Morning Bits: Hughes, Burnett, Soriano, Mariano

Good morning all.  It is very nice to start this day with the Yankees coming off of a win.  Hopefully another win tonight as they head into the off day on Thursday.

Let’s start the morning off right with some links…..

Roger Rubin of The Daily News writes that Phil Hughes gets aggressive against the K.C. Royals, working his way back to 2010 form.

Anthony McCarron of The Daily News looks into former Yankee A.J. Burnett who has the pressure lifted off of him while pitching for the Pirates.

Mark Hale of The New York Post says last night was Soriano’s first true test with a save as a New York Yankee.

Dan Martin of The New York Post writes that Mariano is still awaiting surgery.

— ESPN NY writer Matt Ehalt writes about how former Yankees are doing this season.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Let it be said Yankees are facing a major league debuting pitcher tonight. We know the story with the Yankees and facing a pitcher they have never seen before. 9 time out of 10 or maybe higher than that they can’t hit a pitcher they have never seen before.

  2. Besides that one bad start vs. STL, A.J has looked very good for the Pirates. I really miss him as a Yankee but I wish him the best of luck in Pittsburgh.

    • I don’t miss seeing AJ on the mound. I’m thankful for his win in the WS but that’s about it. I wish him well and hope he has a great year, but as I said at the time of the trade – even if he wins the Cy Young in Pittsburgh, it was the right move to trade him. He had 2 of the worst seasons of all-time for a Yankee starter in 2010 & 2011.

      • agreed the ship has sailed on Burnett. trading him was the right move.

        • Sure, because we only ate 20 million, got nothing back, and spent the money we “saved” on this NIGHTMARE STIFF Kuroda!! HAHAH!!! Yankee fan rationalizing has reached epic new heights. The guy has made 6 starts, allowed 2 runs in 5 of them and 0 runs in the other one.
          He was our best playoff pitcher last year, he still had great stuff, he was due for a good year. He’s having that year, in another team’s jersey, we saved very little and spent it on human vomit named Kuroda and yet it was “the right move”. Wow, now I’ve heard everything.
          It was clearly a mistake.
          I believe what I see, not I want to believe.

          • I don’t call it a mistake.

            • How can you possibly support trading him for NOTHING and eating TWENTY MILLION and then resigning FREDDY for 4 million and stiff human batting practice machine Kuroda for 10 million?!!!! Its obvious who the best pitcher of the three is, and its not even close. AJ has made 5 great starts out of 6. The Pirates will wind up flipping him to a contender who needs pitching and making a real score, making us look even dumber!!!
              I’ll bet you a beer or diet coke that they wind up flipping him for a good score. They beat us, just like the Mariners did, and the Braves two years before that. Cashman gets beat by EVERYONE.

              • Mike never said I wanted Freddy so that’s not my line of thinking. Nor did I want Kuroda So i can’t go with that.

                • Ok Matt, well thats the deal was. Cashman could have left the rotation intact and added Noesi, which is what I wanted so badly. Or…….you do a foolish trade of a guy who still had great stuff and was once again our best playoff pitcher(FACT!) and eat all of his money and get nothing back. The resigning of Freddy and signing of Kuroda were based on trading AJ. Now, in that context, was it the right thing to do? You won’t find a single scout out there right now who’d take Freddy or Kuroda over AJ right now.

              • Mike, he’s not pitching again’st the AL East.

      • I agree, AJ had to go, the last 2 years were agonizing for him and us. You look at this guy with 121-111 record, and around a 4 ERA for 12 years with an electric fastball and a good curve and it doesn’t add up. He had top ten stuff, but only 2 pitches with poor location. He is an enigma.

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