Game 56 Lineup: Rays vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Rays:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones DH
Jayson Nix LF
Chris Stewart C

CC Sabathia LHP

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Andruw Jones & Nix have not hit well against LHP thus far. With his excellent Spring training, this would have been the right year to keep Justin Maxwell and cut Jones loose. Maxwell has hit .286/.381/.514/.895 vs LHP for Houston.

    Ibanez has been cold for the last 2 weeks also so it will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming weeks with Gardner and if they need to add another bat. Not a lot of teams out of it but San Diego and Chicago could be possible trade partners.

    • Barney Rubble

      Fish how do you project the Yankees chances after July 1st? 52 games against the East. 3 each against the Rangers, Indians, Angels and the White Sox. If the Tigers somehow turn it around you can add another 4 games. 64 games out of 85 are against winning teams as they stand right now an if you include Detroit it makes 68 so the schedule for the Yankees is not easy in the second half.

      How do you see the Yankees record this year with respect to Inter League play? Do you think they can beat up on the Mets, Braves and Nats?

      • Barney, who are the Rays, and Sox playing in that time period, I would quess the same teams.

      • Barney, I’d say the Yankees chances after July 1st are decent. Not because I think the Yankees are a powerhouse at all. The Yanks have big issues with their lineup. Going 0-13 without a HR, batting .167 with the bases loaded and .215 with RISP are huge problems. However, the pen is good and will get Robertson back soon. And Andy’s presence has been big for the rotation. If Nova can build on his recent pitching and get the Groundballs like he did last yr, they’ll be strong.

        But the main reason why I think the Yanks have a decent chance to win the East is the other team’s in the Division. While there is parity from top to bottom, none of the teams have what it takes to run away with it:

        1) Baltimore is fading already. They have a +3 run differential but are 8 games over .500 so they have been very lucky so far. I don’t think they have the rotation to contend all year.

        2) Toronto is tough but I think they are a player or 2 away from taking the division

        3) Tampa has good pitching but have played poorly without Longoria. They have given up a ton of unearned runs on errors and their lineup is weak. However, they are always a good second-half team and they get Longo back soon so they will get it together and be right there down the stretch.

        4) Boston’s pitching has been downright atrocious but they have the best offense outside of Texas even without their best player all year. If Ellsbury comes back strong their offense will be great and I’d expect them to pick up a pitcher or 2 at the deadline.

        So it will remain tight all year but the Yanks have a good chance to win this division as everyone has big holes.

        • Barney Rubble

          Fish, I agree with you that the Orioles will likely fade but they have shown resiliency as recently as the other night coming back against Boston. Zack Britton is now active in AAA so he could be a boost to their rotation soon. Gausman their 1st pick might be one of those pitchers who can make an impact in his first season depending on innings limits. I like the Pierce pickup.

          Toronto has 3 players in AAA that could impact their team in the second half. Add to them Vlad and they could get the boost you think they need. I think for the Jays to succeed it comes down to Kyle Drabek pitching well. If he does they will be in it all year.

          Boston got a good start last night from the inconsistent Buchholz so has he turned a corner? They could have a solid rotation heading into August/September with Buchholz, Beckett, Lester, Dubront and Dice K who’s pitching okay in AAA. Bailey should be back along with Ellsbury will help. Middlebrooks is playing well bringing youthful excitement to the team. Boston has a chance to come together and push for the post season.

          Tampa just isn’t getting the starting pitching at this time. Some of that is from the shockingly poor defense so far this season. They just got Jennings back so that should help and Longo will return to play his stellar third base defense. Shields needs to pick up his game a bit along with Cobb and Moore becoming more consistent and they will be fine pitching wise. Even with all their injuries they are in first place.

          I just do not like the Yankees chances as they are stuck in the past. Girardi manages like he has both feet stuck in mud. There is no youthful enthusiasim on this team. I still want them to sell of some players. Granderson, Swisher, Hughes, Soriano, Chavez, Ibanez and Jones can all go!

          So I see Boston winning the division followed by Tampa, Toronto, New York and the Orioles.

          • Yeah, part of the key is who gets their players healthyand avoids the big injuries down the stretch. Tampa, Boston & Yanks have all had big injuries to star players. The Yanks are deeper than the other teams which helps.

