Game 49 Lineup: Yankees @ Angels

Lineup vs. Angels:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C

LHP Andy Pettitte


— Brett Gardner took more dry swings today and felt no issues with his elbow. He will probably hit off a tee and toss tomorrow. David Robertson also played catch today and made 50 throws. There was no issue with Robertson’s oblique

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. This is a solid Angels team and a typical Mike Sciosia – coached team. Excellent fundamentals, great defensive range, and a multi-faceted offense that can score in a variety of ways. Add in a great rotation with 3 top-end starters and 3 shut down relievers on the back end and I expect this team to be in the Playoffs.

    • The Angels definately have the Yanks number and Sciosia is a good coach, but he hasn’t been a world beater since winning in 2002. I thought they were the team to beat in the AL this year after the additions of Wilson and Pujols. When healthy they have the best starting pitching in baseball. Scoisia has missed the playoffs the last two years and 4 times since 2002. If Girardi misses one more year you will be calling for his head. The Angels and the Rangers will have a bigger advantange next year when they will play division games agains’t the Astros, A’s and Mariners. This will have one wild care coming out of the West.

  2. Great point by Jack Curry…..said teams get a boost from young, energetic players and the Angels have that right now with Trout, Trumbo & Bourjos.

    I have been saying for years that the Yanks should be breaking in one young starter on offense and in the rotation every year. They kind of did it last yr with Nova and Eduardo Nunez but took a step back this yr by banishing Nunez despite hitting .295, dumping Montero and failing to flip-flop Phelps & Hughes.

    This lack of a young, dynamic player is magnified with Gardner out all year making the need to keep Nunez all the more important. Gardner has missed all but 9 games this yr and Nunez could have been starting in his place everyday at DH or in LF. Not only would he have gained valuable experience, he can also spark the team offensively and on the basepaths as he proved last season when he got to play regularly when Jeter and ARod went down.

    • george jetson

      I completely agree with you. This is a boring OLD pathetic team managed and general managed by IDIOTS. Until youth is served this team will FAIL!

      I hope they sell everyone they can before the trade deadline.

      • GJ…
        Wow, can you be more optimistic than that?
        It almost sounded as though you were upset with the management for not playing the younger guys…what younger guys! 😦

        • Hey Doug, how far into the season do we have to be before parity can be declared in the AL East? I only ask because you were insistent that I was incorrect and writing irresponsibly when I stated that I felt that parity would exist in the Al East this year after two weeks of the season. We’re 50 games into the season and the AL East is separated by 3 1/2 games from top to bottom.

          • Michael, one bad trait that I have is that I don’t like to admit when I am wrong, so let’s just say mid season. I still think that the O’s, Jays, Indians, White Sox, and Mets are playing way over their heads, but their are always surprises. Let’s wait 30 more games, but to this point I will have to eat crow, and say your prognostication was right on the money.

            • Doug I love the Yankees, and I really love when I know they’re better than anyone in the East, AL, or all of MLB. I revel in others misery when the Yankees are better(Yankee haters).
              We’re a bat short from being better than the other teams, that’s it. One bat. If we get that bat, if Cashman does something right for a change, then we can escape parity. If we don’t? Don’t expect the rest of the season to be much different than what we have seen so far in my opinion.
              I woke up in a foul mood today because of the last two games. I hope I wake up happier tomorrow morning!

              • Late night games have the same affect on me to lol. At least with 7 pm games I don;t go to bed right after the game is over so I am not still steaming lol

              • Michael, I agree with you, that first game really bumed me out. What hitter do you think will be available at the deadline?

