Game 38 Lineup: Yankees @ Blue Jays

Lineup vs Blue Jays: 

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher DH
Eric Chavez 3B
Andruw Jones RF
Russell Martin C

RHP Phil Hughes


About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. george jetson

    Over/under 1 !/2 home runs given up by Hughes tonight? Over

    • The last two games he has given up one homer each game. I will take the under.

    • Hughes will always give up HRs unless he changes those hideous mechanics that cause him to throw on a level plane. He needs to get on top of his Fastball and drive it down otherwise he’ll forever be a Fly-Ball pitcher. He’s been better last 2 outings with the added velocity, better command and scrapping the hanging Cutters. This will be a good test for him against a better, AL East lineup. His team badly needs a big performance so let’s see if he can grab the bull by the balls. 🙂

  2. I wish I could type with more than one or two fingers.
    Did anyone see that HR coming? After the foul back, I said to the white hats, It is gone! Bad call on the pitch! 🙂

  3. old yankee, it’s all about location, if Hughes throws the curve down and away or that fastball down and away Batista is history. That pitch he hit for a HR is the only place he is hitting the ball right now. Hughes just doesn’t have good command of his pitches.

    • Doug, you have everything about right but, you left off the last word to the last line, the word is; “tonight”!
      Now I don’t know about Fishjam (righty) but, as I am a lefty and throw so slow, I can catch my own pitches…C&C was a must for me. I don’t think anyone would see a fastball, everything would have a break…one way or another…short and long arm. Hell, I’d throw at them once in a while to move their feet and I’d throw the rosin bag at them if I had to. Many pitches would break into their hands, low and away or off the plate inside. Most hitters can hit a fastball well but, throw them stuff that moves all over the place and they are in trouble…or you are! lol 🙂

  4. Hughes strikes Bautista out on the curve, good pitch. The Yanks are not hitting with RISP as everyone has mentioned tonight. This is their biggest problem along with the shifting due to sabermetrics. They need to make some adjustments soon as everyone has stated so well. The pitching has been mediocore at best, and with the injuries in the back of the pen things just add up. As Singelton said, the Yanks are just swimming agains’t the tide right now. They need to get through this stretch playing .500 ball. Leiter just said the Yanks are 1-13 when they score 3 runs or less. This shows their two glaring weaknesses.

  5. What was wade thinking looking to throw to first on that play when he had an easy play at the plate.

    • Matt…
      That is what the other guys are there for, pitchers (mostly) are tuned into pitching so, I have found most of them need someone to help them. He used his help and it was an out…that is what counts.
      Basicly, I do agree with you, in this case if he hadn’t looked to 1st base the runner wouldn’t have tried to go home, he was ready to run back to 3rd.

      • I’d have to see it again but wasn’t the runner coming home on the contact?

        • Not really, it was a safety squezzzzze! guy on 3rd watches the ball and where it is going etc., this dictates his moves. The min., pitcher looked to 1st he took off for home after coming down the line and slowing down, which was the right move (most of the time) but, both the pitcher and Tex were on top of the play.

  6. A tyipical outing for Hughes, a lot of deep counts, a lot of baserunners, a HR – all leading to only go 5.1 IP on 108 pitches. He did a solid job of making pitches when he needed them and his FB velocity was good again although he lost a little towards the end. With runners on 2nd & 3rd in the 4th, he busted 2 guys in on the hands to get 2 broken bat pop-ups.

    One positive I saw – he began throwing his Change Up to RH hitters in the last 2 innings and they were good ones. Threw a good one to Bautista, got Encarnacion out on one and got Arencibia to swing through one. That’s a great sign and Phil needs to gain confidence in this pitch to ever get his pitch counts under control.

    • george jetson

      He is a waste. By the time he learns to pitch he’ll be a free agent.

      • Pretty much. Young pitchers with good arms but don’t know how to pitch are always a conundrum. Their pure stuff blows away minor-lg hitters leading them to be called up too soon before they know how to pitch. So they have to learn in the majors and by the time they start putting things together, they are very expensive.

  7. On a totally different subject: I don’t care for M. Kay, but does anyone know why he doesn’t do games from Toronto?

    • george jetson

      Why listen when they all suck but for Cone. I watch with the sound off.

      • I’d agree with that. Cone is the only one that gives you advanced stats. I can take Leiter and Singleton at times. O’Neill is annoying and brings nothing to the table.

        • I agree, I like Cone and Singleton. Kay and O’Neill are bad.

          • O’Neill bring nothing to the table but a bigger food budget for the YES Network. Constantly eating while he talks.

            To be honest the Mets have the best announcers around. You can actually learn from them and they call it as they see. They are not homers at all.

            • disagree on Pauly I think he is hilarious. Every home broadcast is full of homers Mets are no different and their announcers are pretty boring IMO. Now our radio announcers need to be fired ASAP. Love all the tv guys except Flaherty and thankfully they have not made us suffer through Lorenz at play by play yet this year.

