki and the lack of strikeouts.


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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Matt…That guy over at Bleeding Yankee Blue is an dumb dumb guy. Did you read it? Sorry about the dumb words but, I sometimes wonder if they have Ozzie Smith mixed up with Jeter. I am trying not to comment to much on those guys…they shouldn’t have a blog.
    Jeter is Jeter and the best we have ever had at SS in New York, enough said.
    That guy was funny though! lol 🙂

  2. On a post I saw a question; “Is there something physically wrong with Tex”?
    Well fans, you are right, there is something wrong with him…it is called “Right Field Fence”!
    He came here just as Jason did, with great avg., HRs and RBIs. They both changed their swings for right field and went down hill.
    I would like to see him go back to what he was! Some of these guys should take a page out of David Winfields book, as it looked like A-Rod was going to do. Hit the ball for liners, with the power these guys have some will go out just because…they did for him. When he changed his hitting that way, his everything went up, except for SO and other not good things.

    I think if Tex and A-Rod tried for line drives (just those two) the team would be like night and day. 🙂

    • Tex does seem like he is trying to lift the ball to get it out instead of hitting line drives. I and others have been saying that for some time now.

      • Matt…
        In ST I thought A-Rod had changed his approach at the plate. It seemed he shortened and leveled his swing a bit.
        Maybe you guys can check it out but he still is more level then most (good for Liners), and his avg., is up…so maybe he is still a work in progress?
        Any thoughts at 0227? 🙂

        • Ken I will look into that. When do you sleep?

          • Hi Matt….
            The white hats are gone again…for a while!
            I sleep when I can get real tiered from walking or (over doing it) anything like that…then I take short naps.
            I still think, if A-Rod and Tex were to hit for line drives, they would still come close or better their HR marks (or 30 HR).
            Unless I am mistaken, Cano is falling into the right field mistic…show me the real Cano swing.
            Bernie and Cano both had line drive swings, every so often (more then one would think) one would fly out.
            Now, if we had the guys with great power (A-Rod, Tex, Cano) just go for the liners…two things would happen;
            Their avg., goes up…more hits when we need them (hopefully).
            The HRs will be there but, not 40 a year, which still leaves us with some mashers.
            I’ll take something like .300+/- along with 20-30 HRs and 100-(200) RBIs for each of them!
            What do you guys think? Am I off base here?
            I am honestly looking and maybe reaching for some ideas, the liner hits deal has been around for ever but, with all the money going to HRs, a lot of players have lost track of it. 🙂

            • old yankee, the 2009 Yanks had 7 hitters with 20 HRs and Jeter had 18. I think these guys just go up their and hit, as someone said, the best hitter has a short memory. I think good hitters don’t think too much. Hitters do have different styles and rarely change their style, especially if they have been successful. Some are slap hitters, line drive hitters, and power hitters, and some can do it all.

              • Doug…
                You are right on all counts Doug.
                With A-Rod and Cano we have hitters that can be line drive hitters because they hit that way a lot of the time anyhow, A-Rod has little upper cut once in a while, but liners are not out of the question.
                Tex and Cano have always had very little upper cut (Cano mostly) untel the right wall mistic hit them.
                Tex has NOT been successful as a lefty, he should want to change and I see a bit of difference in him this season.

                • old yankee, I’ll tell you a funny story, I was coaching about 20 years ago and we were in a championship game. The morning before the game the players parents had a brunch for the team. At the brunch they showed little league games of the players. I’m watching with my assistant coach and all of a sudden I say to him, do you believe this. We could tell every hitter by their stance and style. I said to him, after all the work we did with them, helping them become better hitters and they really hadn’t changed that much. As we watched the video’s further we saw another thing, 3 of the better players had hit home runs in little league off the same team that they hit home runs off in the season. I couldn’t believe it. So much for positive reinforcement. At that point I said to my coach, now I know we are going to win this game, and we did.

  3. Doug…
    By the time a player played ball with me, he had about 10 years (not counting grade school) playing as he was. I never tried to change a player, I would try to have them make a small twist here or there. I found much more than that and it wasn’t going to happen.
    Here is a small story for you;
    I am ambidextrous, I switch hit with my hands open about 4″, I pitched as a lefty and played 2nd as a righty. My left hand could darn near learn to throw anything. My right hand was to damn dumb to learn anything.
    We all have stories, from different generations, I picked up separating my hands on the bat so I could hit the inside and outside pitches, it worked for me but, a guy I know named Ballpark would say I was the dumbest hitter he has ever heard of. But, back a few years many guys hit like that, see Medwick, TY Cobb and Shoeless Joe Jackson. Back a year or two, they were some of the best, I fell a bit short of that! 🙂

    • old yankee, when I was a kid I saw a picture of Ty Cobb hitting that way and I tried it. It didn’t work for me. I also remember those old Jackie Robinson bats, I always used a Hank Aaron model. My glove was a Herb Score Rawlings.

      • Herb Score, now there was a guy that (maybe) could have been one of the all time greats. I think I have seen the liner to the eye clip 1mmmmm times! Talent like that, comes around maybe, every generation or so!
        I started with an old bottle-neck bat, I loved it but, they quit making them years ago!
        It is strange, we have lefty hitters come to the Yankees as (example); .300+/20+/- HRs/85 RBIs, after about 85+/- games, one can see the numbers, approach and swing change. After a while, you end up with a guy hitting; .235/30-40 HRs/120 RBIs. Then the fun starts, bloggers/media people say things like; “his numbers are great except for his avg., he needs to get that up” or maybe “he is hitting a lot of HRs and RBIs but, not in tight games when, all we need is a single. What happened to the .300 hitter?”!
        The right field wall happened…again and again. 🙂

  4. I”m watching Mlb Network and the Royals Herara is throwing over 100mph and mowing down the O’s.

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