                • I’d take a shot with David Wright. The Mets can’t resign him, and they need YOUNG pitching, catching, and a second baseman. We have ALL of those to offer them. Let Wright platoon DH and third base with ARod. It worked with Beltre and Young!! Then dump Ibanez for what could be a decent swap as he has been hot so far. Cash has to try to make moves. This team isn’t going anywhere and we all know it.
                  As my Yankee hating friend said the other day, “wow how the mighty have fallen”. When I asked him why he said he couldn’t believe that so many Yankee fans were putting faith in the return of Brett Gardner to move them up. You know what? As much as it pains me to admit this? The jerk is right. Look at the back of Gardner’s baseball card and tell me where you see a guy whose going to make that kind of a difference. We’re talking about him as if he’s Scott Hamilton sometimes that we’re missing instead of Brett Gardner!! No power, fails in the leadoff spot, doesn’t steal nearly as many bases as his speed says he should. Great player in the field, inconsistent at the plate. If he’s going to be our salvation than yeah, we are in a world of hurt.
                  I will repeat what I’ve been screaming since I joined here in January, WE ARE A BAT SHORT!! WE NEED A BAT!! WE NEED A BAT THAT CAN HIT FOR AVERAGE!!!!!!

                  • I would love to have him but trading Wright to the Yankees would be absolute suicide for the Mets. I don’t think they could ever sell another ticket if they did that lol. They can”t even draw right now and they are winning. If they stick in that pennant race I can’t see them trading him at all let alone to the Yankees.

                  • Michael…..I don’t know anyone who has said Gardner will be the savior of this team. But, he will definitely help. His speed, defense, hitting with RISP and ability to work a count are all characteristics that this team is sorely lacking in. He represents an alternative way of scoring runs besides sitting back and waiting for the HR.

                    I think your criticisms are off base too. He doesn’t steal enough bases? In his 2 full seasons, he stole 47 & 49 bases. In this day and age, how many people steal more than that, especially since Girardi doesn’t like him running when the “HR hitters” are up. And he hasn’t been given enough of an extended look in the leadoff spot to say he fails there. In his career, he has hit .252 with a .341 OBP leading off and .265 / .355 overall so not a huge difference.

                    As for David Wright…..he’d be a tremendous addition . But I don’t see what the Yanks have that the Mets would want since I doubt they would accept all kids in A-ball which is where we are strong. What kind of package would you give up for Dwright?

                    • Not to mention the fact that the Yanks would have to pay a lot more than any other team since they would infuriate their fan base so much by trading him across town. Mets would never do it but its certainly fun to imagine lol

      • Cashman 10 Rules To Live By:
        1) NEVER wait for a young potential star or good player to develop if they don’t like all stars from day one.
        2) Make bizarre trades that you never win
        3)Never reach out and sign a guy like Oswalt who makes sense
        4) Enforce the Joba rules strictly so that any good young pitcher can be destroyed
        5) When guys like Kennedy, Melky, and Ajax catch fire when gone make sure you state with total certainty to your buddy beat writers that they wouldn’t have succeeded in NY.
        6) Make sure you talk trade about every young player in the organization worth 50 cents so that their spirits will be crushed and they can be distracted by it and have their development impeded.
        7) Never, EVER make a true impact deadline deal
        8) Blame the players for not producing at the level you expected them to when they don’t play to the best year on the back of their baseball cards, remember its NEVER Cashman’s fault.
        9) Always fall in love with washed up guys who played decently for a stretch after you signed them out of desperation and offer them another contract at an inflated price.
        10) Aways get real down on anyone who has a bad year, even if they have talent and have displayed it.

        • Michael P…
          It sound to me as though you have a tenuous grasp on reality!
          You put up 10 rules that Cashman lives by, very good list by the way…from your point of view! I think you critiqued everything very judiciously. Very good work, good reading also! 🙂

        • Michael, the Yanks are a unique team, which makes Cashman a unique GM. The other teams would be happy to make the playoffs once in 5 years but not the Yanks. This mentality doen’t give the team time to devolope young players in the majors. As for Oswalt he had his eyes on the Rangers all year, and it looks like he just wanted to stick it to the Phils. Pitching is tough to figure, look at the Rangers, they started Feliz this year and he hurt his arm, and Buckholz for the Sox. Let’s see what happens to Bard this year. There isn’t much room in this organization for players to move up. I think the addition of Kerry Wood was a good one. I can’t believe Miguel Cairo is still playing.

