Yankees Mailbag: 5/25/12

Hello Yankees fans, and welcome to another Yankees Mailbag! I haven’t done these types of articles in a while and given the current state of the Yankees, I thought it would have been the right time to do one. Let’s re-cap what’s happened so far, shall we? Yankees lost some vital parts to their team; players such as Mariano Rivera, David Robertson & Brett Gardner. The Yankees pitching has looked pretty shaky to begin the season and apparently it looks as if the Sandman sprinkled some of his magic dust on the Yankees offense. You sent your questions in via Twitter and now, I shall answer them. Let’s get started shall we.

The first question comes form @yankees_cris. As a matter of fact, he asked a couple of questions about the Yankees. Here is his first question.

@yankee_cris: Given the current rotation, would you trade for an additional starter?

With the Yankees struggles in the rotation, it wouldn’t hurt to trade for an additional starter, but I don’t believe the Yankees will make such a move. If I could, I would probably trade Freddy Garcia for another arm, but again I don’t see that happening. What the Yankees could do though is either stretch out David Phelps or they could bring up D.J Mitchell to be a starter if they need to. Both players have great numbers, so if the rotation does end up sinking those two could be a quick backup plan.

@yankee_cris: Do you think Nunez will be down at AAA for the rest of the season? When should they bring him back up?

I don’t think Eduardo Nunez will be down in AAA for the rest of the season. The Yankees originally sent down Eduardo Nunez so that he could work on his defense which he will be doing once he gets off the DL. The Yankees might bring Nunez back up if they see his errors decrease. No question Nunez has a great bat, but the Yankees want him to get the every day playing time so that his glove can catch up to the rest of him.

@yankee_cris: Are you a fan of personal catchers? Seems Stewart is only catching CC. Think CC will get too comfortable with only Stewart?

To answer the first part, I like the idea of a personal catcher because it’s the same person once every 5 days. The personal catcher really gets to know the pitcher which is important in any ball game. I don’t think CC will get comfortable with only Stewart since he has seen other catchers before. CC recently worked with mostly Russell Martin in 2011 and in 2010 he worked with Jorge Posada. CC knows how to adjust to different catchers so I don’t think Stewart being in there every 5 days for just CC is a big deal. It’s important for the catcher to know at least one person on the staff and Girardi chose to pair Stewart with Sabathia which hasn’t been a bad paring at all.

Our next question comes from @dp57. She asks:

@dp57  Why don’t the Yankees just buy their own MRI machine. It would be more economical, right?

It would help a lot for the Yankees to have their own MRI machine, but I don’t think Cashman included that in the budget when he was thinking about what the team needed this season. It would help cut down on medical bills, that’s for sure.

Our next questions comes from @secondz2late & @NataliaYank250. They basically asked the same question, so here was their question.:

@secondz2late: Why are the Yankees sucking so bad?

@NataliaYank2530: Can you tell me why the Yankees suck so much right now?

It’s a gigantic slump up and down the lineup. Usually it’s only 3 to 4 players at the most at a time but at this time, everyone decided to stop hitting. Just like hitting is contagious up and down the lineup, not hitting is also contagious.

Our next question comes from @cindy_fay. She asks:

@cindy_fay: How come the Yankees only scored a total of 2 runs in 2 games? Everybody’s slumping? Men left on base is so frustrating

That’s a question that I’m not sure of the answer to myself. It seems to me though that the Yankees are struggling up and down the lineup. It would be understandable if it was just 2-4 players, but having the whole team struggle (minus Raul Ibanez) is a very frustrating thing, I agree.

Our next two questions come from @mbrax10. He asked

@mbrax10: Ask Joe [Girardi] when is he quitting.

@mbrax10: Ask when is [Joe] Torre coming back

To sum up both of your questions, Joe Girardi is not going to quit and Joe Torre is not coming back. That’s the reality of it. Besides, it’s only May! Maybe when it’s September we could worry about stuff like this but right now, it’s far too early in the season.

Our next question comes from @elprieto80. He asks:

@elprieto80: With the recent woes/injuries, do [Dellin] Betances and [Manny] Banuelos have a chance of making ‘The Show’ this season?

 Well, I would expect to see them as September call-ups like Betances was last year but as far as during the season, I don’t think so. Both Betances and Banuelos are struggling a bit (Betances is 2-1 with a 6.75 ERA & Banuelos is 0-2 with a 4.50 ERA) Also as of right now, Banuelos is on the DL with I believe it’s eiither a back or an elbow injury (He’s had both and I’m not sure which one it is at this point).

Our final question comes from @CarmRodr. She asks:

@CarmRodr: How is the team staying together during this slump? What are they doing as a team to motivate one another?

Well they seem to be together when they are all slumping. But seriously, Joe Girardi has tried literally everything that you can think of to get them out of their slumping state. He’s let them come to work late, he’s let them get to work early, he even had the pitchers take inter-league batting practice so the guys could ease their minds.  Girardi is doing all that he can to get the Yankees back on the right track. The only thing that we can do now is just sit and wait for this team to start hitting. Don’t worry, they can’t slump this badly forever.

These were all the questions that I got for the Yankees Mailbag! Thank you all for sending in your questions!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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