Game 40 Lineup: Reds vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Reds

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Raul Ibanez RF
Nick Swisher 1B
Russell Martin C
Dewayne Wise LF
Jayson Nix 2B

RHP Ivan Nova

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. This just in: RHP Caleb Cotham got promoted up to high-A Tampa! He’s this year’s first RiverDog to be promoted. He was 3-1 w/ a 2.31 ERA in 8 starts

    • george jetson

      He has a lot to prove coming back from shoulder surgery. All I am hoping for from him is finishing the season healthy.

  2. george jetson

    The Yankees have 1 home run so can they get another and win? Less then 2 per game mean another loss this so far this month.

  3. george jetson

    The streak of winning when hitting 2 home runs is over.

    • Change is a coming!!!!!

      • Ballpark…
        Nice to see your comment but, where is the rest of it? Like; who, what, where and why!
        Come on BP give it up, you found out something, right? lol 🙂

        • Good morning Ken,
          I hope your recovery is going well.Its to bad Pat can’t stop all the bickering,2 of the old guys came back (you and me ) and ran into the same old ,you know what!
          Change is coming reflects the entire Yankee org.
          1- Ownership,Yanks no longer have the presence of a pastionate owner instead we have Hal the penny pinchingbookworm who knows nothing about baseball or running the Yanks.
          2-The buisness side of thge org,They have f ‘ed up every where.The persons that tore down the old stadium should be put in jail,the new stadium is a joke and they have alienated thousands of loyal season ticket holders that will never come back.4 million the last year of the old place to under 3 this year!To all the stat guys out there that is the most important stat of all!!!Where did 1 million people go???
          I won’t keep going as I will be writing all day.

          • morning ballpark. I agree with you on that point and have said it many times. I can’t stand the new yankee stadium. It’s a museum not a ballpark.

            As for change i feel you are right on that topic as well. George would be tearing it up now with the way the yankees are playing.

            • Matt ,The Rangers have adopted all the policies that made the yANKS SO GREAT OVER THE LAST 20 YEAR while the Yanks have blundered their way to the middle of the pack.Cashman HAS TO GO,All he does well is pick off the scrap heep,He hasn’t made a good or productive trade since he took over control,giving up all our young major league ready talenT and getting nothing back.His only good FA AQUISITION IS cc EVERYONE ELSE HAS SUCKED.

              1st move fire Randy get a real haircut Levine and his side kick Trost.
              2-Cashman and all his croonies,
              Girardi and all his bumbling fools
              Yanks will finish in last place this year,I have been saying all year they would not make the playoffs but now I am downgraing my prediction to the basement,Team has no starting pitching and can’t hit with RISP,the 2 kisses of death.
              The bright side to this is change will have to come.

            • Agree with u guys about Hal but I love the new ballpark. It is absolutely beautiful don’t really get how people can rip on it. The problem is Hal pricing people out not the stadium itself. Food is great, the cushions on the seat are great, big video board is great. Can’t think of a better place to watch a game.

              • I hear ya the food is better and the seats are bigger and nice. The video board is nice as well. To me it’s just to much to though. I guess maybe in a couple years when the majority of people have seen all the bells and whistles they will actually stop walking around and sit and watch the game.

              • Yankee stadium was the collesium of baseball.Hallowed ground and its now gone for better food and a bigscreen tv???OH and the bathrooms are nicer.
                The demolition of Yankee stadium will go down in history as a travesty.It was the most important geographical monument to baseball that and will ever be.Why was it torn down?answer GREED, Some Yankee officials pocketed alot of payola.Selig should be shot for allowing the loophole which gave back revenue sharing dollars to the Yanks to build a new stadium.What a sin!!!!

                • I hear you on all those point BP.

                  One other thing that old yankee stadium had compared to new is: It was so much louder at old Yankee Stadium. I have yet been to a game at New Yankee Stadium where it feels like your seat was shaking that the crowd was going nuts on a big play.

                • To totally drive home my point a Babe Ruth jersey that cost about 1o dollars just sold for 4 millon dollars.What was that stadium worth???
                  Answer ,
                  it was priceless.
                  Thats why this Yankee team is headed for disaster anyone stupid enough to destroy a landmark as important as Yankee stadium is not capable of runnung an organization as big as the Yanks.
                  Change is coming!!!