            When Tampa gets Longoria back I think it will be the biggest boost. He’s their leader – he makes their offense go and without him on defense, they have to play people out of position which has led to errors. i also have to wonder if all of Maddon’s shifting doesn’t contribute to errors – guys in unfamiliar areas of the diamond. They’ve made a whopping 24 throwing errors alone.

            However, when you look at the advanced defensive metrics which i don’t think are totally accurate, it paints a much different picture. The Yanks are 2nd worse in the AL behind the Tigers and the Rays are 5th in the AL.

            I think Boston is going to be right there in the end and it will be a dogfight between the Rays, Yanks & Sox. Baltimore & Toronto will keep it close but will eventually fall back when they get some injuries since they lack the depth.

            • Barney Rubble

              Fish – I do not see the Yankees being able to keep up with Boston and Tampa. The Rays even with all their injuries have a winning record against 500 or better teams.

              Toronto I believe they will go young so depending on what the kids can do will determine their chances. Their youth will trump the Yankees age.

              Fish do you think the Yankees can and will beat up on the NL over these next 15 games? If they go 8-7 they should count themselves lucky.

              • Yeah and the Yankees have played like crap most of the year and look where they are in the standings. That Rays lineup and Red Sox pitching is so scary how will we be able to keep up? We shud give up now. The unsustainable awful RISP will turn it self around and they will win the division like they always do and than most likely get bounced in the 1st rd like they usually do. Yeah because the NL is always so superior to the AL the Yanks shud be scared lol. The Yanks did get screwed with their interleague sched though I must say. Why on earth do they play Atlanta twice?

                • I am excited to see the Nats in a series what an interesting team they are. Although we asre scheduled to miss Strasburg, which is good I guess but I wanted to see him pitch.

                • Barney Rubble

                  Make all the fun you want but this is an old bad team that will not win this year.

                • Matthew B – best point of this string – your comment “the unsustainable awful RISP”. Exactly. The law of numbers dictate that they will return back to the norm. Meaning MUCH better the remainder of the season. Especially for the established good hitters like Cano.

                  Also the concern that the Yankees can only win when they hit HRs will be lessened to some extent when Gardner returns to the lineup.

              • Barney, have you seen the Rays lately, they are not a good team. There pitching is good and carries them. Toronto only has 2 starters better than the Yankee starters. I would say the Yanks should go 10-5 in the next 15 games.

                • Barney Rubble

                  But they have managed to have a winning record against .500 or better teams where the Yankees do not. They have played more .500 or better teams then the Yankees an are in first place. They will get the best player on either team back soon. I like the Rays chances a hell of a lot better then the Yankees.

  2. Here’s a shocking/disturbing stat……

    Of the 9 guys in tonight’s Yankees lineup, only Chris Stewart has a Slugging % lower than ARod’s .433 mark.

    • Barney Rubble

      Fish how many players have a lower OPS then Jeter over the last 28 days?

      • probably no one. Jeter’s been ice cold lately.

        But a more disturbing fact is their 3 and 4 hitters are hitting a combined .159 (17 for 107) with RISP and have 22 & 25 RBIs each, respectively through 56 games.

        ARod is on pace for 63 RBIs this yr
        Cano is on pace for 72 RBIs this yr

        • that is quite alarming to say the least my goodness

        • Barney Rubble

          Fish this is on the players but let’s not forget that Girardi keeps moving them around an around. It seems to me that he’s afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. Just put Cano in the clean up spot and leave him there! Everyone one says he’s the best player so allow him to be that guy!

          • Barney, Maddon changes the line-up every day and he’s a genius, Girardi changes the line-up and he’s afraid to hurt feelings. Maybe he’s trying to find a better combination, when things are going bad you make changes.

            • Barney Rubble

              Girardi is doing it to put his stamp on the team where as Maddon is trying to give his team the best chance to win. Girardi is a lying sack of crap with NO balls.

        • fishjam, let me put on my rose colored glasses, I see a Yankee team that is first in the AL in defense, and have 25 losses the same as Tampa and the O’s. I would have to think the Yanks are going to play better from hear on out as they have doing lately. I also think that Cano and A-Rod will end up ahead of the pace they are on right now. The moves that are made before the deadline could be critical to their success.Oh by the way, the Yanks have a better differential than both the Rays and O’a despite their woes.

