Game 48 Lineup: Yankees @ Angels

Lineup vs. Angels

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez DH
Russell Martin C

RHP Phil Hughes


— Brett Gardner took dry swings today and so far, so good. The best case scenario would be that Gardner would be back by the Mets vs. Yankees series on June 8 but Gardner would still have to go through hitting off a tee, light batting practice, live batting practice & a rehab assignment.

— David Robertson played catch today. All went well and he is scheduled to play catch tomorrow. Girardi has no rehab plan for Robertson as of yet.

— Russell Martin is back in the lineup after suffering a stiff neck. He aggravated it yesterday while lifting weights but he’s feeling better.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I hate these dang West Coast games! Had no baseball today to watch except the Mets. Wasn’t a bad game, but the Yanks should have played at 4 today….

    • Brian, do you get the MLB Network, they show many games? I watched a little of the Mets lately, what really sticks out to me is the number of HRs that are over the new fences but would have stayed in the park last year. I have seen at least 5 of those this week.

      • I do, I guess it was more I couldn’t get control of the family room’s TV! When family’s over, it’s either the Yankee game or some movie or documentary. I love Memorial Day, but more when the Yanks are playing, hahaha.

        And yeah, good for the Mets, as a bias fan, that they finally get home runs in that ballpark. They’re pretty fair distances now too.

  2. Hughes is going to get lit up tonight

    • Check that….Hughes is getting lit up> maybe we’ll finally get to see Phelps again tonight.

      • fishjam, Hughes is back to his same old problem, location. He gets Morales and hangs a curve, then he throws a high fastball to Trumbo. He has to learn to throw balls out of the zone when he gets ahead. He can be frustrating to watch, especially when the Yanks get him 3 runs and Weaver leaves the game with an injury.

        • yeah Doug, I don’t have a lot of faith in Hughes long-term. I don’t like much about him. His only potential plus pitch is his Fastball but he throws it too often and (as you said) fails to locate it quite often. His Curve & Change are not very effective offerings and hitters can simply sit Fastball at all times.

  3. Phelps has pitched in 2 games and thrown 4 innings in the last 14 days. How do you not use him?

    • george jetson

      Fish because Girardi has a formula that does not include any youngsters! Again that turd needs to be flushed away.

      • Fish I have to agree with George. Girardi’s total “trust” in veterans and unwillingness to give kids a real role is a disgrace. Phelps should have been sent in when Hughes got pounded early.
        That was the game right there. Not using him earlier was puzzling.

        • I agree Mike in a winnable game Phelps should have been in by the 4th. With how sparingly the bullpen has been used lately no excuse not to. Also using him against Morales was puzzling since he is probably not very comfortable coming in the middle of an inning let alone with the bases loaded. Boone should have been used there to turn Morales around to the right side and I am pretty sure we get out of that.

          • Matthew, I agee…I thought that was a terrible time to bring Phelps in. The guy has had 2 appearances in 14 days so you cannot expect him to be sharp enough to come in with the bases loaded.

  4. The Grandy man can!

  5. Seems like their a alot of injuries this year, today we had Pedroia, Weaver, and it looks like Halliday. Those are some big injuries. If Halliday is out that might finish off the Philies for this year, and just think they were considered one of the best teams pre-season.

  6. I F’n hate Swisher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait till he is not on this team next year

  7. What would you guys trade for Mike Trout? Or a better question is what WOULDN’T you guys trade for Mike Trout? God, i wish the Yanks had a dynamic young player like that to get excited about!

    • They did. *Shakes head* Jesus Montero.

      This game is ugly. Even when we freaking knock out the ace of the American League, arguably, we STILL cant win!

      • Oh yeah – doh! Although even Montero isn’t as good as Trout.
        And Brian, it ould be worse….if LA hadn’t made 3 errors we’d be getting blown out right now.

        • True. This team is just so shaky…..the only constants are Jeet, CC, and Andy. That’s basically it. With an average age of 35 between the three of them, that’s just not cutting it.

        • fishjam, you can’t win every game, we just won 5 in a row and we’re playing on the road, to win 100 games you only go 10-6.