    • Fishjam…
      Every year there is one or two players with the Yankees in ST (and his history in the minors) like Brett that could be brought up to the Show when they go north. For some reason they don’t bring them up.
      Brett should have been up two years before they did bring him up, the excuse they gave for not bringing him up was he was a left handed bat…so what!
      Fans say about some of the players; “He is to young!”, See Trout, or he hasn’t even played in AAA yet!
      AA is where you will see the players that are young up and comers, bring one or two up and see if they can hack it! Why keep going out and pick up a 36 year old player for one year when we have the same type of player in the minors…sans the experience!
      I don’t know how many times I have seen guys brought up because of injury (Jeter/Bernie) and take off and never look back.
      I could go on and on if you want me to! Ok, enough is enough, just saying about what you did only much better….Hee, hee, lol. 🙂

  3. Good news, the Rays lost again today, maybe we can pick up a game on them tonight. The Angels and the WSox are hot teams right now, it’s too bad we didn’t play the Angels at the beginning of the year, timing is everything.

    • Doug, I also have taken to scoreboard watching every team in the AL East this year. You know what it means that we are all scoreboard watching and rooting down every AL East team everyday? It means that we don’t have the confidence in our team to just win games. We’re just like everyone elses fans now. 😦

    • Home opener this year at Yankee Stadium Doug the Yanks played the Angels.

  4. I think it’s a cop out to say the reason why Cash/Girardi haven’t been developing young players is because of New York and the media/fans. On the contrary, I think many fans would rather see young players being broken in. It doesn’t mean you have 5 rookie starters on the team, but 1 rookie starting pitcher and position player per year is enough to keep young. Right now, the Yanks have ZERO position players on theiractive roster younger than 29.

    The fans/media have been very patient with guys like Gardner, Nova and even Joba & Hughes. Why is it that Joe/Cash will keep trotting out vets when they struggle, yet have no patience when a rookie struggles? Gardner has developed in spite of Girardi always tryng to bench/platoon him. Nova grew even though he was insanely sent to the minors last August. Nunez was demoted with a .295 BA and team-leading 6 sbs this yr so Laynce Nix & Dewayne Wise could play. Montero showed he was a future cleanup hitter at end of last yr and he’s traded away for a pitcher with big question marks. Melky had a strong 2009 season yet was shipped out for a 1 yr rental of Javy Vazquez who had already failed in NY. I won’t mention IPK, Austin Jackson & Coke b/c at least that deal returned Granderson although I think Cash gave up way too much for a player Detroit was looking to unload.

    But all of those moves listed above have left this lineup 1 dimensional and aging. This team desperately needs a Catcher who can hit (Montero) and anyone that can hit for average and has speed – Jackson is hitting .331 with 6 sbs and Melky’s hitting .376 with 9 sbs. Both are young (25 & 27) and have OPS of .950 or higher playing in pitcher’s parks. The Yankee power laden approach in a hitter’s park has no one with an OPS over .885.

