Game 42 Lineup: Royals vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Royals:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C

Hiroki Kuroda RHP



About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Tex batting 7th I love it. He probably handled it with class unlike Posada who had a hissy fit when he got moved down.

    • You think Posada had a hissy fit, just think what would happen if they moved Jeter to the 6th spot where his hit a day would be better used…he may get a few RBIs. Not denigrating him at all, as a lead off hitter he needs someone to knock him in…in the 6th spot he can knock someone in or get knocked in.

  2. george jetson

    When is the stinking moron going to just leave Cano as the cleanup hitter? Please Yankees keep on sucking so the this turd get fired!

    • What would your lineup be tonight George?

      You do have to like Tex at the 7th spot though right?

      • george jetson

        Matt – I want TEX on the DL. The guy is going to end up needing lung surgery later in life from this issue if it continues to linger.

        I just want to see Cano batting 4th and Granderson batting 2nd everyday. If and when Gardner comes back I want him leading off. In the 3 hole a platoon of Alex and Jeter could work for the rest of this season. Swisher is the 8 hole hitter. The catchers bat 9th. So this leaves 5 6 7 open for who’s hitting better and platoons. Alex and Jeter will take one of those spots against their weaker side. The DH gets one and Tex gets the other when he gets his health back.

        • i hear ya george. But Gardner isn’t back yet. So what’s your lineup today 1 thru 9? I just want to see who you would have in there today.

          • george jetson

            Mustellier Granderson Alex Cano Ibanez Swisher Chavez Jeter Stewart

            • your killing me. Mustellier isn’t on the roster. hahhahah But i get your point. And i want him on this team as well.

              • george jetson

                Matt seriously I would right now bring up both Abe Almonte and Ronnier Mustellier. I would have both in the lineup tonight.

                Abe in LF
                Granderson in CF with his crappy defense.
                Alex because we have NO 3 hole hitter on this team except for maybe Mustellier at a late date.
                Cano where he belongs
                Mustellier in RF
                Ibanez at DH

                Abe gives this team some speed and better defense. Mustellier can hit so he makes the lineup deeper. It’s worth a shot but sadly it will take more losing for this to come to fruition.

  3. Im fine with Tex batting 7th but it doesn’t fix anything if the other guys don’t step up to. Tex may be the poster child for whats going on but he isnt the only problem. They didn’t hit any better with RISP this weekend without him and his RISP numbers are not really any worse then the others in the lineup other than Ibanez and Jeter, which isn’t to absolve him from anything but to point out how awful this lineup has been as a whole and any one player is not the only issue.

    • what’s your lineup today if you were making it Matthew B.?

    • Matthew B…
      Ibanez has been getting some RBIs but Jeter has 2 RBIs in the month of May. I think I would try some one else like Swisher along with Ibanez.
      Did you know Jeter has as many RBIs this year as A-Rod, that is not right, it should be 3+ to 1 in A-Rods favor but that’s the way it goes. 😦

      • exactly pretty embarassing. He needs to get out of the middle of the order. Like I said try him 2nd where his singles could be out to better use lol

  4. If I were making the lineup it would be this:

    Jeter SS, Granderson CF, Cano 2B, Ibanez LF, Chavez 3B, A-Rod DH, Texieira, Swisher RF, Martin C.

  5. george jetson

    Matt can you imagine how extra sucky this team would be if they had brought Damon and his .508 OPS through 67 PA with the Indians back like many fans wanted to be the DH instead of old man Ibanez?

    Cashman is good at picking out the MUTTS but sadly trades away the PURE BREADS.

  6. I know this would never happen but with what I am seeing out of Arod with the lack of power I would try him 2nd. Jeter Arod Granderson Cano Ibanez Tex Swisher Chavez Martin. This would better utilize Granderson’s power. Marc Craig tweeted some interesting stuff. What I don’t like about moving Tex down that it creates even more controversy, comes across as a panic move, and makes Tex the scapegoat when one cold player isn’t the only problem(which I just said in my last comment). I agree with that but on the other end I like the message you send Tex by hitting him 7th.

  7. It really is a tough issue because I agree with each and every one of those tweets but at the other end of the spectrum at some point u have to send a message right? But I don’t like making it just about one guy when it isn’t which is why I would have moved Arod to 2nd and out of the middle as well with his lack of power.

  8. Just realized my lineup has 3 straight lefties whoops lol although 2 of the 3 guys have no problem against them.

  9. Changing line ups is way overrated, none of these line up changes will make the Yanks hit any better with RISP. This is not the Rays line up you are messing with, it’s the Yankees. Teams all picked to win 90+ games this year: Sox, Yanks, Angels, and Phillies all starting out poorly. Heck Lee doesn’t have a win yet, and Pujols is hitting under .200, that’s why you play the game. The Yanks are only 5 games back, now is not the time to panic with line up changes.

  10. Nunez and Banuelos both placed on the DL.

  11. Big blow to the Rangers with Feliz going on the DL.

  12. anyone else with me on this one? Tex has a lingering Chest cold problem so let’s send him out there in game that is raining. Not sure if that makes any sense to me.

  13. Tomorrow I would sit all the regulars besides Cano and a couple others and play the bench.

    • george jetson

      Matt I’ll do you one better I hope they will trade or retire every player but for Cano who wore pinstripes tonight ASAP! Heck I forgot about the coaching staff…they call all go as well!

      • george jetson

        I mean who played or coached or managed tonight all gone!

        • This team just looks dead. No life.

          • george jetson

            Matt I’ve mentioned too you privately many many times already how much I thought this team would stink. They are terrible an I doubt it improves any.going forward. You are right they look like they should be acting on AMC instead of playing baseball.

            Honestly what is there to like about this team?

            • It’s a very old team. A-Rod has many more years on this contract. Tex is playing like a shell of himself. Swisher looked god awful tonight. etc etc

              • george jetson

                Arod will retire if they just sit him on the bench for a year and not play him. I think they can trade Tex as he will be happy to leave if they start batting him 9th. They will need to pay a good chunk of his contract to do so but it’ll be worth to have him gone.

                • george jetson

                  The new lineup anyone but Alex, Jeter and Tex 1 through 6!

                • As much as i would like to agree with you having anyone but; Alex, Jeter and Tex 1 thru 6. I find myself going to the optimistic side of things (suprise), it has been 40+ games and we are what 4-6 games back? As bad as we have played so far this year, we can play many times better then our bad play. When these guys get every thing clicking, they can go on very long winning runs, and destory everyone in their way.
                  Damn, I like that 🙂

  14. Funny Tweet back and forth between myself and beat writer for ESPN NY Wallace Matthews.!/ESPNNYYankees/status/204744925890363395

  15. george jetson

    Amazing after 42 games the Yankees have score 1 more run then they have given up 189 to 188.

  16. This may be purely a coincidence but counting this game, Yankees are 15-16 without Brett Gardner in the lineup. Also the Yanks are 6 for 69 with runners in scoring position after this game.

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