    • Probably just preference i’d guess. He doesn’t do many west coast trips as well. He does have the radio show as well on ESPN Radio. The Yankees have plenty of announcers to go around.

      I’m with you though I don’t care for Kay ethier.

    • Don’t know but he seems to miss more and more road trips now.

  8. george jetson

    It’s May so less then 2 home runs means another LOSS. The Yankees stink but on the bright side we’re getting closer and closer to Girardi and Cashman’s demise.

    • Yanks will have to finish last for that to happen…..not impossible considering if Boston holds on tonight the yanks will be 2 games out of the basement.

      • george jetson

        Girardi will be gone soon imo. He just looks done. He has lost all imagination. His team does not respond to him anymore. I can not say I am unhappy about this. It was easy to see this disaster coming.

  9. Yanks have scored 178 runs this year and allowed 171 – very mediocre.
    They have scored 12 runs in their last 8 losses.

    • george jetson

      Fish they are a bad team. The is nothing about this team that is interesting anymore. They are boring and complacent. Nothing but the strip mall of baseball………..

      • I agree in that they are not a very interesting team to watch anymore. As a fan, these are the things I liked about the team:

        1) Watching Cano hit
        2) Watching Gardner do anything on the field
        3) Watching Mo pitch
        4) Watching Robertson pitch
        5) Watching any promising young player

        So Gardner, Mo & Robertson are out and there are no promising young players. I was looking forward to watch Montero hit this yr. Nunez is back in the minors, Phelps is back in middle relief and there are no other impact prospects close to coming up.

        Watching Teixeira & Martin hit right now is like going to the dentist.

        This team needs a spark! I can’t remember the last time the team was this lethargic – maybe early 2004?

        • this post makes me depressed because it’s spot on!

          • Agreed since I was not alive for the 80s this is the first time on my life I have not enjoyed watching the Yankees and not even looking forward to the game throughout the day. Very sad hopefully it turns around.

        • I dont really give a damn whether they are young or older players just frekin produce. Is it any less fun watching CC pitch then it would be watching Banuelos for example if he came up. Not really because CC produces.

          • Age wouldn’t matter if they were doing well. But if they were young and struggling at east we could say they are rebuilding. When you’re bad and old, there is nothing to look forward to.

        • george jetson

          This in 1965! I am willing to trade either Cano or Granderson. Fish do you think the Nationals could be interested enough to trade Rendon?

          • It’s possible but didn’t he break his ankle? Washington hasn’t been a contender in so long and maybe they see a chance to win it all.

            • george jetson

              Fish he has a hairline fracture. I am not worried about that I just think this team needs to do something big to get a young star. Someone the fans can get behind as a beginning to the next championship team.

              • yeah, I agree. Montero semed to have that special bat but he was/is one-dimensional. Will be tough to acquire a player like that and I doubt Cashman has the guts to be a big-time seller this year no matter how bad things get.

  10. Me thinks you guys are to hard on both Joe and Cashman.
    People use what they have inside of themselves, some are silent, some are loud and creative
    some are good with people but not good with knowledge or imagination.
    Heck, pick your word or words to put with: “Joe G. is;………….,
    Just remember fans, what and whom you see today, may not be there by All Star Time. Let us remember, Joe has a boss…Cashman, Cash has a Boss…dumb and dumber. Both of them follow orders or quit/fired!
    I would love to see Don Mattinly as our manager next year.
    Oh no, bed time see you all! 🙂

  11. When you see an aging, lethargic team with no help coming from the minors soon, it looks bad for Cashman. And seeing ex-Yanks playing well elsewhere doesn’t help. Don’t get me wrong, all of the individual moves for the following players can all be defended but when looked at collectively as a whole, it doesn’t look good.

    Melky Cabrera – 27 .331/.378/.483/.861 5 sb
    Austin Jackson – 25 .331/.414/.544/.958 6 sb
    Jesus Montero – 22 .248/.277/.398/.675 5 hr
    Ian Kennedy, Tyler Clippard, etc.

    Those guys along with Cano & Gardner could be the core of the team going forward. Instead there seems to be an aging team with about 3-4 years before the next wave of minor lg players begin to make an impact.

    • george jetson

      You forgot Phil Coke.

    • fishjam, good day to you, collectively it is not good.
      I remember fans saying; “come on Cash, one must give up good to get good!” but, that is what he gets the big bucks for!
      What we need is; Brett, Nunez, Montgomery, Walter Ibarra, Arcia anyone that is hungry and can pull his weight, age has nothing to do with if a guy can get the job done. The first 3 would breath some life into the team now.
      Other than Donny and Tino, who would you like to see as manager of the Yankees? 🙂

  12. george jetson

    Mattingly will not manage the Yankees. My hope is for Tino to take over. He was the iron behind the dynasty years an it’s now needed again in the Bronx.

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