    • Fish you took the words out of my mouth. In my experience fans RALLY around young players because of the excitement of what they might bring.
      Melky was a real sparkplug and trading him was a Girardi idea through and through because he just didn’t like him.
      The Garcia and Martin signings had me apoplectic this offseason. Yeah, we got slightly lucky(although both crashed and burned at the end of the season last year) on those cheap gambles but we should have cut bait on them and been happy we stole some production from them. Instead we turned short term minor wins into total losses.
      I’m tired of Yankee prospects being babied and not given a shot while young. Trout is a great example of why you CAN bring up a good prospect young. Montero could have been brought up earlier last year and they didn’t do it. Austin Jackson was NEVER given a shot and to me that was a tragedy. Granderson hits homers, but he tosses way too many 0-5 games like last night for me to say we won that trade. I’d love to trade him for a score while he still has high value but you can bet your life Cashman won’t ever think of that.
      Cashman is REACTIONARY and therein lies the problem.
      You know who runs a team perfectly now? The Rangers, thats who. As soon as Holliday walked off the mound injured I said oh wow, the Phillies will be on the phone with his agent asap. Well Nolan Ryan and Daniels knew the same thing and they POUNCED on him.
      Again, if everyone wants to give credit to Cashman for winning 3 rings with Stick’s work then good for them. In that case George Seifert and Barry Switzer should be credited as geniuses for winning with Bill Walsh’s and Jimmy Johnson’s work.
      The way I see it? Cashman has had a payroll of approximately 2 billion dollars since 2001 and he has ONE RING to show for it. That’s disgusting, embarassing, appalling and horrifying. In the same time period the Red Sox outperformed us, as did the CARDINALS! Arizona, the Angels, the White Sox, the Marlins, the Giants, and the Phillies did as well as we have with fewer resources.
      Bill Parcells said “you are what your record says you are” and truer words have never been spoken. I see a guy who had an open checkbook for a long time, with a deep scouting pool who had MONEY to scout and give huge money to Latin American prospects outside of the draft, who spent two billion on payroll who has one ring in 11 years. That’s his record to me and its a disgrace.
      I’m sure that if someone could ever get Jeter to open up(and he won’t, at least not now) about what bothers him more than anything is that he has only won ONE RING since 2000 when he was only 26 years old. Can you imagine if you asked Jeter at the end of 2000 how many more rings he thought he’d win with the Yankees? I’m sure he really did expect to pass Yogi, because Yogi has said Jeter told him he was going to pass him.
      Cashman is an epic fail whose somehow managed to dance between the raindrops and keep his job and more shockingly the faith of the majority of Yankee fans.
      It enrages me.

    • Fish your theory on developing 1 young guy a year is fine and I am all for that. What people mean by by blaming the media and fans for not seeing young guys develop is it has been proven in NY that fans will not support a rebuilding/bad team. It has been proven over time with the Yankees in the 80s and currently with the Mets. The Mets are winning and they still aren’t drawing anybody to Citi because of the no names they are playing with.

  5. I remember when Joe Torrie was here Cashman had to set him down and force him to play the younger guys. Joe T did that for a few games then went back to the old timers. This is one of the many reasons he was let go, he got to big for his britches.
    Cashman has always tried to use his young players as needed, and make deals that had no draft choices tied to it. It almost looks like what happened back a few years ago when the Yankees got old and players retired on us. I think it took many years to get back on top. Do we go that way again? 😦

    • And Torre was right!!! Those players stunk! Which is why none of them are around anymore!! Torre pushed Jeter right in, won the battle with Cashman to have Posada catch and trade Girardi, immediately put in Cano as soon as he could, and helped the development of Petitte, Mariano, etc.
      Which of these young bombs that Torre didn’t want to play amounted to anything? I can think of none.

      • Michael P…
        You have a selective memory. The only players added to the 1996 team were Joe G. and Tino Martinez. Joe was brought in to help bring Posada along and Tino replaced Mattingly. The reason Jeter started at SS that year was because T. Fernandez got hurt at the end of ST. In your interpretation of how things went down, you forget, the manager can only play the players he is given, Cano was forced on him (2005) and he wanted to have Mo back in AAA because he couldn’t be a starter with one pitch and didn’t think much of him in the BP, where they had two closers and a very strong BP staff.
        Did you actually think all the choices on who plays and who sits is the managers only, if you did, well there is little hope or you forgot. One of the reasons Joe T got let go was because he wouldn’t play some of the younger guys and over used some of the pitchers in the BP…see Proctor.
        Proctor is the reason for the Joba rules, they didn’t want Joba ending up like Proctor.
        I can understand your liking of Joe T. he was great with the media and gave them a lot of information (when he wanted to sock-it to a player A-Rod)! He did a no, no, he wrote a book about the Yankees that was counter productive and should not ever seen the daylight…A tell all book is not a good thing to do, he crossed the line.
        Let’s see, I trashed Joe T. and showed how he let things slip to the press about players he didn’t like, maybe you can guess the one player he disliked the most!?
        I have tried to go by my old memory but, I think I got most of the salient points right. If not, someone will correct me with a vengeance! 🙂

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