      • Brian I agree. Girardi and Cashman aren’t willing to wait for young players to develop. Austin Jackson is also one who got away with Kennedy.
        Other teams are willing to let their Weiters, Poseys, Jennings, Trouts, Trumbos, etc develop and take a role with a team and we aren’t. We don’t have any position players even close to ready and when they are Cashman will trade them anyway.
        I know Martin finally got a hit but when is enough, enough?
        Because we’re hanging around close to first place Cashman is unlikely to make any moves.
        Personally I’d try and trade Kuroda or Hughes or Nova and insert Phelps. I’d also try anything I had to try to grab a catcher.
        Swisher is also a joke and I’ve had it with him. Why not try and trade him too? No matter what he does the rest of the year there is no way we will resign him. Why just let him walk? Lets shop him and get something back for him.
        We had a nice streak, and we did hit last night, but I reiterate that just Robertson and Gardner coming back won’t be quite enough to make this team playoff dangerous.
        I’d love to have a GM who understands the value of having good young players and not just trading them.
        When you look at what Kennedy, Montero, Jackson and Melky are doing its incredibly embarassing. I don’t agree with the NY pressure BS on those guys. Players generally hit their stride 2-5 years into the league.
        I know everyone loves Granderson more than I do but I do like him a lot. Even so? The trades we’ve made since we won the WS altered this team and its future.
        We traded Dunn(flipped with Infante for Uggla, Melky(OUCH), Arodys Vizcaino(huge future) for Javier.
        We traded Kennedy, Coke(having a great year), and Jackson(another great year) for Granderson.
        We traded Montero and Noesi for Pineda.
        Basically what we have to show for all of those traded guys is only Granderson since Javier was a joke and gone and Pineda is out and probably never going to be any good without ever throwing a pitch.
        A bullpen now that included Coke, along with Kennedy starting(never would have signed Kuroda if we was here), with Jackson in CF and Melky in left or right(we’d have traded Swisher by now at some point for something worth having) would certainly have made us a different team the last two years and now.
        When you really put it down like I just did and can see in words: Dunn, Vizcaino, Melky, Coke, Austin Jackson, Kennedy, Montero and Noesi for only Granderson? Wow, and I mean WOW is that embarassing. At least three of those guys will be All Stars this year.
        Somehow, many Yankee fans have bought Cashman’s BS and incredibly don’t view him as public enemy number one. How many of those “wouldn’t have done as well in NY” stories can people buy? The only way to judge a GM is in how his moves affect a team and if you take away those three major trades(the only three) that Cashman has made you can see how we’d have a lower payroll, much deeper and better team than we have.
        Our lineup would probably be:
        Jeter SS
        Jackson CF
        Cano 2B
        Arod 3B
        Teixeira 1B
        Melky RF
        Montero DH/C
        Gardner LF
        Martin C

        Rotation would be CC, Kennedy, Petitte, Nova, Hughes

        Coke would be in the pen now instead of a guy like Wade.

        We’d also have flipped Swisher and Noesi and probably Vizcaino in seperate deals for something and not have Jones, Ibanez, Wade, etc. We may even have flipped Hughes.

        Make no mistake about it, Cashman has done the worst job of any GM still employed in MLB the last 3 years. I can’t even think of a GM who could come close to comparing with him in terms of sheer failure in that time period.
        He managed to make the wrong trades, yet hold on to guys like Betances and Banuelos who obviously aren’t going to pan out the way they were expected to when he could have traded them for a big return the last two years.

        • Michael P….
          I agree with many of the things you have written above but, one thing that should be pointed out about IPK. Most experts (along w/the team and myself) had the feeling IPK would be a #5 starter or long man in the BP if he stayed with the Yankees. Myself, I thought he had the best talent of the three guys, but didn’t have a good fastball to go with his very good stuff, and knowledge of pitching. Therefore I has all in favor of trading him rather than Joba or Phil
          Phil has turned out to be a very good NBL pitcher but, I still think he would have a lot of trouble pitching in New York against the beast of the east. Therefore I don’t think he would fit in your rotation.
          Try comparing Cashmans record with the ex-GM of Bsox, other than the two WS years he was a disaster.
          My opinion, right or wrong! 😦

          • old yankee, you are right on the money again, projecting talent is the hardest thing to do in sport, and projecting pitchers is next to impossible. There are only a handful of pitchers that are good in the majors 5 years in a row. I always said who would you rather have last year, a bad AJ who wins you 10 to 12 games and gives you 170 innings or an injured Dice-K, or Lackey who win you none.

        • You summed up my thoughts completely. However I don’t hate Cashman or think he’s done a horrible job. He’s made definitely a lot of moves that made no sense and have not paid off, but so has every GM. The Devil Rays, Orioles, and Nationals weren’t always at the top, making expert moves and saving up talent. 10 years ago all three teams were the laughing stock of the league (sorry, Expos), but eventually they’ve built up to a point where they can compete with young talent.