          • Doug, I agree the yanks will be right there with the rest of the division down the stretch. Yanks are good at catching the balls to them but their team UZR is poor. And they haven’t been doing things well that don’t get called errors. Last night for instance their LF and RF both kicked balls around in the corner then missed their cut-off men allowing baserunners to advance. They both should have been double-errors (4 errors) but only 1 error was charged. Swisher has been rainbowing throws and missing cut-off men all year long and they badly miss Gardner’s defense in LF.

          • Barney Rubble

            Doug, this team is going to finish in 4th place exactly where they belong!

            • Yup just like they do every year

              • Barney Rubble

                Take off your rose colored glasses and look at this team honestly. They are not very good. Do not kid yourself into thinking that they are more then fools gold.

                The Yankees have a losing record against teams .500 or better. Their schedule is getting tougher not easier. Jeter is being over played and regressing badly. Their team defense is terrible. They have no hard throwing relievers. Hughes has not won against a winning team. This team has not won 1 single game without hitting a home run. Finally they have Girardi leading them!

                Blow this team up PLEASE!

                • Sure I have rose colored glasses by pointing out the facts like they are 1 game behind for the best record in the AL and playing like mostly crap, but sure they should just give up on the season now. Never stated this team was going anywhere in October, but I am still quite confident they will win the division or at the very least the wild card as they do every year. Maybe u shud take off ur hater glasses.

                  • Barney Rubble

                    You think I hate but I am looking honestly at a poorly constructed team that will not embrace any kind of change. They will fail because of that kind of thinking. Cashman has done all he can do and needs to move into another position. Girardi is horrid at in game management. Big time change is needed for this team to succeed going forward whether you believe it or not.

                    Sadly the Yankees are chained to their past.

                    • Poorly constructed, how many times in the last 10 years have the Yanks made the playoffs? How many well constructed teams have made the playoffs as many times? I wouldn’t want you running my team, you don’t know good from bad. Chained to their past, the most playoff appearances in the last 10 years. Sadly, you don’t know what you are talking about. The playoff are all random, but the real season is 162 games, and the Yanks have owned it for along time in the best division in baseball.

    • Fish – I have an amazing stat for you …. Let me know when you are back on- line.

  3. Barney Rubble

    Doug keep those ugly rose glasses on as you’ll need then this year.

  4. If you think they Rays regulars are better than the Yanks your dreaming.

  5. Back to back to back, damm these guys can’t hit with runners in scoring position.

  6. and the Mets have a winning record, at least today. I don’t know about the end of the season.

    • I doubt it Doug they are way behind in talent to every team in their division. I see them finishing last still unless the Phillies sell off their team.

  7. Let him keep talking himself into a hole Doug who cares. He obviously has not been watching much of them lately with how they have been playing. He was on here last week saying go tigers so he isn’t a Yanks fan anyway.

  8. Matt, I get you he is trolling.

  9. Doug – isn’t it a joy watching such a natural talent like Cano. Both hitting and fielding.

  10. Regarding Living and dying with the HR.

    When will Yankee mgt wake up and bring Nunez back up? His hitting and speed are just what they need to add to Gardner to get the second dimension to their offense.

    • I thought he was on the DL, is he playing again?

    • Nunez needs to be brought up for sure if he is healthy. Great bat I can live with the D. Here is a stat for u. Jeter’s UZR is the worst among any position player in MLB, so Jeter is no Ozzie Smith over there despite making the routine plays. I don’t particularly like the UZR stat but that is pretty telling.

      • Yeah Jeter’s range has declined significantly over the years. One way you can tell is remember all those popups he used to catch in LF foul territory by the stands. Hardly ever now.

      • Another Jeter regression is his ability to hit in the clutch. 2008 and before he hit over 300 with RISP. 2009 through today he’s only a 250 hitter. And hits into a high amount of double plays.

  11. Hate to say it but when I look at Arod over the last few seasons I’m somewhat reminded of Giambi.

    Big bucks stud, steroid slammer, body breakdown……. Left with some HR pop but not much else.

    • Arod’s awful slugging % and his low RBI total with the guys around him is quite troubling

      • If we remember 2009 when Yankees won 11 of 15 post season games. A rod was awesome. And without him they would not have won.