                  • Yawn. Honestly the old stadium was becoming a hole. It is personal preference there is no right or wrong answer. Give me this place anytime.

                  • Yanks had a true homefield advantage in the old Stadium also. The crowds were loud and into the game. The moat seating was the stupidest idea in sports. No other stadium in any sport has as many empty seats in premium locations as the Yanks.

                    I truly wonder if the team is making more money with the new Stadium. A we know, attendance is down and the Yanks have lowered a lot of ticket prices. All the parking lots are going bankrupt .

                    • But the new Stadium can be fixed IMO if they just make some good seats affordable to regular people and get people in those moat seats. Sell access to the restaraunts and cafes behind the moat seats that come with a seat in the “hallways” where there are seats going around the Stadium. If someone wants to sit behind the plate, that’s it – they get their seats and waiter service that will deliver any piece of food in the entire stadium TO THEIR SEAT so they remain there.

                      The bottom line is, if the team on the field is exciting and winning, they will sell plenty of tickets as long as they don’t price people out.

                    • My point exactly Fish it’s not the stadium itself that is the problem its Hal pricing everybody out.

  4. I’m with you with Levine. That dude gives me the creeps.

  5. Ballpark, it’s a little too early for your doomsday theory, the Yanks have only played 40 games. Some of their woes are due to injuries. It’s also hard to finish on top and make the playoffs every year, the Yanks are the only team to make the playoff year after year. As for the Rangers, they have never won anything in their history, and blew the series last year. Their best move and the Yanks worst was their signing of Darvish, he looks to be the ace the Yanks were looking for. The Yanks are trying to transition from being an old team with many big contracts, this won’t be easy no matter who they have in the front office. I totally agree with the starting pitching and lack of hitting with RISP. The other big problem could be that finally the Blue Jays and O’s have turned the corner, this if true could be the Yanks downfall.

    • Doug, I agree short samples need to be taken with a grain of salt but the trends are right in front of us.From ownership ,management and players the Yanks have shifted their philosophy and will not make the playoffs which I agree again with you that it s difficult to do year after year but finishing in the basement is not acceptable with the largest payroll in the game.
      Rays, Jays and birds are young and up and coming teams and are doing alot things the right way something the Yanks aren’t.Thet are developing their own players.
      Doug I appreciate your knowledge of the game you are like some of my coaches that work for me ,Guys that have seen alot of baseball,Its not just stats to guys like you.

  6. 40 games and you guys quit on the team and Cashman?
    Contracts that were made over Cashmans objections; 2nd A-Rod, Posada, Jeter!
    Contracts that Cashman wanted: Darvish!
    My question is, why is it Cashmans fault when he gets over turned by Dumb, Dumber and Dumest!?
    Cashman is not perfect (we all know this) but, I honestly think he may be waiting for new ownership…just a thought, maybe!
    Ballpark, comment more often, speaking for myself, it is always good to see your comments around here…even if I never agree with anything you have to say! lol
    Have a good day, maybe we will have fun like before! 🙂

    • Ken. I’m not giving up yet on the season. I agree it’s to early for that. But you have to admit it’s not a great start the Bombers are off to.

      You also forgot one other contract that wasn’t Cashman that the snake Levine went over his head to get in Soriano.

      • Thanks for reminding me about him. Cashman has made some bad calls (as has all GMs) but the question remains; why do over half the teams hope he will get fead-up with the in-fighting and just quit?
        He is a darn good GM, it is hard to keep winning and turn your whole system around to development not trade for stars. Dumbest (Levine) still is in the old state of mind.
        One has to remember, this is all my opinion only…if yours is different, you are wrong! lol 🙂

  7. Did anyone see the shot ARod hit in the 8th? He felt he got all of it – he flipped his bat in the air and stared into the dugout yet the ball was about 6 feet from the wall. I know the wind was blowing in but that shows Alex just doesn’t have that prolific power anymore. He got all of a fastball to LF and it didn’t go – no wind would ever hold ARod in the park!