          The Yanks did the same 20 years ago with the Core Four, and trading for guys like David Cone and Paul O’Neill.

          Clearly what we see is different from what Cashman sees, but hopefully he starts understanding sometimes u need to sacrifice a season or two of winning in order to build back up and become a true powerhouse again, not with big contracts, but great young talent that the Yanks have seen leave and become big on other teams.

          • Brian…
            Nice thinking on your part but, you forget, this is the Yankees you are talking about!
            I have tried to get across to some fans around here;
            “The hardest thing to do is to build a winning team and keep winning at the same time!”
            That is the task Cashman has, there is no other GM in the majors with such a high standard to uphold. So many fans say, “with all that money I could be the GM of the Yankees and do a better job!” Sure you could, you could have the team win and rebuild at the same time right?
            Remember 1996? that came about because three guys worked very hard to build the Yankees to what they were in 1996, from what they had been for a few years before…Loosers! But, none of it could have been done if they had to keep winning, they weren’t winning so it didn’t matter any way.
            He knows he has to sacrifice a year or two…he was part of the run up to 1996…but, he has Dumb and Dumber to contend with plus the fans. Let’s see what he has in store for us this year and winter, before we dig a hole for his head! 🙂

    • george jetson

      The Angels signed Trout with the Yankees 1st round draft pick.

      • Holy crap, you’re right. Because of the Mark Teixeira signing. Wow.

        • george jetson

          Think about it….The Yankees signing of Giambi cost them Votto and the signings of Tex, CC and AJ cost them Trout. So all those Yankees fans who think first round draft picks have no value need to think long and hard when the say that going forward.

          • Yeah that really is astonishing to think about. Giambi never did anything in NY, and so far, neither has Tex, he hasn’t done squat since 09. But CC has been worth every penny.

            Imagine a Yankee team with Votto at first and Trout at center….I can’t even…wow.

            • Votto and Brian McCann were the only good players drafted in the second round that year. There’s no garantee the Yanks would have picked him. In fact, they probably wouldn’t have picked him.

              • george jetson

                Again Dude you know do not know what you are talking about so why do you write this piffling dribble? Only the Yankees and Reds were big on Votto that year. He was an under the radar catcher out of Canada. The Yankees lost there chance at him when they signed Giambi but were prepared to draft Votto in the second round that year.

                • George Relax……you can go around a better way how you write stuff.

                  • I do like your knowledge of the draft stuff though. Who do you think the Yankees are looking at this year? any player in particular? or a position?

                    • george jetson

                      Matt my expectation is that the Yankees will draft HS corner bats first followed by college pitchers during the first 10 rounds. Now if a talented SS falls the Yankees will jump but that seem unlikely. They will also take at least 1 young catcher too.

                  • george jetson

                    Matt – I do not like when someone asks me the same question more then once as a way to insult me. He did that on purpose so I know what he’s all about. He writes things in a manor that leads the reader to believe he knows what he’s talking about when his knowledge is very limited.

                    • george, the heat must be getting to you, the Yanks will draft a HS corner, college pitcher in the first 10 rounds, possibly a SS, and a young catcher, you touched all the bases on that one. At least you could have gone a mock draft and picked a few out like the rest of us do to show your vast knowledge. Give us the names of some draft picks since you know it all, and have the inside track on what the Yanks are thinking.

                    • I have a player that may fall to the Yankees, he is another Brett but is a good bunter and more gap power. D.J. Davis OF from Stone High School named as the fastest guy in the draft and a very good OF with a good arm etc.! Brett is 27/28 and this would be a guy coming up about the time Brett is going south.