        Andd unfortunately the samething has remained since, without him driving in runs in key situations the Yankees will not go far in the playoffs.

  12. Hopefully Kuroda is ok he is a guy who should be getting more credit. He has been very solid this year. He has allowed 3 runs or less in 9 of his 12 starts. Still think he is a solid #3 for this team

  13. With all the HRs Granderson hits……I’m not so sure I want him batting second. 2 of the 3 hitters ahead of him are your worst hitters. (8 and 9). And Jeter against RH pitching is no bargain either.

    • Could not agree more TWSAP. I said it before A-Rod is mostly a singles hitter right now and should be batting 2nd with Granderson batting 3rd. A-Rod would be very nice for the 2 hole

      • Ha ha …… I wonder how Arod’s ego would handle that. Almost as bad as when Torre batted him seventh in the playoffs.

        • yeah that’s why it will never happen but really he is the perfect 2 hole hitter right now.

          • Girardi ie eventually going to have to forget about ego and make some tough decisions with this older team.

        • Twasp, my good buddy…
          I am back, as it seems are you, great to see you posting with this fine group of fans.
          A-rods ego will be fine, if moved to the #2 hole. When Joe T, moved him it was the media and talking heads that put up the fussssssss, not A-Rod. Besides, Joe T, didn’t like A-Rod and had to blame someone other then himself and he always used A-Rod as his wiping boy! You know, like all good managers do!
          I think he has to be moved until he gets his sh– to gether, #2 looks better to me where he has been.
          The Yankees aren’t going very far this year unless A-Rod picks it up or the others (Cano, Tex, Swisher and Grandy) go on some damn good runs.
          Nice to have you back, Younger then I! 🙂

  14. If Gardner was playing LF instead of Ibonehead …. Kuroda would have had a no- hitter.

  15. Mets stink up the joint again against the Yankees….

  16. You heard Cone dropping the knowledge about how they have been lucky and busting out their pythagorean W-L record on air! What a beast Cone is with the metrics best in the biz at it.

  17. Eventually we need Nunez and Gardner setting the table for Granderson then Cano then Tex.

    Aroid and Jeter don’t have much left in the tank and by the second half of next year changes need to happen

  18. fishjam, old yankee, or TWASP, does anybody know the new slot system with last weeks draft picks and how it relates to the Yanks?

    • Doug, here’s how it works:

      All picks in the top 10 rounds have a dollar value assigned to them. The yanks had 11 picks in the first 10 rounds that add up to $4.2 Million. All picks after the 10th round can be signed for $100,000 without counting against that $4.2M allowance. So basically, the Yanks have $4.2M to sign their top 11 picks and to give any of their later round picks money over $100,000.

      That is why the yanks took 4 or 5 colege seniors in the first 10 rounds. College seniors have ZERO leverage. they can’t go back to colege so the yanks can sign them for dirt cheap and use the savings on trying to sign some late round, high upside HS kids that want to go to college. They took about 3 HS OF’s and 3 HS pitchers late in the draft with big-time upside. Expect to see 1 or 2 of each sign for $400,000+ with the cash they saved by drafting those college seniors early.

  19. Thanks fishjam, the dollar value for Hensley was 1.6 million, Aune was 500 thousand and O’Brien 500 thousand.what happens with them. I would assume the Yanks sign Hensley for close the 1,6 million and Aune and O’Brien for much less than what their sloted for. What do you think?

    • I agree about hensley. He was a legit 1st round talent and will sign for right around the $1.6M slot. O’Brien wil sign for far less than the $500,000 slot figure and probably $100,000 or less to save the team big bucks.. It’s difficut to guage what Aune will get. He’s a big talent who had a full ride to play QB st TCU. So on one hand, it seems maybe the Yanks would have to overpay a little for him to walk away from that. However, he agreed to sign almost immediately after being picked so it seems the yanks had a handshake agreement before selecting him. If I had to guess I’d say he gets right around the $548,000 slot figure.

      Their 4 picks from the 7th round to 10th are all College Seniors and will get low 5 figure bonuses. So between the 5 College Seniors, the yanks should save between $500,000 to $750,000 that the team wil use to go after some high upside HS players like they’ve done the last few years/

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