    • Fishjam…
      I disagree with you on that! When I saw the new place, the first thing I noticed was the hole in the wall for rightys!
      The old stadium (before fixing it) was the same way. If the wind was blowing in NO BODY hit one out unless it was a low liner. I don’t know how many HRs I saw knocked down by that wind tunnel, I know Mickey hit many of them that died in the wind. I have seen that tunnel kill homers from everyone that hit into the tunnel…if the wind was blowing. A-Rods hit didn’t have a chance, it was way to high and knocked down quickly! 15 mph wind going into the tunnel from out side, about 45+/- mph coming out! 🙂

      • Ken,
        The problem with that is Cincinatti hit 2 HR’s to Left-field just 1 inning prior to ARod’s shot. One was down the line but the one hit by Ryan Hanigan was a towering shot right near where ARod hit his yet Hanigan’s shot landed about 12-14 rows back into the stairway, almost in the bleachers.

        So when a 32-yr old journeyman Catcher with 17 career HRs can hit a towering shot through the wind, it looks terrible when ARod takes his best swing and it doesn’t leave the yard. Doesn’t mean Alex is finished but he clearly lacks the big power that was his trademark. He’s our cleanup hitter and has 1 RBI in the last 12 games. He’s not alone though….everyone is sucking right now with exception of Ibanez & Cano.

        • Fishjam…
          The wind tunnel is not very wide at all so, it may have hurt his ball because it was so high or, you are right with the power thing. Big time power hitters don’t loose their power at his age!
          I could go on and on finding excuses why his shot didn’t go out but, that’s what they would be…excuses!
          Like Matthew B, I will not get down on him because he, Cano, Tex and Granderson will heat up, when they do wow! I hope! 🙂

  8. Yeah Fish but I thought for sure that was a no doubter so I can’t get on him to much there lol

  9. Ballpark you are spot on with the new stadium. I was one who’d argue and clamor to say the new Yankee Stadium was the best in baseball, but I’ve come to realize it’s anything but.

    I’m 14, and saw less than 20 games at the old park. But I understood its history, enjoyed its tight concourses and really was horrified when they tore it down. I remembered each game, passing each section entrance so you’d see just a little bit of the field, but not until you’d get to your seats would the whole stadium just open up – it was such an awesome affect.

    The new stadium is more of a cruise ship than a ballpark. Sushi, private clubs, a freakin’ moat dividing white collared from everyone else. My family pays out the ass to go to even two or three games a year. And as many have said, it’s not as loud or exciting as the old park. Meeting at the bat, getting to watch BP from behind the dugout, and getting autograhps galore from any players is gone.

    My biggest gripe with the current way the organization stands, it the ballpark. It’s beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, it’s like a carnival. When I go, I sit and watch the game, only getting up to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. That’s how it should be. But I guess those days are over.

    • Hi Brian, good of you to join us, we (I) missed your young out look! We had 20 (now 17) guys pay for a box (Think it is 6 seats?). Used it a few times last year but, not at all this year. It is very different as you and others have said! 🙂

    • Brian,
      You did a great job of summing up the thrill of seeing the field in the old Stadium. I remember being a kid and seeing the grass of the OF through the narrow corridors. Even as I grew older I still got a thrill everytime I went to a game and got my first glimpse of the field. There was a certain aspect of romance with the old place and all the history.

      The new place kills the old place with its ammenities and comfort but comes up short in a lot of other ways.

  10. Speaking of stadiums anybody hear the story of the guy recently who switched seats at Citi and got arrested for trespassing? I have done that so many times lol. I have seen plently of players giving autographs in the outfield when I go so that is not gone. I don’t really care what other people do when they go to a game as long as it doesn’t effect me watching the game. Its beautiful on the outside, the inside, wherever you go. I would much rather not miss a pitch when I have to go to the bathroom or get something to eat then the way it was before. Things can’t last forever, you have to move on sometimes, and it was time for a change, but that’s just me. Like I said before it is all personal preference no right or wrong answer.

    • Want to hear something crazier? Today an ultra-orthodox Jewish rally was held at Citi Field, the first sellout in the stadium’s history. Those people are sick and were promoting the banning of internet and social media in the Jewish faith.

  11. Gotta love the Mets even when they are playing decent on the field they have to continue to embarrass themselves lol. Maybe I might think twice of switching my seats next time though. idk lol

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