                  • Matt I get snippy the same way that George does when people defend Cashman and Girardi and say “oh well that wouldn’t have worked out anyway”. It enrages me as a matter of fact.
                    What you have here is a case where a GM has been in place for a long time, and we all know the maintstream writers work so far as their relationships become with a GM and manager. Those “Yankee sources” that are quoted when they get a scoop are guess who? Therefore not only won’t they rip them, but they actually help cultivate their BS excuse lines so as not to offend the guys feeding them the inside stuff for their articles.
                    Maybe we wouldn’t have picked Trout or Votto, but we may have.
                    Maybe Melky, Kennedy, Jackson, Montero, Coke, AJ wouldn’t be doing as well in NY right now but to make blanket statements that seem to cover every guy that we’ve traded whose kicking ass elsewhere definitely wouldn’t be doing well in NY? LOL!! Thats a pure fantasy and we all know it.
                    AJ is a great example of a Cashman/Girardi tag team fail(with some Eiland and Rotchschild thrown in). Aj was very good in his first season, and pitched the biggest Yankee pitching performance, IN the WORLD SERIES and in NEW YORK in the last 12 years. So the notion that he couldn’t handle NY to me is pure BS. If he doesn’t twirl that gem in game 2 of the 2009 WS we are down 2-0, heading to Philly and facing Lee two more times. Uh-uh, no way in hell do we win that WS.
                    In 2010 Aj had some personal issues but Eiland screwing with him didn’t help and then Eiland headed to rehab in the middle of the season leaving the bullpen coach as the pitching coach.
                    Then LR comes in(and by the way he STINKS!!! Who exactly has Larry tuned up and improved since he’s been here exactly?) and screws with him again. Russell Martin said Aj was screwed with by too many people as a Yankee, and said that immediately after he was traded. Oh, and Girardi could have taken the pressure off AJ and nipped the media stuff in the bud by stating AJ was his man and any talk of removing him was nonsense, you know, like hes done for .170’s Martin this year?
                    AJ was our best postseason pitcher last year, and obviously still had good stuff. Instead of keeping him we GAVE HIM away, and even worse? We ate 20 million!!!! He’s made 7 starts so far and allowed 2 runs in 4 of them and no runs in 2 of them. He’s outperformed every member of our staff this year, including CC. How much of it is pitching in the NL? Some of it I’m sure, but not most of it!! Can anyone honestly tell me they wouldn’t rather have him this year than Hughes or Kuroda with a straight face?
                    This team is a serious victim of the manager and GM. Girardi has the most insane consistent knack for making the wrong moves of any manager I’ve ever seen. It’s not like we’re second guessing him once in a while, like all managers are.
                    There were small children and ladies in old folks homes screaming “BRING IN PHELPS!!” last night in the 2nd inning and this idiot just let Hughes keep pitching.
                    It’s constant with this clown and it just never ends. Its incredibly frustrating to watch this guy operate and it seems like we’re always on the edge of our seats dreading what he’s going to do next. It truly sucks a lot of the joy out of being a fan.
                    When I heard the sale of the team rumors I was praying they’d be valid. It seems as if the only way the brutal Girardi/Cashman regime will ever end is if we get new owners.
                    Is there anyone here commenting today who wasn’t screaming “bring in Phelps!!!” last night?
                    This notion that Cashman and Girardi are “smarter than we are and we don’t know what they know” is pure crap. All you have to do is look at their record of moves to see they’re clueless.

                    • Michael, you make some good points, but I remember a different AJ. He came to the Yanks with one of the best fastballs in the game, and a great curve. He always had problems with his concentration and location. AJ was unhitable at times, and he own the Yanks and Sox one year in Toronto which is what landed him in NY. I remember many times when Girardi left him in the game similar to Hughes last night. I was screeming for a new pitcher. Girardi might not have wanted to pitch Phelps early because he didn’t want to lose him for the rest of the road trip. Most managers don’t like to take their starters out after 2 innings, they lose confidence. It’s a fine line if you leave them in too long they also can lose confidence and their ERA skyrockets. The notion that you know more about the team than Cashman and Girardi is absurd to be nice.

          • VERY true….although the Yanks don’t have the best track record with their #1 picks

          • That is the trade off for winning a series in 2009, you don’t win without those guys. There are many more first round picks that never make it to the big leagues. Heck, the O’s could have drafted Lincecum, Cain, and Bumgartner ahead of the Giants, they pitcked first, and all the major league teams missed on Matt Moore four times. Would of, could of, and should of, don’t make sense. There are players drafted ahead of Trout that aren’t very good. 17 of 23 players drafted ahead of Trout by other teams haven’t made it to the majors yet. I’ll take CC or Tex any day to give up a pick.

    • Trout is quite a talent, he was a #1 pick out or NJ a few years ago. He was the second best prospect this year next to Harper. The Yanks in all fairness arent drafting in this slot.

  8. george jetson

    A wonderful out by young Hughesless! Pitching against a good team he can’t get out of the 6th inning. He keeps his at least 1 home run per game streak alive! Put him in the damn pen or trade him please!.

    • I’d be the happiest Yankee employee in the world to file paperwork for a Hughes trade. But A) he’s worthless and B) who would want him? The Pirates maybe, 50% of their team is made up of former Yankee prospects, haha.

  9. This was the first game which we really missed Robertson and Mo.

  10. This is a bad loss! The Angels practicaly handed this game to the Yanks.Good teams in any sport capitalize on errors ,Not this team,Whats that tell you?
    Hughes looked helpless on the mound tonight.His pitches lack any kind of movement,and hitters just sit on his fb,Phil almost got the Yanks killed in the field,I don’t know if a pitcher can get hit any harder than what we saw tonight.
    Hughes is not a starter
    Here are the reasons.
    Track record,he has not been succesful
    Mechanics,Inverted W,poor finish-recoils,his poor mechs is the reason he can’t develo[p a quality offspeed offering,and will ultimatly lead to a serious shoulder or elbow injury.
    Why he should go to the pen.
    Track record,He was a dominator the year he worked out of the pen.
    Need,Yanks need a power arm at the end of the pen.
    Phelps is the better option as a starter.
    Health ,Hughes will hold up better throwing less pitches.

    • Makes sense to me. Nice work B.P.

    • Couldn’t agree more BP…..When you consider the following it was a brutal defeat:

      – 3 costly errors by LA last night
      – a 3-0 lead and their starter knocked out without recording an out
      – LA got 27 outs out of their bullpen without using their top 2 relief arms (Downs & Frieri)

      This LA team is on the move and unless Weaver’s injury is serious, they will be one of the Wild cards this year while the East teams beat on each other.

    • Good day Ballpark….
      I like this part of your summation;

      “Mechanics,Inverted W,poor finish-recoils,his poor mechs is the reason he can’t develo[p a quality offspeed offering,and will ultimatly lead to a serious shoulder or elbow injury.
      Why he should go to the pen.
      Track record,He was a dominator the year he worked out of the pen.
      Need,Yanks need a power arm at the end of the pen.
      Phelps is the better option as a starter.
      Health ,Hughes will hold up better throwing less pitches.”

      I think you fishjam and I for sure, see eye to eye on Phil. Phelps would be on inning count this year, maybe that is why he is not out there in the rotation yet!

      • I def think Hughes or Nova need to be replaced by Phelps. They are both giving up hits & HRs at alarming rates but I’d replace Hughes instead of Nova for the following reasons:

        1- Hughes shows no way of improving his secondary pitches with his mechanics
        – Nova shows ability to get better with a moving FB & 2 potentially plus breaking pitches

        2- Hughes has value in the pen and has had success there
        – Nova may be effective there but his future is in rotation

        3- If Hughes continues to start, he’s looking at $6-7M in arbitration next yr and FA in 2014
        – Nova makes nothing this yr & next, not eligible for arbitration til 2014

        4- Hughes averages less than 5 1/3 ip per start & 18.3 pitches per inning
        – Nova averages 6 1/3 per start & just 15.9 pitches per inning

        • george jetson

          Fish do you honestly believe this team can win as presently constructed? I do not.

          If NO as a suspect – do you think a mid season acquisition could put this team over the hump? I do not.

          • I think they could possibly slip into the playoffs since although all 5 teams in the East are tough, there is no one who is dominant. But my utimate goal for them is to win the WS and no, I do not have confidence that they can do that with this present team & leadership.

            There are moves that could help this team but I wouldn’t want to see them give up the few young assets they have to try and go all-in for a rental player.

            • george jetson

              Fish this is my thinking as well. In the East the Rays, Sox and Jays are better. In the Central it is sure looking like the Indians, Tigers and Sox are going to compete for a WC. In the West the Angels and Rangers are going to make it so this leaves the Yankees on the outside looking in.

              What would you like to see happen believing this team is on the outside looking in? Who should be sold off? Who should move positions? Who should be fired?

              Look at the 96 team and what did they have? A young Pettitte, Jeter and Mo with a good supporting cast. This team does not have the young blood needed to compete. There is no hunger in the group. Right now only Cano matches up as he is this teams Bernie. Nova instead of letting him pitch like he did last year they change him to K more and he becomes less effective. Robertson got hurt and there are no young exciting position players as they traded Montero.

              This team’s management reminds me of Xerox of the 60’s when NY corporate offices didn’t have a clue as to what their development people had on the west coast. They stayed with the their current technology when with some imagination and creative thinking could have become the largest corporation in the world.

  11. Didn’t get a chance to finish watching the game last night, so i watched it this morning without checking the score. That Trumbo HR really…really…hurt.

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